UPDATEDx9: Both McHenry and Kane County Boards Approve New Precinct Boundaries and Renumbering

McHenry County Board approval with 11-9 vote

Kane County Board approval with 18-4 vote

Aspiring precinct committeeperson candidates in both McHenry and Kane counties need to read this

UPDATE 1/15/22 9:45AM CST: Both Kane and McHenry counties respective Boards approved their respective new precinct boundaries and renumbering in meetings on Friday.

The Kane County Board, after nearly two hours of discussion and debate, approved on an 18-4 vote, with Republicans Ken Shepro (St. Charles), Tom Koppie (Rutland Township), Cliff Surges (Gilberts)

The special McHenry County Board meeting tonight at 7PM will likely include newly minted Republican lieutenant governor candidate Carolyn Schofield (Crystal Lake), back in town after her 3-day tour of Illinois with gubernatorial candidate Paul Schimpf (R, Waterloo).

UPDATE 1/12/22 4:30PM CST: With McHenry County Board Vice Chairperson Carolyn Schofield (R, Crystal Lake) continuing her lieutenant governor introductory statewide tour with former state Senator and gubernatorial candidate Paul Schimpf (R, Waterloo) downstate in the Metro-East and in Waterloo today, Schofield will not be in attendance at tonight’s special McHenry County Board meeting to approve the new precinct maps for the 2022 election cycle.

In spite of some changes, the Northwest Herald still reporting dissatisfaction among some with the new maps.

Algonquin Township’s draft map shows the greatest number of changes, with total number of precincts reduced/merged from 68 to 61.

The draft map is below for reference:

Draft Algonquin Township Precinct Map 1/7/22

The remaining latest update to the draft precinct maps can be viewed here.

The special meeting begins at 7PM CST, and can be viewed online through the McHenry County meeting portal here.

UPDATE 1/11/22: Kane County Special Public Service Committee recommends approval of new precinct map by 6-1 vote. Board Vice Chair Ken Shepro (R, St. Charles) voted against the committee’s recommenation.

Special Board meeting set for Friday at 11AM CST in the Board room in Geneva.

UPDATE 1/10/22: Kane County issues draft precinct maps Monday afternoon.

Countywide, with three townships passing the 10 precinct mark, three new Republican township organizations are created in Blackberry, Rutland and Sugar Grove townships, per the By-Laws of the Kane County Republican Central Committee, Inc.

Those three townships will be removed from the Western Kane County Republican Organization after the primary, bringing the total number of townships in the Western Kane County organization to 6.

The Democrats do not have a 10-precinct threshold.

Draft map for Dundee Township precincts, source Kane County

Village of Algonquin within Dundee Township:

Village precincts now within 6 1/2 precincts, opposed to 6, with the most of Algonquin Lakes subdivision east of the Fox River now an Algonquin-only Precinct 35.

Remainder of Algonquin, Glenloch and Andare at Glenloch subdivision within the newly redrawn Precinct 17, and will be shared with the Silverstone Lakes subdivision of Carpentersville.

West of the Fox River, portion of Willoughby Farms subdivision east of Sleepy Hollow Road and west of the Dixie Briggs Fromm Open Space preserve redrawn from Precinct 30 into Precinct 25. These redrawn Algonquin residents will now vote at the Westfield Professional Development Center, instead of at the Carpentersville Fire Station.

Draft map for Rutland Township precincts, source Kane County

Village of Huntley within Rutland and Hampshire townships:

Within Sun City, two new precincts in Rutland Township (Precincts 12 and 13) and new Precinct 5 in Hampshire Township will include the village of Huntley within Kane County.

Additional precincts brings the total voter population of the village of Huntley in Kane County to include 5 precincts.

UPDATE 1/8/22: Both McHenry and Kane counties boards will be having special meetings January 14, based on schedule above.

Under the law signed by Governor JB Pritzker on November 15, county boards must complete their precinct boundary changes, including the once-every-ten-years to merge precincts, by January 14.

Given the new law expands the size of a legal precinct from 800 to 1200 registered voters, many counties are merging precincts which were well under the 800 registered voter size.

