Updatedx2: Cobra Kai Season 4, Jeff Ward and IL-11

UPDATE 12/27/21: The parallels between Cobra Kai season 4, and its climax at the 2019 All Valley Karate Tournament and the Illinois Primary on June 28 takes another turn of poetic timing:

The date of the Netflix special virtual viewing party of the 1st episode of the new season, “Let’s Begin” is six months to the day of the Illinois Primary.

RSVP at the address in the ad.

The “Let’s Begin” date for the Illinois primary is January 13, 2022, the first day to circulate petitions for the primary, petition circulation is reduced to 60 days instead of the usual 90 days in 2022 making the first day of filing March 7.

And pointed out elsewhere by Cal, in 2022 in McHenry County for county and precinct committeeperson elections, the Libertarians can field candidates in their own primary.

It will be interesting to see if McHenry County Libertarians will run candidates, including for precinct committeepersons in 2022.


Originally published on July 19, 2021, as a “Messages of the Day” article on McHenry County Blog, the 4th season of Cobra Kai is set to drop this Friday, December 31, which means 11PM CST on Thursday night, December 30.

There will be a lot of Netflix binge-watching on late Thursday/Friday, and many fans will likely finish watching the entire season of 10 episodes before 2022 is welcomed in the Midwest.

Having updated the congressional district references to IL-11, blogger, campaign consultant and former writer for the Aurora Beacon-News in its pre-Chicago Tribune days, Jeff Ward of Geneva already confirmed earlier this year he could be the Terry Silver character in the Republican primary where Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) runs, given he has an old score to settle with Lauf, from this tweet in the final weeks of the 2020 IL-14 Republican primary.

Ward lives in the newly redrawn IL-11, and at this point, it’s unknown if Ward is working for any of the other campaigns in IL-11, either as a paid consultant or an unpaid volunteer.

But like the 4th season of Cobra Kai‘s backdrop of the Terry Silver character is back to get even with the now 52 year old Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio, who’s 59 in real life) over something that happened 34 years earlier in 1985 (season 4 set in early, and pre-pandemic 2019), so will Ward be set to get even, as he’s already said he would, with Lauf for what happened 2 1/2 years earlier, and the Republican primary on June 28 the metaphor to the 51st All-Valley Karate Tournament on Cobra Kai.


“Extreme situations require extreme measures.”

“Now the real pain begins.”

In the aftermath of the Capitol Riots on January 6th, I shared the back story of how I became a fan of the Cobra Kai series on Netflix, thanks to Red State blog’s Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar.

So with season 4 of Cobra Kai wrapping production at the end of May, Netflix released the following tweets revealing what fans of the show had already figured would be a part of the 4th season, set to drop this fall — the return of Terry Silver (played by Thomas Ian Griffith), the main sadistic bad guy from Karate Kid, Part III in 1989 (but set in fall, 1985).

Two episodes of season 3 gave the back story of how Sensei John Kreese and Silver (nicknamed “Twig”) first met in Vietnam, and how Silver became indebted to Kreese for life.

In recognition of Cobra Kai‘s first major Emmy nomination, Best Comedy(?) Series last week and its parallels with recent events in the IL-11 Republican primary race, here is Silver’s reintroduction.

The Quick-Silver rules to teach a new generation of students of Cobra Kai.

From the desk of John Lopez: The Terry Silver character may have been introduced into the IL-11 Republican primary race in July in the form of Jeff Ward, who had his conviction of misdemeanor domestic battery overturned by the Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd District on July 9.

I used the backdrop of Ward’s overturning of the conviction in this article from last Wednesday.

Yesterday, Mr. Ward paid McHenry County Blog a visit, and posted this comment in last Wednesday’s article mid afternoon on Sunday concerning both IL-11 Republican candidate Catalina Lauf and former Kane County State’s Attorney, and now Metra Board Member Joe McMahon (R, Geneva):

Jeff Ward
Catalina Lauf

“First, I don’t give a flying [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] about what anyone thinks about me and I never will. If you don’t like me then get off your fat asses and build a base a reputation to compete with TheFirstWard.net. And the fact that some of you [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] can only manage to throw bombs at me anonymously says it all.

