UPDATE with FIGURES: With Budget Up 58%, Transparency Apparently Not a High Priority of Newly-Elected Algonquin Township Board Republicans

Chair yoga was again broadcast yesterday by Algonquin Township yesterday, but there is every indication that tonight’s6:30 Budget Hearing and 7 PM Board meeting at the Township Hall will be accessable only by those who drive over.

Zoom monthly charge is $14.99 for Township taxpayers.

So, no extra cost to allow the public to see their elected officials at work.

Township Clerk Maureen Huff’s laptop is used to Zoom the class, so no new equipment to buy.

And if the new Clerk cannot figure out how to livestream the meetings, consider that Township taxpayers shell out $60 for the chair yoga instructor.

Surely, someone can be found to handle the technical end handled by former Clerk Karen Lukasik (except on days she decided not to do it).

And probably for less than $60.

Last month the meeting determined the property tax levy for next spring’s tax bills.

Surely, no one could argue that was not an important meeting.

But we don’t know who said what.

Tonight, the budget and appropriation will be voted upon.

According to the Board packet, the property tax take will decrease $102,260 to $1,498,260.

But, Township coffers already contain $1,584,058.64.

I don’t know about you, but a 100% surplus strikes me as much more than is needed.

Certainly, I don’t have a year’s income in the bank.

Maybe you do.

It appears that the Board proposes to spend down some of the surplus, because expenditures are proposed to be 58% higher this year than last year.

Why money gets spent where and who makes suggestions for changes will be unknowable.

For those who don’t care to follow the link to the Board Agenda, here is the Town Fund’s proposed expenditures for contracural services:

Strange that legal services is not decreasing. The travel line item is ten times higher than last year. Consulting services is going from zero to $20,000. Postage from $276 to $7,500. Printing from $1,000 to $20,000. Technical support and computer maintenance up 56%.

If you want to get deeper in the weeds, below are miscellaneous expenses:

“Township Activitiues,” whatever than is, is going from under $10,000 to $36,000.

The non-Road District ;part of Algonquin Township has two funds:

  • Town Fund
  • General Assistance

The figures above are all in the Town Fund.

Take a look at the details for the second fund–General Assistance:

Surely hopes someone asks how one can go in the red. And how could three times as much money be passed out this year as last year?

The only substantive hints at what will happen in the regular meeting are that money will be moved around in the Road District budget”

  • Approve Transfer of Appropriation for Road District as follows:
  • $50,000.00 from Maintenance-Roads (6120.006) to Salaries-Maintenance (6000.006)
  • $25,000.00 from Maintenance-Roads (6120.006) to P.P. Replacement Tax (5770.005)
  • $9,500.00 from Audit & Accounting (8150.010) to Technical Support (5390.005)

In addition a modified Intergovernmental Agreement will be adopted between the Township’s two governments, – –

  • Algonquin Township and the
  • Algonquin Township Road District

Algonquin Township’s web site brags that it serves our community “with pride.”

But not with transparency.

If you think meetings should be made accessable from one’s computer, you might want to contaxt members of the Township Board and the Township Clerk:

Supervisor Randy Funk

Trustee Millie Medendorp

Trustee Teresa Sharpe Decker

Trustee Theresa Fronczak

Trustee Edward J. Zimel, Jr.

Township Clerk: Maureen Huff

Phone:  (847) 639-2700 X7

Fax:  (847) 639-4529Email:mhuff@algonquintownship.com


UPDATE with FIGURES: With Budget Up 58%, Transparency Apparently Not a High Priority of Newly-Elected Algonquin Township Board Republicans — 6 Comments

  1. There you go with that “transparency” crap again.
    “Fleecing Our Community With Pride” would make a better headline for this story.

  2. Here’s why the township has a financial problem.

    From NWH letter to editor today.

    Mr. Keslinke of Algonquin has the well-known problem of media brainwashing.

    Well people like this exist in our county.

    So does Joe Tirio hiding how cheating occurs in elections.

    If we had fair elections voices like this would likely fall to the minority.

    Maybe Cindy can opine on the NWH editorial board again. LOL.

    Letter: Stop blaming sides and face reality
    December 08, 2021 at 11:26 am CST

    With so many problems facing our nation, many of us are frustrated by the lack of a response from our elected leaders.

    I see letters almost daily asking why they don’t do something about guns, infrastructure, taxes, etc. More often than not, the well-intentioned writer appeals to congress, politicians or Washington to take action.

    The fact is that there is only one party, the Republicans, responsible for the partisanship and dysfunction in government.

    They have opposed en masse any proposal that comes from the Democrats. Gun control, no. Voting rights, no. COVID-19 mandates, no.

    Spending on social programs, no.

    Our government is broken because Republican leadership in the House and the Senate will not do anything that might favor President Joe Biden or anger former President Donald Trump and his MAGA crowd.

    Plain and simple, let’s stop blaming both sides and face reality.

    Richard Keslinke


  3. Even better it’s online right above Bob Anderson’s letter to the editor on NWH from yesterday.

    It must be a full moon

  4. Keslinke is right. gop us wrong on almost everything, especially social issues.

    Its so clear it hurts.

  5. Townships.

    Social issues?

    Look how the democrat social issues (aka handouts of my tax dollars to someone who didn’t earn it) work out in Chicago.

    And on the other thread, calling a women who identifies as and has 1/1024th Native American Pocohontas is not racist, it’s sarcasm.

    Another thing liberals don’t like about non-liberals, we have a sense of humor.

    Now move along and go back to being miserable and angry in life

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