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio revealed the proposed precinct boundary changes for McHenry County at the December 6 Committee of the Whole meeting and revised the maps last Friday.

Kane County

The Kane County Board held three special meetings of the Board’s Public Service Committee, overseeing the precinct boundary changes.

With Rutland Township’s growth to 14 precincts, the Republican precinct committeepersons, under the By-laws of the Kane County Republican Central Committee, Inc., will be able to form their own township organization, and break away from the Western Kane County Republican Organization.

Same goes for Blackberry and Sugar Grove township Republicans in southern Kane County.

Kane Republicans require a minimum of 10 precincts for precinct committeepersons to form their own township organization.

McHenry County

At the December 21 McHenry County Board meeting agenda was the resolution assigning new precinct boundaries, including renumbering across McHenry County.

The McHenry County Board increasing the number of precincts in McHenry County from 212 to 217, eliminating some precincts in certain townships, but a net gain of 5 precincts countywide.

For example, Algonquin Township is being reduced from 68 precincts to 61.

Riley and Dunham townships being split from 1 township wide precinct for each township to two precincts in each of those townships.

Here are all 17 townships, and the net changes on today’s agenda:

Precinct Counts by Townships in McHenry County before and after Board Resolution


And all of the precincts are being renumbered.

For example, Algonquin Township Precinct 1 has for decades been Old Town Algonquin. Now, it’s renumbered and downtown Algonquin splits between 3 precincts.

For state central committeepersons elections in precincts within multiple congressional districts, the county clerk will need to split precincts based on Census blocks, which is part of the data in their voting database.

When the primary election is certified in July, the Republican weighted vote will be determined by the number of ballots cast within each precinct and Census block.

The Republican precinct committeeperson will cast the votes for their split precinct, even if they do not live in the congressional district at the County Convention in July.

The 9th Congressional District does not have any split precincts within McHenry County since it’s only Algonquin Township, though the number of precincts has been reduced by 7.

This is the first time in at least 4 decades there will be split precincts for congressional districts in various precincts in the county.

Once the Board approves the new precinct maps for the county, all candidates, from precinct committeeperson on up, will need to obtain the new precinct boundaries once the data is available at the Illinois State Board of Elections for races which cross county lines.

The McHenry County clerk’s office will publish the new maps and lists based on the realignment as they become available.

But before passing petitions next month, especially for precinct committeeperson for the established political parties, make sure the walk lists reflect the new precinct boundaries and numbers.

The maps can be viewed at this link, beginning at page 214 of the County Board agenda packet.

Sincere H/T to commenter “Correcting” for bringing this significant change to voting precincts to Mchenry County Blog‘s attention.

Thank you, Correcting.


UPDATEDx9: Both McHenry and Kane County Boards Approve New Precinct Boundaries and Renumbering — 25 Comments

  1. “Voters will need precinct committeepersons to lead voter education”


    Yeah that’s not gonna happen haha

    On a serious note, I’m still a bit unclear on the thing about split districts. This only happens once a decade so forgive me if I’m slow (have not studied this topic much). Are you saying that if a PC lived in a precinct that was split and belonged to more than one congressional district that PC would get to vote in multiple congressional districts with the strength of their weighted vote for the part of their “split precinct” within each congressional district OR that they would only get to vote in one congressional district and if so which district would that be? (I said you could default to their home address.) It sounds like you are saying if a precinct fell into, say, the 16th and 11th district, the PC would get to vote for SCC in the 16th and 11th with the weighted vote of how many primary voters in that part of the precinct in that congressional district who voted.

    Democrats make this a lot easier in case you are wondering. The Democrats let voters vote, and whatever congressional district they live in, they get to vote for the state central commmitteeman and sccwoman running for that district — same as they would for congress. Republicans make things complicated with people voting for people, split votes, weighted votes, etc. It’s too complicated, John. If Republicans can’t explain this to a 5 year old they are doing it wrong. For Democrats, the voter gets to vote. The voters each get one vote. For Republicans, they vote for PC. PC vote for SCCC. PC get as many votes as the weighted vote according to how many people voted in the primary in their precinct.