“And yes! I will succeed in a suit against Lauf because that Shaw Media column in question, which has been removed from the Net, made it VERY clear that I was going to appeal.

“And when you consider my track record in beating law enforcement, had I been in her shoes, I wouldn’t have said a [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] word until I knew it was gonna stick.

“She’ll simply settle any lawsuit because she has an IQ of 12 and I could destroy her on the stand pro se – which is generally how I proceeded with the appeal.

“I shoulda been an attorney!

“As far as my congenial persona, I’m sure you can understand what they’d do to me if I didn’t command fear because you’ve seen what’s they’ve done to me in spite of the fact that I am feared. How many journalist sue a state’s attorney and win.

“Joe McMahon is back in private practice, isn’t he? At least I’m will to take chances.

“What have some of you [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] done? Posted comments on a blog.

“Lastly, I appreciate the people here who’ve seen the truth.

“Jeff Ward”

Comment from Jeff Ward, 7/18/21, 2:21PM CDT


Ward is correct the Shaw Media story from June of 2018 was removed. I also confirm the Daily Herald story about Ward’s conviction was removed last Monday, though the headline still on the Net (but excludes Ward’s name).

Shortly after Noon CDT on Sunday, July 18, Ward posted this tweet directed at both Lauf and me:

So Ward states his targets, in this order are:

  • City of Geneva
  • Kane County State’s Attorney Office
  • Catalina Lauf

Knowing Jeff Ward, I know he usually follows through on his planned actions, and I will be watching the Kane County courts portal for new Causes of Action in the coming weeks from Ward.

And if Ward really does file suits, I see the Terry Silver character playing out in 2021, just as he will on Cobra Kai season 4 this New Years’s Eve (set in spring, 2019).


Updatedx2: Cobra Kai Season 4, Jeff Ward and IL-11 — 30 Comments

  1. Great. Another vulgar loudmouth in politics.

    He’s never actually done anything in life, according to his own bio on his website.

  2. Any discussion of their personalities aside, it’s hard to see a path forward for Ward against Lauf for her commenting publicly on published news and on what is public record.

    Doubly so for two parties that are themselves public personalities.

    His public statements at the time that he would appeal simply have no bearing.

    He seems to be offended by the lack of probity and goodwill shown towards him in her implications about his character, yet feels no compunction to extend those courtesies to anyone else.


  3. Twitter simply proves who the twits are.

    Live by the tweet, die by the tweet.

    I don’t think this will hurt Lauf’s chances at a currently non-existent candidacy, nor would it Impact her prospects for Fox & Friends.


  4. I’d like to see the seven figure damages he is suing for.

    Damages to his reputation.

    Hardly, looks like a lot of free publicity.

    Lauf doesn’t seem serious about running, she looks like she just wants a political war chest to play power broker.

  5. I don’t know who this Jeff Ward person is, but, IMO – based on his response to Ms. Lauf, he is NOT a stable psychological individual. He obviously appears to be a suffering soul. He apparently has major issues.

    Wow….scary to know this guy is walking around.

  6. Though I’m glad he won his case against the Geneva Police Department.

    The police – FAR TOO OFTEN – gleefully and aggressively attack public figures for the advancement of their own personal careers.


    It saddens me they do this all the time.

    I wish they were as aggressive to violent criminals.

  7. I think you left out in his ‘targets’, his plans to invade Poland.

  8. What is that old saying, A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client?

  9. Cobra Kai? Really, Mr. Lopez. Time to get away from the boob tube.

  10. Cosyntex, “boob tube”?

    These episodes are watched on the phone.

  11. Cobra Kai? Sounds like a remake of the Wax On Wax Off Karate Kid movie. And Lopez, didn’t you know you could go blind doing that? Watching stuff on your phone that is.

