Vaccine Mandate Case Rabine Filed in Supreme Court Today

From GOP gubernatorial hopeful Gsary Rabine:

Job Creators Network lawsuit being argued in the United States Supreme Court

Rabine announced the suit iat the Dundee Township GOP picnic in Spptember.

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, candidate for Illinois Governor,reports the landmark Job Creators Network lawsuit currently in front of the United States Supreme.

Gary Rabine is a founding board member of Job Creators Network and is a named party to the lawsuit against the Biden Administration illegal vaccine on employers.

The oral arguments are currently under way.

To view the live oral arguments, visit:

Rabine, 58, is a business builder and Chairman of The Rabine Group of companies, father of 4 and grandfather of 3.

He and his wife grew up and raised their family in Lake and McHenry County Illinois.

Started in the paving business shortly after graduating high school, this became the Rabine Group of companies, which today does business in all 50 states and is headquartered out of Cook County in Schaumburg.

To learn more about Gary Rabine, visit


Vaccine Mandate Case Rabine Filed in Supreme Court Today — 9 Comments

  1. John I have been listening to the SC hearing on PBS News Hour. I prefer to hear it rather than rely on the media to tell me what happened. fyi…Your link didn’t work. The guy arguing to get rid of mandates is very good.

    PBS News Hour will likely have it archived on YouTube if people have the time and desire to listen themselves.

    I think OSHA overstepped its regulatory authority on this one. We’ll see since our medical freedoms are in the hands of 3 ultra progressives, 3 middle of the roaders and 3 conservatives.

    As an aside, it’s amazing the SC for as smart as they are don’t have the knowledge that simpletons like Cindy, me and some others on the board have with regard to Fauci, Gates and the NWO and the purpose of the vaccine mandates and passports in achieving it.

    9/11 provided us the Patriot Act.

    Just another baby step in the wrong direction for our country.

    Amazingly no one has served time for imploding asbestos laden buildings with human beings in them.

    t’s a good thing Larry Silverstein’s wife saved him by reminding him of his dermatologist appointment that morning causing him to miss his everyday meeting at the top of the WTC.

    What are the odds?

  2. Big Government is never any good.

    And the closet case Roberts betrayed us already on Obamacare and other cases.

  3. Bailey slumbers? You’ve got to be high. He’s the only one that is truly fighting for us!

    Should be more like:

    Rabine cries-it’s all he does.

    The only reason he’s suing is because he’s taking action in his own self interest.

    Bailey fights and wins’

    Schimpf hides

    Sullivan laughs all the way to the bank. No skin in the game.

  4. ACB has organized her entire life to get to her perch….. to betray us!

  5. Rabine’s motivation for joining the suit did not sound as if it were merely in his business’ self-interest when he announced it at the September 15th Dundee Toiwnship Republican Picnic.

  6. Her voice was annoying all morning today. She sounds like AOC. Why do they all have that in common. Good luck deep state with your vaccine mandates.


    Here’s the background of the woman promoting the mandate in SCOTUS Oral Argument: Elizabeth Prelogar. Spoiler – everything ties back to Obama and HRC.

    Shakespeare couldn’t have written two better foils when Elizabeth Prelogar and Brett Kavanaugh squared off in a makeshift courtroom that December night in 2016. The former Miss Idaho was a prosecutor — an appellate attorney to the U.S. solicitor general — and a Democrat who had donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Kavanaugh, then a judge with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, was a member of the conservative Federal Society who would later spark liberal outrage with his appointment to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump.

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