    If PC start talking about this with voters, voters are going to figure out how goofy Illinois politics are, and then if they figure out that Republicans do it this way and Democrats have a much simpler process, that isn’t going to look good either. If you are going to talk, what would you say? You get to vote for the leaders of the county organization. These are figureheads, pretty much. Chairman, vice chair, secretary, treasurer. You get to vote for people on the state central committee — that’s just the state organization — and each congressional district sends a state central committeeman. They too don’t do much at all but they are… like figureheads too. Supposedly they are more than figureheads, but are they??? When is the last time the county or state chairman did anything worth a darn? The SCC members vote on who the chairman of the party is. When is the last time you remember Tim Schneider or the new guy, whatever his name is, doing anything? A county organization could vote on policy or candidates they endorse and they could censure someone like Kinzinger, but not many people are going to receive that message anyway. The county chairman does have a bit of power though in terms of nominations. Like if there is a vacancy, I think the county GOP chairmen in that congressional district (maybe even applies to state legislative district) gets to vote but idk if they each get 1 vote or if they do weighted vote. Right? Oh, and if there is a vacancy with people running for county office, doesn’t the GOP county chairman get to make that appointment all by him/herself? So I guess the county chair does have some power.

    I would not vote for Tyler Wilke. That’s for sure!!! He’s been there like a year and a half and hasn’t done much. What you’re going to want to look for is someone who is not lazy or stupid. If the person is lazy or stupid, you should not vote for them.

    The main thing a PC does or is supposed to do is increase turnout in their party. But most don’t do that, and one can do that without being a PC.

    The main things I would look for in a successful 2022 Republican county convention:

    1. That all elected PC are invited.
    2. Some kind of tribute to the Korean War.
    3. Milk and chocolate chip cookies.
    4. Scrap paper ready for people to vote.
    5. You have the numbers prepared in terms of who gets how many votes according to weighted vote.

    If you can’t do all of those things, you are failures.

    Just resign and stop doing politics.

  2. Correcting,

    On the Republican state central committeeperson (SCC) voting at the county convention, the 1st option you stated, a precinct committeeperson (PC) would vote in each congressional district the weighted vote based on Republican ballots cast in each CD, would be the role.

    In theory, the PC, the elected representative of all Republicans in their precinct, casts the vote for their constituency in their precinct. The PC is only casting their vote once, based on the congressional district the PC lives. Casting votes for the SCC in the congressional district they don’t live in would simply be the PC representing their constituents in the SCC election for a particular congressional district.

    Split precincts at the congressional district level is definitely new for McHenry County, but fortunately, only impacts a few precincts, like the Hartland Township precincts as an example. I could not tell from the draft precinct map for Hartland if the two precincts were adjusted to keep the 2 precincts in separate congressional districts (11th and 16th, in Hartland Township’s case).

    As mentioned in the other thread, the 9th Congressional District has no split precincts in McHenry County given only Algonquin Township is in the 9th.

    Most of the other townships are kept in one district, like the 11th has all of Grafton, Coral, Riley, Marengo, Seneca, Dorr, Nunda.

    The 16th has all of Chemung, Alden and Dunham self-contained.

    The 10th has all of Burton, Richmond, and Hebron.

    When the dust settles after today, if the County Board and the County Clerk eliminated ALL split precincts at the congressional district level by today’s changes, in spite of not being advertised, than the County will be commended. Will have to compare HB 1291 Census block legal descriptions with the legal descriptions the County passed.

  3. Ah, now we might be getting somewhere…

    So the PC in a precinct in two congressional districts votes in only one congressional district, the one they live in (their home address), but only gets the weighted vote of the part of the precinct in that congressional district OR the weighted vote of the entire precinct even if part of their precinct is in the other congressional district?

    See, this is why one person one vote makes things easier.

    Or if you’re a Democrat, you just let voters do it instead of PC and they each have one vote.

    There was an argument in one of the townships recently about whether to use weighted vote or one PC one vote.

    I think that was McHenry Township.

    I’m kind of surprised there would only be one split precinct.

