Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Ha-Ho

Each year McHenry County goes beyond the letter of the law and publishes compensation for all of its employees (1,237 this year).

The figures are explained like this:

“In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2020-21 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.”

Below are only a summary of the information–name, position and total compensation. The figure includes salary and benefits, for example, health insurance, pension, uniform allowance.

Ryan E. Harper Correctional Officer – Union $110,225.84
Theresa L. Harper Deputy – Union $114,422.16
Laura M. Hart Fiscal Operations Manager II $75,672.72
Michael A. Hart Deputy – Union $110,408.40
Randall A. Hart Investigator $28,839.20
Robin L. Hartman Legal Admin Specialist I $35,061.00
Scott E. Hartman Deputy County Admin $156,746.85
Daniel T. Harvey Marine Patrol I $40,725.56
Nicholas A. Harvey DOT Maint Worker $47,860.80
Kevin T. Harwell Senior Network Engineer I $78,647.00
Chad A. Hauschild Maintenance Tech I $72,059.20
Carol A. Hawes Certified Nursing Asst II $64,967.10
Nicholas W. Hayes Senior Probation Officer $76,026.24
Ronnie F. Hayhurst DOT Maint Worker $73,535.20
Kristy L. Hecke Field Staff Supervisor $67,919.48
Jennifer L. Hefferan Registry – LPN $16,640.00
Shelby J. Heiden Court/Courtroom Spec III $50,646.54
Loretta I. Heidtke Registry – LPN $16,640.00
Jennifer M. Hencin Community Development Spec $72,114.86
Jaime L. Hendon Professional Nurse $93,551.76
Frank J. Hengler Correctional Officer – Union $70,749.76
Bryan J. Henning Correctional Officer – Union $117,334.08
Scott A. Hennings Asst Dir of Transportation $133,311.95
Judith A. Hensel Jury Commission Sup $55,287.54
Robert M. Hensel Maint Supervisor $103,188.56
Thomas H. Herff Probation Officer $55,509.60
Shannon N. Hermie Correctional Officer – Union $102,886.40
Miguel N. Hernandez Court Security Ofcr – Union $66,214.56
Pamela J. Herreid Administrative Specialist I $46,184.96
Raizel Herrera Administrative Specialist III $61,630.68
Levi J. Herrmann Correctional Officer – Union $34,047.00
Laura F. Heuer Accounting Assistant II $61,803.16
Eric J. Hildebrandt Court Security Ofcr – Union $63,079.52
Danny R. Hill DOT Maint Worker $85,787.20
Lauren P. Hinderliter Certified Nursing Assistant I $15,758.00
Ronald G. Hinojosa Food Service Assistant $37,588.66
Adam C. Hirsch Correctional Officer – Union $122,500.16
Allen V. Hobbs Marine Patrol I $13,993.56
Cynthia M. Hodgson Recorder Spec III $57,836.10
Charles F. Hoffman, III Deputy – Union $130,022.16
George M. Hoffman Supervisor, State’s Attorney $110,814.05
Nancy S. Hoffman Administrative Specialist II $49,720.10
Bridget M. Hoffmann Hlth Educator/Volunteer Coord $54,275.46
Meghan K. Honea County Clerk Office Supervisor $44,830.50


Harper,Ryan E Correctional Officer – Union $107,904.04
Harper,Theresa L Deputy – Union $112,466.48
Hart,Laura M Fiscal Operations Manager II $74,285.76
Hart,Michael A. Deputy – Union $108,452.96
Hart,Randall A Investigator $28,194.40
Harter,Trevor R Workforce Youth $5,720.00
Hartman,Scott E Deputy County Admin $153,675.78
Hartwig,Jennifer A Accounting Assistant II $53,471.98
Harvey,Nicholas A DOT Maint Worker $74,688.00
Harwell,Kevin T Network Engineer $66,368.90
Hatfield,Ashley N Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Hauschild,Chad A Maintenance Tech I $69,779.20
Hawes,Carol A Certified Nursing Asst II $58,418.11
Hayes,Nicholas W Senior Probation Officer $71,931.12
Hayhurst,Ronnie F DOT Maint Worker $71,452.80
Hecke,Kristy Lee Field Staff Supervisor $66,425.06
Hefferan,Jennifer L Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Heiden,Shelby J. Court/Courtroom Spec III $49,729.80
Heidtke,Loretta I Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Hencin,Jennifer M Community Development Spec $78,241.56
Hendershot,Mark F. Correctional Officer – Union $114,166.96
Hendon,Jacob A Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Hendon,Jaime L Registered Nurse $61,167.88
Hengler,Frank J Correctional Officer – Union $54,775.60
Henniger,William L Deputy – Union $128,066.84
Henning,Bryan J Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Hennings,Scott A Asst County Engineer $112,774.86
Hensel,Robert M Maint Supervisor $101,399.64
Herbst,Nathan Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Herff,Thomas H Probation Officer $41,769.00
Hermie,Shannon N. Correctional Officer – Union $101,055.76
Hernandez,Miguel N Court Security Ofcr – Union $41,600.80
Hernandez,Sabrina S Env Health Practioner $52,871.34
Herreid,Pamela J Administrative Specialist I $44,858.84
Herrmann,Levi J Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Heuer,Laura F Accounting Assistant II $59,085.10
Hildebrandt,Malisa J Clerk II – Union $44,121.50
Hildreth,Paul G Deputy – Union $120,400.76
Hill,Danny R DOT Maint Worker $83,195.20
Hinderliter,Lauren P Certified Nursing Asst I $10,453.82
Hinojosa,Ronald G Food Service Assistant $37,609.39
Hirsch,Adam C Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Hodgson,Cynthia M Recorder Spec II $57,976.48
Hoffman,Charles F Deputy – Union $120,350.76
Hoffman,George M Principal Asst States Attorney $104,952.92
Hoffman,Nancy S Administrative Specialist II $47,182.86
Hoffmann,Bridget M Hlth Educator/Volunteer Coord $54,296.84
Holze,Scarlett M Registry – CNA $4,089.46
Homuth,Katie A Career Planner $65,308.24
Honea,Meghan K County Clerk Office Supervisor $44,000.06

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