    Here’s a couple of other ones to watch for as a good escape from our leader and the clueless crap that he says on national television – Let’s Go Brandon, I Agree. I guess that could be marked in the accomplishment category for proving you have dementia to the world Mr. President.

    I’ll give the KK remake a try. I don’t recall the Karate Kid losing in his match though as the write up describes.

    Breaking Bad followed by Better Call Saul.

    And on Jeff Ward who’s not going to be on my ballot, he states this – “What have some of you [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] done? Posted comments on a blog.”

    Maybe Martin can give him a lesson and explanation on his lack of self-awareness.

    I want your vote but will insult you to get it.

    Is Tirio a consultant for your campaign?

  12. A few things for JT and a long comment for John.

    JT, Cobra Kai is a series (I think on Netflix) based on Karate Kid, not a remake. It takes place 30 years after the events of Karate Kid. Iirc the main character of the show is the villain from the old Karate Kid movie (Daniel-san’s enemy). He is in charge of his own dojo now. idk I’ve never watched it so may be wrong about this, but John is a fan so he could fill you in on the precise details or you could check out IMDB or Wikipedia.

    Ward is not running for office to my knowledge.

    Ward does not have a consultant and was a consultant himself at one point iirc.

    Now he is a blogger.

    His blog is called The First Ward.

    Why would you assume Joe Tirio is consulting him just because he uses vulgar language?

    Joe Tirio is quite a non-vulgar person.

    (I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt that you were just trying to say Tirio is bad and Ward’s comment was bad and you’re making the connection that way, but if you are seriously wondering if Tirio is consulting Ward then the answer is no.)

    Technically you don’t know who will be on your ballot and won’t for several months

    Filing period doesn’t end until March 14th and then there is a period where people can challenge petitions.

    You’ll know who is on the ballot in April, although with Ward living in Kane County you probably wouldn’t see him on the ballot if you live in McHenry County unless he were running for congress or maybe state senate but I don’t think he will be doing that or running for anything for that matter.

    John, what exactly is the update to this story?

    It appears the only “update” is that a new season of the series has been announced and will air soon, and you are using that shout-out to the new season as an excuse to re-post an otherwise old story and push it to the top of McHenry County Blog.

    That story involves something negative about Catalina Lauf.

    Surprise, surprise.

    In your story did you mention that Ward said TERRIBLE things about Lauf like saying he hopes she doesn’t have children?

    That’s quite a rude thing to say, don’t you think?

    She responded by sharing the news article about his arrest.

    He had been arrested and accused of a certain crime.

    That is true.

    No, he hadn’t been convicted, but it was public record that he had been arrested for some kind of domestic abuse issue.

    I don’t find what she did to be beyond the pale, sharing a news article about him after what he said about her, and at the time his attack on her actually helped her campaign by making people feel sympathetic towards her and making her seem like a fighter who was capable of oppo research.

    It turns out that most people don’t like some stranger-guy telling a woman to have or not have kids.

    You could argue that Lauf should delete her old Twitter post (if she hasn’t and she probably should) now that Ward has been acquitted after he made a successful appeal, but that’s about it.

    She certainly does not owe him an apology, and she was not wrong to make the post at the time and defend herself.

    I don’t find what Lauf did to be bad, but I am also glad that Ward won his case against crooked cops.

    Unfortunately for Ward, not much sympathy can be elicited by him despite winning his court case when he talks to a woman 30 something years his junior like that and then posts a bunch of pottymouth garbage on this blog like a shockjock radio host.

    His comments also ooze with narcissism which doesn’t make him the clear cut good guy in this situation. That’s not to say his own blog is bad. He does have good articles and makes good points on some issues, but he’s offensive and immature and would have a much bigger audience if he were more professional.

    One could make the argument Ward has a bad track record in regard to women not because of any court cases, but because of how he initially talked about Lauf — sticking his nose into whether she should be having kids.

    So even if Ward proved her wrong about the court thing, which he did, one could still see how she had a point about him not being kind to women because what was it that made her post the news article in the first place and saying he wasn’t nice to women?

