Chicago Tribune Notes Curious Connection Between Darren Bailey’s Receipt of Covid Subsidy and $150,000 Campaign Contribution

From the Chicsago Tribune:

JANUARY 14, 2022
GOP candidate for governor Darren Bailey got $231,475 federal paycheck loan in February. A month later, he gave his campaign $150,000.Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey, a Republican candidate for governor, who has repeatedly criticized government coronavirus relief efforts, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal paycheck loans during the pandemic.
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The article notes, “…while discussing Biden’s visit [to Crystal Lake Bailey said], “That’s exactly what we heard: Free stuff. Handouts. Don’t worry about it, the government’s going to take care of you.”

“All told, records compiled in a database produced by investigative news agency ProPublica show Bailey’s family farm and two other entities he owns, Bailey Family Freight and the Virtue House Ministries Christian school run by his wife, received $569,045 in so-called PPP loans from April 2020 to February 2021.”


Chicago Tribune Notes Curious Connection Between Darren Bailey’s Receipt of Covid Subsidy and $150,000 Campaign Contribution — 9 Comments

  1. It was a PPP “loan”, which he’ll not have to pay back.

    Rabine took $1.35 million.

    The amount of free money from taxpayers to those not in need is nauseating.

    Locally, millions to businesses and professionals who never missed a beat.

  2. Do they have to show where their PPP money goes?

    How did he end up with the amount of 231,475 dollars?

  3. Yea Martin, on top of the 3m Bailey took for his “family” farm business.

    He also runs a non profit school.

    Why not call him reverend and put him in blackface.

    His 3.2m gov’t teat handout sure beats Rabine’s 1.35m.

    How many people does Bailey the career politician employ compared to Rabine?

    Between the 2 of them in IL they fleeced the country of 4.5m.

    I still prefer Rabine.

    He gave my mom a good deal on her driveway.

    Want to help, join IVE since some people in this county think elections are on the up and up and we should focus on their analysis of candidates. I’m in.

    It’s not in IL yet but yes it’s coming.

    Bobby Piton told me.


    Bailey’s done.

    I’m waiting for Ken Griffin the RINO running as a democrat to help obfuscate the vote.

    Are all his toilets properly installed?

  4. I love the “Bailey is bad because he took government dollars, Rabine is not bad because he took less than Bailey.” LOL

    Also, you do know that Ken Griffin isn’t running, right? He’s just funding a bunch of Republicans.

  5. Being an employer is not itself a virtuous occupation in life.

    Being an employer does not make someone better qualified for government work.

    Being an employer means hiring people who need money to exchange their efforts and time for less than it is worth.

    I make money as an employer by paying my employees less than the value of what they do.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does not make me more qualified than my employees to hold office.

    Therefore, I don’t think Rabine having two hundred employees v. Bailey having twenty is at all relevant to which would be a better governor.

  6. Jews like Martin have all thee libtard answers.

    People who buy the narrative about high Jewish IQ justifying their massive overrepresentation in key nodes of their host’s hierarchies are the same people who believe that Harvey Weinstein – who used to occasionally ejaculate on potted plants – is still a paragon of cultural achievement.

    – Most of those positions do not require high IQ (Hollywood, porn etc).

    – Those that should are clearly run by Jewish dullards (banking, MSM, politics etc.).

    – Looking at a global map, official median IQ in Israel is 94-95. White countries score around 100 and a number of East Asian countries are in the 104-106 range.

    – In the US, where Jews are only 2% of the population, there’s no human, median IQ number that could even begin to legitimately squeeze out whites who are 32 times more numerous than Jews. Even the East Asian contingent is 3 times larger (IIRC) but they’re getting their asses kicked by Jews in terms of overrepresentation.

    The only answer is something that the goyim used to know (partially forget and re-learn) for centuries: hypertrophied, hostile, hateful, multi-generational nepotism. I also believe that this is the last time we’re re-learning this lesson. The world will be either destroyed or finally freed in the not-too-distant future.

  7. Mr Creosote allows that Martin, “ha(s) all the…answers”.


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