Dems Do Little to Improve Criminal Justice “Reform” Bill Passed Last Year

From State Rep. Tom Bennett from the Pontiac area::

Prisoner phone calls in the McHenry County Jail are apparently recorded.

One year ago the General Assembly passed policing legislation which was opposed by virtually every law enforcement group in the state. I voted No because I believed the bill would make Illinois less safe.

This week another bill came up which was hyped as an improvement to the legislation passed last year, but it fell far short of the kinds of changes which last year’s bill needed.

One of the biggest problems with last year’s bill was that it prohibited police from holding persons arrested and charged with serious violent offenses before trial.

This week’s legislation did nothing to change that glaring error.

Instead it focused primarily on allowing detained individuals to make multiple unmonitored phone calls after arrest. This week’s bill did nothing to make Illinoisans safer or to fix the many flaws in last year’s legislation.

I voted No.

We need to do much more work on this issue.

Chicago Democratic Party State Senator Sara Feigenholtz also expressed frustration, according to CWB Chicago:

State Sen. Sara Feigenholtz (6th), who was a proud supporter of last year’s massive criminal justice reform bill, appeared to have a severe case of buyer’s remorse during the Zoom session.

“We are looking very closely to some of the reforms that we enacted,” Feigenholtz said. “It’s a big bill, and we’re gonna have to go back and make a lot of changes and remediate.”

“I don’t think that anybody bargained for repeat offenders and people who were in possession of a gun and accused of violent crime to be released on a [recognizance] bond,” she continued. […]

“We have a lot of work to do,” Feigenholtz said.


Dems Do Little to Improve Criminal Justice “Reform” Bill Passed Last Year — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe they should pay attention to WI.

    Kenosha County Eye
    @KenoshaCtyEye · 22h

    Breaking: Dominick Black’s case (accused of giving Kyle the AR-15 that he used in the self defense shootings), has reached a resolution.

    BOTH Felonies will be dismissed and he will receive non-criminal citation for contributing to the delinquency of a minor if judge signs off

    Poor Binger and his sidekick Lunchbox.

  2. It’s really very simple . . .

    Democrats need the votes of criminals to stay in power no matter the cost to society at large.

    DEMOCRAT is their name – murder is their game.

  3. Watch for Democrats in Illinois and Crook County copy the new policies proposed by a newly elected Democrat Manhattan District Attorney. He wants to make armed robbery in that city a misdemeanor with no jail time providing that the robbers ONLY point a handgun or shotgun at people at the robbery site but do NOT fire any rounds.

    Anybody notice the amount of bank armed robberies in the Chicago metro area in the last few months? Just last Friday on Randall Road in St Charles. The Daily Herald described two persons of color each with a handgun and one more person of color with a long gun robbed the bank.

  4. State Rep Tom Bennett has a nephew named Scott Bennett who is in the State Senate.

    Tom is a Republican.

    Scott is a Democrat.

  5. Bred, you’re not supposed to point out the race of violent thugs. It might trigger libtards.

    When Soros fronts starting funding the campaigns of communists and Antifa types as State’s attys or Dist. attys 15 years ago, nobody said boo.

    Foxx has the ‘IQ of high functioning moron’ and that observation came from her very own queer pet, Jussie Smollett!

  6. Kangaroo – I was merely giving some of the details that were in the Daily Herald story. Look at the link.

    If newspapers are giving the race of a person in a story, such as they did in the bank robbery, then they need to be consistent. So, if a bank robber was a 6 foot guy with blue eyes and blond hair perhaps that should be reported as a person of white.

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