    Answer: it was how he talked about her!

    Ward started the beef and was not nice to her (a woman).

    But back to your article: what is the point of re-running this old Ward-Lauf beef?

    It looks like you are doing this because you don’t want Lauf to win so you’re bringing up an old issue that nobody cares about (except Ward) hoping it will damage Lauf’s reputation.

    Well, I don’t read this story and come off with a worse opinion about Lauf; I’m left with a worse opinion about Ward.

    Good for him for winning his appeal, but the overall manner in which he conducts himself does not come across well.

    His comments to Lauf and his comments on this blog did not do him any favors.

    Lauf isn’t going to just sit around and be the punching bag of some old man giving her reproductive “advice.”

    If this article is supposed to be an attack on her or “expose” her then it fails and it may even help her because it kind of paints her as someone who will hit back at people and that is honestly what a lot of Republicans are looking for and was a big part of Trump’s appeal.

    Much like other recent attacks against Lauf coming from this blog, such as not attending a Naperville college football game, if this is supposed to be a damnation of Lauf then it falls flat.

    This is a big nothingburger, John.

    Vetting is fine (you know I was a big critic of Lauf in the 2020 cycle) and there are legitimate criticisms of Lauf, but some of the things you go after her for seem like a real far reach to me.

    Consider the possibility that Lauf will be the Republican nominee to run against Bill Foster for congress in the 11th district.

    At this point, it’s very likely and I would be surprised if she did NOT win the primary (barring an extraordinary candidate entering the race).

    Then what will McHenry County Blog say?

    You will have all these nasty articles written about her — many of which seem petty and verge on neurotic/obsessive.

    How will you shift?

    Or will you just ignore the contest which seems hard to do since McHenry County is partially in the 11th district?

    Sorry if this seems harsh, John.

    I like your writing most of the time and it adds a lot to this blog but I think you have gone off the deep end on the anti-Lauf side, and once again this is coming from somebody who was one of the biggest critics of Lauf in the 2020 cycle and who still regularly criticizes her.

    I’m asking you to hedge your bets a bit and assume she will win the primary.

    You don’t have to not criticize her especially in a primary, but don’t be so one-sided and at least try to focus more on substance instead of rehashing old feuds she had with bloggers or talking about what football games she chooses to attend.

    This stuff isn’t low-hanging fruit, it’s rotten fruit.

  13. I like your last line above, correcting.

    Is John fixated on Lauf or something?

  14. Correcting and Dacy,

    First, I’m not fixated on Lauf or anyone else.

    The truth catches up to people, all people, and Lauf will be no different if she goes through with her 11th Congressional District race.

    And as I explained more fully in the Cawthorn article comments, Lauf’s lying, be it through omissions, minimizing, deflection, half-truths or any other avenue, will catch up to her, as it has for many a number of young hot shots I’ve seen in politics over the past 25 years in Illinois politics in the Fox Valley.

    Her campaign’s lies is a symptom, the root cause is Lauf’s lack of respect for people, particularly local residents she’ll be trying to earn votes next year.

    The Patrick Pfingsten questioning from February of The Illinoize coverage of Lauf’s IL-16 announcement is a good example of her being disrespectful to people, which will not take her far in anything, including politics.

    And Correcting, you are mistaken concerning the timing of the events in Jeff Ward’s article.

    While Lauf, in a fit of pique when Ward started writing about Lauf’s Batavia debate performance in January of 2020, particularly her gaffe on the ERA question, took a cheap shot at Ward by attaching an image of the 2018 Kane County Chronicle article on Twitter, it’s what Lauf said in her tweet about Ward is why Ward is honked off.

    At the time, and maybe unknown to Lauf in February of 2020, Ward had been convicted at the circuit court level of the misdemeanor domestic battery charges.

    The conviction was overturned this past summer at the Appellate Court level, and Ward was exonerated.

    Ward has every reason to go after people who attempted to use what he views as a miscarriage of justice as well as retaliation by the Geneva Police Department and the Circuit Courts if he chooses.

