The Activity of Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk’s Investigstor David Linder

2012 photo of Crystal Lake Police Chief Dave Linder reading his proposal to lessen penalties for those found with less than 30 marijuana cigarettes.

Shortly after taking office, Algonquin Toiwnship Supoervisor Randy Funk hired former Crystal Lake Police Chief David Linder to investigate former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

Below are Linder’s bills for his work through November:

And the cost to taxpayers so far?



The Activity of Algonquin Township Supervisor Randy Funk’s Investigstor David Linder — 28 Comments

  1. What’s most concerning is the invoice from 8/25 where Linder interviewed Bob & Anna Miller at 2:30 am.

    Why so early in the morning?

    And where? At the bar?

    Does the early bird catch the worm or what?

  2. Call Linder anything you want, but he’s acting as a private detective and he is unlicensed.

    Has never been licensed.

    He’s not even authorized to work FOR a private detective agency as his authorization expired in 2018.

    Mr Funk, while continuing a battle with someone no longer in office (Gasser) has opened up a new can of worms for himself.

    He’s commissioned an investigation, the results of which may be worthless due to Linder’s unlicensed status.

    Not much difference than hiring a “unlicensed” attorney.

    Algonguin Twp continues to amuse and abuse its electors.

  3. We investigate everybody and everything now.

    From the standpoint of politics, everyone is guilty until proven guilty.

  4. That stooge was Nygren’s buttboy on the CLPD.

    He was a 100% douche, even the CLPD complained about him.

    I wouldn’t want him to back me up.

    Yet he’s discovered a clever way to soak the taxpayers again.

    Maybe Linder can explain why the drug house on Short St., CL had law enforcement immunity.

  5. The 2:30 AM to 4:30 AM meeting with Bob and Anna Mae is a real hoot.

    How much do you think they had to drink and were the Millers in their jammies?

  6. So we have former police chief Lindner.

    I bet he was paid over 100k per year in CL. He definitely wasn’t making over 100.00/hr but he was a W2 employee with a pension which he is probably collecting right now.

    The question is, is Lindner a W2 or 1099 employee for Algonquin.

    If the former he is overpaid.

    If the latter, he has to pay quarterly taxes out of his own pocket as self-employed which means he is making less than 100.00 / hr after taxes.

    Having been a 1099 employee you get to write off all of your expenses which also reduces you hourly rate.

    Of course, you need to prove those expenses if an audit comes your way.

    If he is submitting invoices that leads me to believe he is a 1099 contractor.

    I know the Gasser story.

    I’m not sure I understand why a 5k outlay for work performed is excessive.

    Maybe someone can explain that to me.

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  8. Maybe the first Illegal act by Gasser was a conspiracy type dealy!

    Sometime after Andrew was elected and before the day the new official’s took office in May, he convinced Chuck to deny Karen access to all the files so Team Gasser had time to rifle through all records to try and find something on Miller.

    That started the feud with the Clerk that ultimately led to very costly FOIA lawsuits.

    The last FOIA lawsuit with the Dogs is still on going, more $$$$s wasted because of the Dog’s FOIA piling on game.

    Second illegal act was the total waste of firing union employees which costs over a Million for legal expenses.

    Anybody paying attention would have known when the real witch hunt started, it was when Gasser ran for highway commissioner.

  9. “the question is…”

    You have missed the point of the story, JT.

    Read the first comment from BecauseScience, the comment from Mellow Monk, and Cindy’s comment. That is the point of the story.

    WHY is Gasser being investigated? THAT is the question. That is the point of this story, as well as Algonquin Township not streaming their meetings but streaming yoga classes and paying Linder.

    @bubba the worm may have been found in a tequila bottle by Bob Miller during last call.

  10. Shame on you, Funk. for wasting taxpayers’ money.

    Who put you up to this?


    Question of Lindner on 8/4/21 please explain your charges: 3-3:309 = 1.50 ????

    Want to bet Kelly sends township his bill?

  11. I’m sorry Correcting.

    I’m trying to learn something.

    There are many Lindner documents int his post and not alot of meat in what Cal wrote.

    If I recall Gasser got fired from the road district.

    OH well.

    I guess when I ask questions, I get a response from the peanut gallery trolls.

    Yes corn on the cob.

    I am proudly unemployed.

    By choice.

    As I said above, I’m just asking questions.

    Well yes that might mean I am not fully informed. I guess with people like you on the board, I will remain that way.

    I love keyboard warriors.

    No clue.

  12. No one bothers with JT. He’s shown himself to be a person who ‘misses a lot’. And Nob, a Miller minion to the end~

  13. Please Greg introduce yourself. Explain exactly what “misses a lot” means. Are you an expert in some field? Can’t wait for you to just be another post and hide participant.

