Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Le-Ma

Each year McHenry County goes beyond the letter of the law and publishes compensation for all of its employees (1,237 this year).

The figures are explained like this:

“In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2020-21 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.”

Below are only a summary of the information–name, position and total compensation. The figure includes salary and benefits, for example, health insurance, pension, uniform allowance.

Djuana M. Leonard Procurement Specialist II $74,304.96
Robert J. Leracz EMA Planner $47,931.00
Emma L. Lerias Registry – CNA $5,777.20
Allison R. Lersch Clerk II – Union $58,684.22
Terry L. Lester Custodian Spvr. – Non Union $59,174.22
Adam M. Letendre Director of Purchasing $126,840.15
Jeffrey Daniel Levato Field Staff Supervisor $87,942.97
Marianne M. Lewandowski Permit Technician II $47,998.46
Randall Licht Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Melanie A. Lichtenstein VH Admin Spec I $43,783.44
David W. Little Maintenance Tech II $56,887.20
Elijah L. Little Eagle Registry – CNA $5,777.20
Jean P. Locke Telecommunicator $94,544.16
Denise A. Lockinger Information Technology Spec $62,701.46
Peter T. Lockinger Maintenance Tech I $68,439.20
Carmine J. Lockyer Laundry Worker $36,080.04
Kimberly Lopez Court/Courtroom Spec I $38,814.12
Karen L. Lorr Correctional Officer – Union $122,500.16
Sandra Losurdo Correctional Officer – Union $102,886.40
Scott C. Loyd Jr. Correctional Officer – Union $106,900.16
Daniel J. Lucchesi Correctional Officer – Union $86,130.32
Janice M. Lumpp Correctional Officer – Union $106,900.16
Stephanie Luna Clerk I $30,927.00
Drew R. Lussow Court/Courtroom Spec III $46,978.32
Christopher L. Lustfeldt Maintenance Tech II $66,484.00
William S. Lutz Deputy Sheriff LT $151,092.56
Jaclyn G. Lynch Correctional Officer – Union $114,834.32
Mikayla L. Lyp Clerk II $39,040.64
Hans D. Mach Community Development Administ $93,022.40
Neidy M. Macias Registry – CNA $5,777.20
Izabela Maczuga Clerk II – Union $65,002.22
Shirley A. Madsen Accounting Assistant II $53,853.30
Terry L. Madsen Systems Analyst II $108,774.92
Leticia Magana Administrative Specialist I $22,640.80
Cindy L. Magee P & D Administration Manager $65,054.04
Christopher A. Maier Correctional Officer – Union $72,060.80
Edwin H. Maldonado Deputy – Union $122,306.32
Frank A. Males, III Corrections SGT $124,152.72
Kyle W. Mandernack Deputy Sheriff SGT $131,210.96
Allison N. Mann Director of Social Services $92,204.43
Brandon P. Mann Probation Officer $42,198.00
Katryna B. Manoli Correctional Officer – Union $72,060.80
Maria R. Marek Assistant State’s Attorney $69,521.31
Misty M. Marinier Chief Investigator $39,686.40
Edward C. Markison Maint Superintendent $122,689.81


Leracz,Robert J EMA Planner $46,606.04
Lerias,Emma L Certified Nursing Asst I $6,002.88
Lerner,Anna M Truancy Assistant $11,606.40
Lersch,Allison R Clerk II – Union $56,597.60
Lester,Terry L Custodian Spvr. – Non Union $57,782.66
Letendre,Adam M Director of Purchasing $123,131.94
LeVan,Margaret L Food Service Assistant $27,343.55
Levato,Jeffrey Daniel Field Staff Supervisor $75,354.38
Lewandowski,Marianne Permit Technician II $36,075.00
Licht,Randall Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Lichtenstein,Melanie A VH Admin Spec I $42,967.20
Little Eagle,Elijah L Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Little,David W Maintenance Tech II $55,403.20
Locke,Jean P Radio Dispchr – Union $91,590.56
Lockinger,Denise A Information Technology Spec $61,570.34
Lockinger,Peter T Maintenance Tech I $66,481.60
Lockyer,Carmine J Laundry Worker $34,870.80
Lopez,Kimberly Court/Courtroom Spec I $37,503.30
Lorenz,Jennifer A Administrative Specialist I $39,925.34
Lorr,Karen L. Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Losurdo,Sandra Correctional Officer – Union $101,055.76
Lowrey,David W Internal Affairs Officer $117,579.56
Loyd Jr.,Scott C Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Lucchesi,Daniel J Correctional Officer – Union $82,781.16
Lumpp,Janice M Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Luna,Stephanie Clerk I $29,698.50
Lunsford,Shelly Accountant II $88,294.22
Lussow,Drew R Court/Courtroom Spec III $49,636.98
Lustfeldt,Christopher L Maintenance Tech II $64,568.00
Lutz,William S Deputy Sheriff LT $148,700.44
Lykouretzos,Samantha M Clerk I $53,147.46
Lynch,Jaclyn G Correctional Officer – Union $99,837.16
Lynford,Shannon N Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Mach,Hans D Community Development Administ $86,713.64
Macias,Neidy M Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Mack,William W Merit Commission $3,900.00
Maczuga,Izabela Clerk II – Union $62,584.10
Madsen,Shirley A Accounting Assistant II $52,109.22
Madsen,Terry Systems Analyst II $106,869.96
Magana,Leticia Administrative Specialist I $21,723.52
Magee,Cindy L P & D Administration Manager $63,688.54
Maier,Christopher A Correctional Officer – Union $68,878.16
Majzner,Michael F Workforce Adult $5,720.00
Maldonado,Edwin H Detective – Union $120,400.76
Males III,Frank A. Corrections SGT $122,155.56
Mandernack,Kyle W. Deputy Sheriff SGT $130,218.36
Manoli,Katryna B Correctional Officer – Union $59,788.40
Mansoor,Syed A Construction Engineer I $70,556.86
Marinier,Misty Chief Investigator $38,812.80
Markison,Edward C Maint Superintendent $124,883.76

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