    Doubtful he can do this in the courts, and as we exchanged earlier this year, he will likely help one of Lauf’s opponents, possibly even Congressman Bill Foster himself should Lauf win the primary, and even if he’s not paid.

    I’ve known Ward for 10 years, and as a political consultant he has a lifetime 85% win record (including Richard Irvin’s successful 2017 election as Aurora mayor).

    I also know that Ward will go after people politically even if he is not paid, if he chooses to, and he definitely has every 1A right to speak his mind during an election for who will represent him in the United States Congress, and he will.

    As I said in the article, I do not know if Ward is helping one of the announced Republican opponents of Lauf in the 11th at this point.

    Yes, he could help one of the two “candidate x”s who are either strongly considering running, or are biding their time to launch their campaign at the first of the year in IL-11.

    We’ll know by middle of next month.

    One thing is certain, it is not “rotten fruit”.

    That’s just a difference of opinion, and nothing more.

    Finally, and I’d have to look if I did publish this on McHenry County Blog, Ward trained in the martial arts back in the 1970s while growing up in Evanston, so parallel to the Terry Silver character appearing on Cobra Kai season 4 quite real, along with the parallel of the All Valley Tournament climax on season 4 of Cobra Kai being the Illinois Primary on June 28 for McHenry County Blog readers.

    Our own “All Valley” being the Fox River Valley of Illinois, not the San Fernando Valley of California.

  15. Jeff Ward is a real piece of work.
    Whew….such people should be institutionalized, IMO

  16. Netflix is for old 40-something single women and gays, and Cobra Kai went to crap and became a wokeshit teen after school drama after a great season 1.

  17. “The Patrick Pfingsten questioning from February of The Illinoize coverage of Lauf’s IL-16 announcement is a good example of her being disrespectful to people, which will not take her far in anything, including politics.”

    I agree with that.

    She looked immature in that exchange.

    “particularly her gaffe on the ERA question”

    Yes, that was an oof moment from her not knowing about it and it really hurt her campaign because it exposed her as not knowing much about policy, but what did Ward say about her?

    You’re talking about “respect” but how did Ward talk about Lauf?

    Did he simply say she should have known what the ERA was or did he call her stupid or something like that? Respect is a two way street.

    “Ward has every reason to go after people who attempted to use what he views as a miscarriage of justice as well as retaliation by the Geneva Police Department and the Circuit Courts if he chooses.”

    I would do the same thing if I were in Ward’s position, but I still don’t think Lauf did anything wrong by sharing a news article about him.

    “possibly even Congressman Bill Foster himself”

    Because he likes Foster or out of spite?

    “I also know that Ward will go after people politically even if he is not paid, if he chooses to, and he definitely has every 1A right to speak his mind during an election for who will represent him in the United States Congress, and he will.”

    He has that right.

    People just don’t like how he talks, and people have a right to criticize him.

    “As I said in the article, I do not know if Ward is helping one of the announced Republican opponents of Lauf in the 11th at this point.”

    It’s doubtful since none are running good campaigns and you say Ward is a good consultant which I’m not doubting.

    He is a bright guy.

    Maybe he will consult the candidate x who has not yet announced they are running in the Republican primary, but as of now Lauf is the frontrunner of the primary.

    If what you have said in the past is true, that candidate will be getting plenty of help from elsewhere as well but Ward’s assistance could be beneficial to that candidate.

    “it is not “rotten fruit””

    What it is is a feud with a blogger and kind of old news.

    It’s not that important, but yes that is a matter of opinion.

    June 28th primary and Cobra Kai?

    idk about any of the parallels since I haven’t seen the series, but I know June 28th is a MICRO NEW MOON and November 8th (the general election) is on a LUNAR ECLIPSE.

    Us moonbros have marked our calendars…

    Astrology people say new moons are all about ushering change, but a micro moon has its impact lessened and a super moon would be magnified, so whether a full moon or a new moon if it is micro its impacts are lessened but if it’s super then it’s impact is increased!