    I would look at the line between the 11th and 10th congressional districts and compare that to new precinct lines in Greenwood and McHenry townships to see if there are any split precincts there.

    Hartland is the other one that comes to mind which would be the 16th and 11th congressional districts.

    That one will be easier to figure out because Hartland only has 2 precincts.

    Greenwood is going to have 9 and McHenry will have 32.

    That’s a lot of stuff to check…

    But whatever. Joe Tirio and co will figure it out, right?

    The convention isn’t until July 27th.

  4. Re voter education on new boundaries and possibly polling places?

    resume that the education is primarily for voters who vote Democrat.

  5. With Buehler in charge, it’s sure to get bungled up.

    He is a real swan.

  6. -Vote on township dissolution bill repeal passed.

    I think only Vijuk and Yensen voted no.

    -Vote on precinct boundaries was tabled until Jan 12.

  7. There you go again Cuke.

    Showing your racism.

    I don’t see the tie in to Tirio.

    Since Correcting is so worried about Cyndi and Karen Tirio attending the Acosta hearing you may want to tone it down a bit.

    There may be stalkers on this site. LOL
    Re the Lopez post. Interesting in the pdf link Lopez provided:


    16.2.B.5 – Resolution Authorizing Continuing Annual Support and Maintenance of the ePollbooks with Robis Elections Inc.

    Tell me again how the machines (specifically poll books) used in our elections are not connected to the internet? Their website clearly elaborates how they are connected via internet to their database(s). I know, just another conspiracy theory. And then we have to pay yet another firm for DDoS protections? We haven’t gotten to the ES&S connectivity which Tirio likes to hide from us.


    And I’ll finish with Trump to get Correcting’s bowels moving first thing in the morning:

    Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

    Why isn’t the Unselect Committee of highly partisan political hacks investigating the CAUSE of the January 6th protest, which was the rigged Presidential Election of 2020? Does anybody notice that they want to stay as far away from that topic as possible, the numbers don’t work for them, or even come close. The only thing they can do is not talk about it. Look at what is going on now in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and, to a lesser extent, Michigan where the numbers are horrendously corrupt in Detroit, but the weak Republican RINOs in the Michigan House and Senate don’t want to touch the subject. In many ways a RINO is worse than a Radical Left Democrat, because you don’t know where they are coming from and you have no idea how bad they really are for our Country. The good news is there are fewer and fewer RINOs left as we elect strong Patriots who love America. I will be having a news conference on January 6th at Mar-a-Lago to discuss all of these points, and more. Until then, remember, the insurrection took place on November 3rd, it was the completely unarmed protest of the rigged election that took place on January 6th.


    BTW Lopez and Correcting.

    The exchange above between you 2 and the article were informative.

    It’s good to know you can never stop learning the older you get.

    Thanks for that.

  8. I just had a chance to watch last nights board meeting and what a joke!

    Start by Democrats walking up and demanding to hold off on the vote because it is to quick to decide in public comment!

    I really almost fell over laughing!

    Did they happen to bitch when the Dems brought forward the the redistricting lines in Springfield I believe about a day or less before they voted on it?

    Of course they had all year to draw lines!

    Then the legislatures on what did they say Nov 15 you have to redraw precincts to a certain criteria?!

    So Tirio try’s to take any political crap out of it with the time that was given and both Dems and Rep. bitch!

    He must have done something right to piss them both off.

    And the biggest joke of how a busy road splits their precinct?

    WTF really!?

    Have you seen the land size of rural precincts!

    It’s like some damn inconvenience to get in your damn car and cross the road to where the rest of your precincts is!

    You drove all the way from Algonquin to go to a board meeting but somehow you are to big of a person to cross 62 to be involved in your precinct.

    And Gottemoller has complained for yrs about how big his precinct is but now doesn’t like it because of the borders!

    As far as precincts getting cut in half go no farther than John Jung’s precinct because his precinct was cut in half because Franks feared Jung would run against him in the 2000’s.

    Weber and Reick’s district has split precincts!

    Gottemoller was chair and could have changed them a long time ago.

    Franks was a control freak and wanted precincts less than 500 people.

