Kenneally Opioid Suit Settlement Is $3.41 Million, To Be Used for Opioid Abatement Programs

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office has negotiated a $3.41 million settlement with a number of opioid manufacturers and distributors, not including Purdue Pharma, as part of its participation in the ongoing, nationwide opioid litigation.

The settlement proceeds will be received by McHenry County and are to be spent on abatement programs designed to combat the opioid crisis and its devastating effects. 

“No amount of money will ever be sufficient to reconcile the absolute desolation these companies have wrought in McHenry County and throughout the country,” said Kenneally.

“This is, however, a first step to holding accountable these loathsome industries that put self-serving deception over medical truth and corporate profit over human life,” said Kenneally. 

The litigation with Purdue Pharma is ongoing. 


Kenneally Opioid Suit Settlement Is $3.41 Million, To Be Used for Opioid Abatement Programs — 9 Comments

  1. Government will waste this like they did the tobacco BILLIONS.

    This is all a fraud….perpetrated by the government officials who pretend this is for the “benefit of the people”.

    Nothing but a big scam/fraud.

  2. Hope its not just another “operation breadbasket” kind of program for the Funds use.

    Kennally you could make a real impact with that kind of money.

    Teach and arm the public on how to use and have, Narcan, much like CPR/AED training that is common these days.

    Especially for folks who have a relative who uses even prescription Opiod based medicines, overdoses or wrong combo or added booze can cause an OD–its not all just street level ODng going on out there. And the amount of Fentanyl now in street drugs, its 1 in 4 chances a person buying on the street will get a bad dose of it.

    This State is supposed to have Narcan available at Pharmacies and Free to anyone asking for it–I tried at CVS and Walgreens, they didnt have a clue, sent me to the Fire Dept and they couldnt help either. I got some, from a non profit group and trained how to use it, its easy– but Kennally you can make a difference if you put the money to REAL use and not just bumper stickers and posters.

    3.4 million will not be enough for hardcore “get em straight and job training” programs, but the money is a start so thats good and its free.

    Like to see an update from his office (and campaign) on how he plans to put this money to work in this County.

  3. One other thing Keneally could do, instead of just jailing every person who ever sold or gave unsuspecting Fentanyl laced drug to a friend is offer, train and make widespread available-Test kits for Fetanyl.

    Again, its easy, easy to carry, easy to use too- just have to make it available and push it.

    We havent solved the Drug crisis since the War on Drugs Nixon days, trillions of dollars, years of imprisonment, grants, programs, even “just say No”, and we arent going to solve with 3 million in this County.

    You can realize folks are still going to use drugs and keep so many from dying in this County from it given we wont stop Fetanyl coming in from Mexico and China.

    Thanks Joey Biden.

    Guy doesnt even mention it let alone try and do anything about it. End of rant.

  4. Bad job Pat!

    It’s a scream McHenry Co.’s share of the case, if based on per capita population, is 75% lower than Lake per capita; 50% lower than Kane and 33% lower than Winnebago.

    How come nobody ever examines things and takes press releases as Gospel?


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