    Getting away from astrology and into astronomy, a MICRO MOON happens because the moon is at its farthest point from the Earth in its elliptical orbit.

    This is known as APOGEE.

    Us moonbros know about perigee and apogee! We’re going to have a super full moon on June 14 and July 13 so the full moon will appear brighter and larger than normal.

    Super Strawberry Moon and Super Buck Moon as they are called respectively.

    Don’t even get me started on the Jan 31/Feb 1 new moon followed by the Fire Festival of Imbolc Feb 1-2 (what Americanos know as Groundhog Day and Irish Catholics as Saint Brigid’s Day) and the Chinese New Year Feb 1 which turns us over to the Year of the Tiger!

    (2020 was year of the rat btw and 2021 was year of the ox — in Chinese folklore the ox was tricked by the rat. Isn’t that neat? Do you think we were “tricked” in some way in 2021??)

    Astrologybros tell me all the signs (Imbolc, beginning of the Year of the Tiger, and new moon lining up) point to the good guys delivering a roundhouse kick to the demons.

    So that’s my Karate Kid contribution lol somebody is going to crane kick the demons in the head, or so they say, and that’s a good thing.

    But that’s if they’re right.. the astrologybros could be wrong.. only God knows.

    It’s really up to Him.

  18. The Di$trict of Corruption is larded with “players” who have been played by the likes of the Maxwells, most evidently working for Mo$$ad and a host more who have long been blackmailed by the FBI and the CIA.

    The entire system, whether at the Congressional or administrative levels features what now amounts to actors playing out scripts dictated by the financier elite. The latter, in turn, call the shots for the spy agencies, which themselves, the Agency in particular, pull the strings for the likes of the Departments of State and “Justice”.

    Don’t even dream of taking your complaints to the courts. To become a federal district judge, appeals judge and especially the Extreme Courtesans, one must be in tight with one or more of the Masons, the Vatican, City of London or Wall $treet. As a result the court system, particularly on the federal level operates on a combination of bribery and blackmail.

    Bribery is especially virulent in the Bureau of Pri$ons, a sub agency of the DOJ. Taxpayer dollars to the tune of a hundred dollars per day + per incarcerated inmate,and the necessity of letting out contracts for various service-providers allow for wardens and their top staffers to enjoy very comfortable retirements…comforts well beyond that set of pensions mandated by their pay-grades and time in service.

    Can any poster here name one major national institution, government; media; corporate; financial; educational or religious which does not reek with a reek of corruption? That, ladies and laddies, is the current state of the nation.

  19. These lines from Get Back might trigger today’s trans activists, like that sicko township clerk:

    “Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman
    But she was another man
    Get back to where you once belonged
    Get back Loretta”

  20. It is now illegal to police Negroes. It has been for some time, but like many such things, it came about gradually and became well entrenched before anyone fully realized what happened.

    Like Derek Chauvin, Kim Potter was thrown to the dogs by her own government in an absolutely hideous miscarriage of justice. There will be more such victims.

    It is inevitable because black crime is certainly not going to slow down.

    Not when the criminal element, ignorant though they may be, realizes that they are untouchable.

    We may have had a bit of hope when Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of shooting people in a very obvious case of self-defense. This was premature.

    The only reason why he walked free was not because the facts were in his favor, but because he happened not to shoot a Negro. Literally the only reason.

    Had he even grazed the black who tried to jump-kick him in the head, he was going away for life.

  21. When Bobby Fischer took the chess world by storm he was universally hailed as a genius.

    When he called out the Jews as criminals who had taken over the United States in their bid for world domination he suddenly became “deranged” and “pathological”.

  22. Gary, you’re pretty eclectic. I don’t mind you being off topic.

    White males are now like fish in a barrel. Your rights are gone and you are now vilified and hated in the country and culture you built.

    The Tribe is your master and they are using every enemy of yours at their disposal to destroy you especially the low IQ and violent Baboons.

    You will either get up off your knees and save yourselves, or you will die in your own blood.

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