    An election nightmare!

    I commend Tirio for doing a job that nobody else wanted to do and for no Republicans to step up and blame Springfield is a shame!

    That’s where the blame goes and everyone knows it!

  9. Joe Joe Tirio is a liar and fake. He is a RINO. And admits it!



  10. Fauci. Tirio’s problem is he trusts ES&S to deliver a product that works as advertised. Doing a thorough QA on the source code to determine the machines are operating as promised is an easy step to overlook when spending large sums on a contract. I bet Joe signed a contract that had verbiage the source code was proprietary and intellectual capital. If he didn’t sign that agreement and continues to operate elections with no due diligence on their algorithmic ability to manipulate votes, well that tells us how concerned he is about ballot security. If he did sign such an agreement, I’ll bite my tongue. If it was his predecessor and he’s doing no testing himself, I hope he wakes up and starts doing it before primaries next year.

    Let’s go back to the good old paper ballots with ovals that get scanned through a machine and if issues, recount the paper. Of course we would need a date/time stamp on all of the electronically scanned ballots now wouldn’t we. That might mitigate the good old Underwood winning in the middle of the night like Biden did in several states.

    But what do I know? I have no self-awareness or clue what’s happening in the world according to many of the intellectual elite that post here.

  11. Joe Tirio a swan? I don’t get it.

    More like a peacock, mockingbird or a pigeon.

    He did manage to gull folks into thinking the electoral process locally is on the up and up.

  12. GIS draws up the new precincts.

    Not the Clerk.

    There was whining and dissatisfaction so they went back to the drawing board.

    Guess what, there will be whining, dissatisfaction and tantrums again.. LOL.

  13. I watched the recorded meeting with the Democrats throwing tantrums.

    I’ve been a precinct committeeman for the last 8 yrs and some of these complaints are idiotic.

    My precinct and the precincts adjacent to mine have

    ALL had streets where it’s one precinct # on one side and another precinct # on the other, or where Subdivisions start with one precinct and may end in another.

    What the heck are these people talking about?

    Subdivisions, main roads, street names etc. do not determine start and stops as to who or what is included in a precinct.

    This is clearly Democrat political grandstanding, with no standing.

  14. My home precinct that I was captain of, as well as election judge of, had as many as 5 different ballot styles at one time if the cosmos aligned.

    It only took a few extra seconds to ascertain the proper style and provide the correct ballot.

    Any precinct judging team can easily determine (by map or list) where a wayward voter needs to go if they’re in the wrong polling place on Election Day.

    It’s not like New Mexico where the next precinct polling place might be 50 miles away or something.

    I would probably bet we’ll less than half of precinct polling places are in their geographical precinct anyway, and aren’t walkable anyhow.


  15. Tirio has gotten alot of flak here. Why won’t he answer the questions?

  16. Mellow Monk is pretty tardish.

    Joe Tirio has betrayed us.

    ES&S is pure poison. No wonder he won’t answer the many questions that have arisen during his term. Questions about HIS integrity, and the machines.

    And Tirio claims the county’s are fine.

    I saw my voting machine connected to the net.

    I saw my voting machine connected to the net.

    I saw my voting machine connected to the net.

    I saw my voting machine connected to the net.



  17. The many questions that have arisen are mostly stupid.

    So, Trumpion, like you were on acid or something, and saw those data streams flying through the air or something?

    What color were those ribbons of flying data? Or was it more of a fog?

    I’d get checked out for stroke damage.


  18. not sure why you think it’s gerrymandered or how.

    vote carried 11-9
    Skala and Gottemoller joined Democrats in voting no

    rewinding to watch comments now

  19. hearing these people talk about ballot styles is hilarious.

    There was some precinct in Algonquin Township that had 60 something ballot styles.

    Why do they think it is new to have multiple ballot styles?

    Does this tanya lady think we should NOT change precincts but she is also complaining they haven’t changed enough???

    Is she asking Tirio why maps weren’t updated more as if he were the clerk in 2012 or 2002?

    This lady must be the dumbest person on the board.

    Is she like a middle school drop out or something? holy crap dude… what a moron

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