Another Cold Shower Death of Five-Year Old — 10 Comments

  1. Does it not tell you that all of these “strange” cases are scripted? You want us to believe this is like an epidemic of cold shower killings? I hardly believe anything that comes out of the “news”. Evil is afoot.

  2. As is usual, very difficult to get into this website. Cal, what are you and Lopez doing to make this website USER FRIENDLY? Will you post this or delete it?

  3. Cindy, my curiosity, on the cold showers, was peaked as well. I’m 72 and these are the first cold shower deaths I’ve ever heard of.

  4. John? You mean besides Janet Leigh? Too many to NOT be a coincidence. (We all know that there is no such thing as coincidence.) They are scripting all of the fear stuff they release. Just not clear as to why they are pushing this stuff at this time. Very weird “updates” on this story, too.

  5. Cal, fix your rotten servers, or it’s byebye, and you’ll be left with losers like Al Zielinski and Mellow Monk

  6. Mellow Yellow, I’d like to see YOU depart this planet and stop spreading the virus of the LGBTQpansy agenda.

  7. Ms Trumpion? The pedophile statue story was a fake. The original looks NOTHING like what they are showing you as being defaced.

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