Acosta’s and Palovin’s DCFS Firing Still Being Appealed

Carlos Acosta

In reply to my request for documents concerning the Department of Children and Family Services’ dismissal appeals of Carlos Acosta and ¬†Andrew Polovin, the state’s personnel department–Central Manaement Services–sent the following reply:

“CMS is denying your request for records pursuant to section 7(1)(n) of FOIA (5 ILCS 140/7(1)(n)), which permits the withholding of ‘records relating to a public body’s adjudication of employee grievances or disciplinary cases’ as those cases are not yet final.”

The two went off the payroll in December, 2019.


Acosta’s and Palovin’s DCFS Firing Still Being Appealed — 4 Comments

  1. ENOUGH! Judge Wilbrandt is obviously biased toward these DCFS negligent workers and is trying to prolong this and get their punishment knocked down to nothing!

    The world is watching Bob.

    Not looking good for you!

  2. Wilbrandt wears depens and has frequent bench ‘mishaps’. Yes, I smelled it!

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