  14. Nevermind Greg Halverson.

    A quick search shows you are a Tirio sycophant. Hitch your wagon to a shooting star Greg. I hope you enjoy those Cary property taxes. Tirio is an obfuscator. Did I miss something there? Why not ask your friend Joe to post the copyrighted documents in a non-downloadable format to the clerk’s website? Oh that’s right. Copyright protections. What a fool.

    Maybe you can show us exactly what part of the copyright regulation that is protecting your buddy Tirio since he is hiding behind it to not let us know how these machines can be programmed to cheat, have USB ports and wi-fi connectivity. It seems to me you are someone who misses a lot Greg.

  15. JT really?

    “Gasser got fired from the Road District?”

    You spout off with such authority but half the time you don’t know WTH you’re talking about.

    NO Andrew Gasser didn’t get fired from the Road District.

    He ran for ofc of the Road Commissioner and won.

    He did not re-run.

    He supported his worker to take his spot.

  16. Gasser was an elected official.

    He was the highway or road commissioner (whatever it is called).

    He was elected in 2017 after narrowly defeating Bob Miller who had been there for over 20 years.

    Gasser did not run for re-election in 2021.

    I’m not aware of him being “fired” from the road district.

    His handpicked successor defeated the Miller-supported candidate, Derek Lee.

    I thought Sandberg and Gasser pulled a dirty one last year.

    Sandberg supported Funk and Gasser remained silent.

    Everybody knew Funk was being supported by progressives, pro-township people, and Miller supporters.

    I think Sandberg backed Funk because Funk helped remove that township abolition question.

    No township, no cushy township job for Sandberg.

    Getting the referendum removed was mutually beneficial for Sandberg and Funk, but having that question on the ballot would have been a bigger headache for Sandberg than for Funk.

    With the pro-township people, at least you know where they stand.

    Sandberg and Gasser seemed dodgy about that issue.

    You can build your reputation as a tea party person but when your job is on the line… I think they sold out. \

    Sandberg promoted Funk in the election, and now you can see how Funk repays the favor.

    He has accused Sandberg of illegally hiring people and he has started an investigation of Gasser — and they helped him get elected, Sandberg explicitly and Gasser through omission/silence.

    Now Funk has it out for those two.

    Would that be considered irony? Karma? Or what?

  17. JT, Looks like you’re the fool.

    You must be a Dem.

    You sure seem to be working for them.

    Contact the company to see if they’ll give you access to their copyrighted manuals.

    They’ll either laugh in your face, tell you that if you become the election authority in your county, then you can see equipment manuals or they will ignore you (like most people on this blog do).

    You have an unhealthy obsession.

    Are you Tirio’s scorned ex-girlfriend or did he fire you when he was in Corporate life?

  18. No AB.

    ‘JT’ should just call his God (and good friend) Mike Lindell.

    He claims he “Has it ALL!”

    Remember? LOL

    And why isn’t Bobby Piton rooting JT on?

    I’m sure he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to give out election computer manuals out to any Tom, Dick and Harry.

  19. Interesting, Algonquin Township has enough time and money to investigate Gasser and not enough time and money to broadcast their meetings live.

    This is just one more example of why townships aren’t necessary and a waste of taxpayers money.

    Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate.

  20. I don’t trust that LINDER creature as far as I can spit.

    He’s a bad guy.

    I personally cannot stand the monster.

    I know no one who trusts him.

    He ran the CLPD very poorly….so bad.

    We are all suffering as a result of his feckless rule.

    I get nauseated just looking at Linder’s face.

  21. It is illegal in Illinois, to operate as as a Private Detective without a license.

    Linder’s license expired in 2018.

    The people from Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations would not be happy about this.

  22. For Cal Skinner, Bob Anderson, and John Pletz.

    1. Pritzker losing in court to township people:,%202021%20IL%20(2d)%20200636.pdf

    2. “Resolution Requesting the 102nd General Assembly Repeal Public Act 101-230 Pertaining to Township Dissolution in McHenry County” (From the agenda of tonight’s county board meeting)

  23. Well, then Hydee…you and I both know Linder is scum; that he is a SWAMP CREATURE of the highest order.

    He is benefited by the swamp and he protects the swamp.

    He’s done it his entire career.

    He surrounds himself with scum political hacks.

    Well, then means Randy Funk is a SWAMP CREATURE as well.

    What a surprise

    They all help those who are in the swamp and attack and try do destroy those who oppose the swamp.

    Funk and Linder are decrepit, feckless, dishonorable, swamp scum.

    They use public money to abuse their power – long after they retire, they cannot get away from their life-blood – the swamp waters.

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