Donna Kurtz Seeks Republican Nod for County Treasurer

From Donna Kurtz:

Donna Kurtz Seeks the Republican Nomination for the McHenry County Treasurer

Donna Kurtz

Donna Kurtz (R-Crystal Lake) formally announces she will seek the Republican nomination for McHenry County Treasurer.

The Primary Election will be held on June 28, 2022; with the General Election on November 8, 2022.

Kurtz stated, “It was an honor to serve the people of this County for 8 years as a County Board Member through November 2018 and as a McHenry County College Trustee from 2005 to 2010.”

Kurtz is proud of her record of conservative fiscal responsibility, transparency, and honesty in McHenry County Government.

She believes that her commitment to these values, and over three decades of professional experience provides the essential skills and background required to serve the people of McHenry County as their Treasurer.

Her professional experience includes serving as a licensed financial advisor – managing millions in investments, and in corporate management and leadership – managing multi-million-dollar budgets with large teams and staff.

Kurtz currently works in the private sector as a consultant in the banking industry.

Kurtz is honored to have received the endorsement of the current McHenry County Treasurer, Glenda L. Miller, who has announced her retirement.

“Glenda Miller has spent decades working to build an extraordinarily talented and competent team in the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office.

“My goal is to maintain the integrity of this office and to support the practices and methodologies established by Glenda. This approach will ensure the financial resources of McHenry County are protected and the services provided by the Treasurer’s Office maintain their current standards of excellence”.

Kurtz received her BA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL and her MBA from the University of Illinois in Springfield, IL. She holds numerous professional certifications in project management and systems/software development management.

Donna Kurtz grew up in Crystal Lake, IL and is a 1977 graduate of Crystal Lake Central High School where her sisters, Jennifer and Tammy also graduated. She is the daughter of the late James C. Kurtz, and former Illinois State Representative Rosemary Kurtz. Donna and her husband, Paul Minkus, and step-daughter, Tavi Minkus, reside in Crystal Lake.

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Here is the article run when Kurtz announced for County Board:

Donna Kurtz Runs for McHenry County Board

Upsetting the District 2 Republican apple-cart is McHenry County College Board member Donna Kurtz’ announcement that she is seeking one of two party nominations for the county board.

She is contesting the re-nomination of McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler and member Lynn Orphal.

Lyn Orphal

So far, no Democrats have surfaced to provide a fall contest.

An opponent to having slot machines in bars and restaurants, the Kurtz candidacy could provide impetus for at least one District 2 county board member, Orphal, to vote to ban the machines in order to neutralize the issue or to at least support allowing citizens to offer input in a February advisory referendum.

The county board’s License and Liquor Committee is holding a public hearing next Wednesday, October 7th, starting at 6 PM to take input from the public.  Kurtz told McHenry County Blog she intends to attend.

Handing Donna Kurtz an American Flag and a flowers is former Crystal Lake Park Board member Leona Nelson.  This was done after she and Scott Summers’ censure by fellow McHenry County College Board members.

The last time Kurtz provided public testimony at a governmental body was when the Crystal Lake City Council was considering whether or not to allow a baseball stadium at McHenry County College.  She and trustee Scott Summers testified against the plan.

For that action, their MCC Board colleagues censured them. Read the linked article and you will see that Kurtz and Summers achieved near folk hero status.

Among other issues that are almost sure to come up are the Metra purchase of 17 acres of land half-owned by County Board Chairman Koehler.

Although Metra board members argued that a Ridgefield train stop was needed near McHenry County College, the board selected the least convenient location possible.  While no one has suggested Koehler did anything wrong in agreeing to sell the land to Metra, it certainly could become an issue, considering Kurtz is on the MCC board and not happy with the location.  And, especially since no one from Metra consulted with community college personnel prior to the inconvenient-to-students site’s selection.

Issues on Kurtz’ handout include

  • Make honesty & integrity the #1 priority in gov’t.
  • Fight corruption, self-interest, and “roads to nowhere,” i.e., Alden Road.
  • Work for real road and transportation solutions.
  • Demand fiscal responsibility.
  • Champion a McHenry County that remains beautify, productive, and economically vibrant.


Donna Kurtz Seeks Republican Nod for County Treasurer — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, you made a comment in another article that was unclear but it sounded like you were saying someone else might be running in the GOP primary. Any update on that?

    Who is it? Joe Gottemoller? Mary McClellan? Nick Provenzano? Pam Althoff? Tom Wilbeck? Sue Draffkorn? James Heisler? That guy Jeff? Carolyn the “blonde”? John the onion merchant? Jack Franks’s minion Jeff Lichte?

    Or is it: Nobody?

    It’s nobody isn’t it, Cal?

    Yeah, it’s gotta be that.


    People will just let Donna Kurtz run for an open seat that pays six figures.

    Nobody else will run for that.

    And especially cuz, ya know, everybody loves donna.

    That’s what they say.

    Isn’t that what they say, cal??

  2. Koehler is a big fat crook.

    Is Kurtz like her mom, though?

  3. Electing Kurtz to this position in equal to electing Mary McClellan to the county clerk office.

    She knows NOTHING about it and is simply looking for a paycheck and a pension.

    She has NO qualifications for this job.

    she is a career politic and nothing more.

    There has to be a better candidate currently working in the office that knows the job.

    Who is Glendas second in charge?

  4. The drunk and the crazy . That’s about right. Hope a Dem runs. Kurtz’s is nothing but a Dem and a crazy

  5. Dear Donna Kurtz,

    Sent you a message via campaign and I got an automatic reply by the Republican something. So I will try here.

    Well, I am disappointed in your campaign staff.

    Someone put you signs 2 inches in front of my signs for a candidate 3 times.

    That is a mean and despicable tactic on the part of your staff.

    Why purposely block another candidate’s sign even if you hate them.

    I moved my signs over and left your sign alone so my candidate would have a chance to be seen.

    Not only will I not vote for a candidate that allows this to occur but I will now be emailing everyone about your tactics.

    So disappointed.

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