State Rep. Marty McLaughlin Running for Re-Election

From State Rep. Martin McLaughlin:

State Representative Martin McLaughlin to seek Second Term

Marty McLaughlin

BARRINGTON HILLS: Businessman and fiscal hawk, State Representative Martin McLaughlin, announces his candidacy for the 2022 election to the 52nd district.

Mclaughlin, a Republican is halfway through his first term which ends in January 2023. 

McLaughlin is noted as an outspoken advocate for his constituents and for his limited government approach.

McLaughlin was Mayor of Barrington Hills from 2013 to 2021 where he was able to bring business reforms to the government and lower the tax levy 8 times.

He has a 30-year career running pension businesses and helping businesses and governments close their funding gaps and taking the pressure off workers and taxpayers.

Mclaughlin who has been recognized for his direct leadership skills by both sides of the aisle is looking to forward to bringing sensible reforms and legislation addressing public safety, property taxes, and pension reforms desperately needed to fix a broken Springfield legislature.

McLaughlin has provided an independent voice to the legislature reaching out to both sides of the aisle and working for solutions.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of the 52nd district and with the assistance of a great staff, we have provided solid constituent service to thousands of people in our community.

“Much of that service has involved navigating the myriad of government rules, regulations, and sometimes an incompetent bureaucracy.

“In our system of government, the people are in charge not the other way around,” said Representative Martin McLaughlin.

“Much of what I do in Springfield involves trying to bring some common sense to the legislative process by pointing out the consequences of some of the legislation that is being put forth.

“I am an advocate for more transparency and assessment of proposed legislation so that we don’t have to spend the next legislative session cleaning up poorly-written bills that have had unintended consequences on our constituents,” said McLaughlin. 

Martin McLaughlin is married to his wife Kathleen for 30 years and they have five daughters ages 28 to 15.  

He has participated in many philanthropic and social organizations including the Lions Club, Barrington Area Council of Governments, MCOG LCML League as well as coached youth sports in Cary, Elgin, and Barrington.  

For more information about his campaign please contact him at


State Rep. Marty McLaughlin Running for Re-Election — 3 Comments

  1. Rep. McLaughlin is taxpayer friendly and smart, supports reducing the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading 8,925 units of local government.

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