Rsbine in Island Lake Tonight 6-8 at Sideouts

From a comment by Joe Ptak:

Rabine announced the Job Creators Network suit in Dundee Township September 15th.

Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar will be at Sideouts in Island Lake from 6:00 – 8:00 pm this Friday evening, January 14th!!!

Gary Rabine will be discussing how his organization, Job Creators Network, was the first to sue the Biden administration and their illegal mandate and took it all the way to the Supreme Court!.

This American victory against the Biden business mandate impacted 80 -100 million American employees and thousands of businesses.

This race is all about beating Democrat Governor Pritzker.

Gary Rabine is the only man with the national connections and following necessary to defeat JB Pritzker! NONE of his gubernatorial opponents can make that claim.

Republican candidate Darren Bailey has no such national following…he would get destroyed and crushed by Pritzker and the left-wing media.

They would ruthlessly paint him as an extremist right-wing extremist who has recently introduced legislation to make Chicago the 51st state in the nation.

Purely insane.

Four more years of Pritzker is not bearable under any circumstance…Illinoisans need Gary Rabine! Come out and meet this evening…ask him your most challenging questions.


Rsbine in Island Lake Tonight 6-8 at Sideouts — 9 Comments

  1. Have another beer Cal. I believe it’s called SIDEOUTS per Joe Ptak. I hope to see some of McHenry County Blog’s best and brightest in attendance. Maybe we could bowl a few frames.

  2. Liberty Overwatch
    Nearly 100 Liberal Organizations Have Access to Pennsylvania’s Voter Rolls | OAN

    Toni Shuppe @AudittheVotePA joined OAN’s Christina Bobb to review their recent discoveries about Pennsylvania’s voter rolls.

    Through a public records request Audit the Vote PA (ATVPA) learned that nearly 100 Democrat-funded groups outside of PA have keys to the state’s voter registration system. There’s not a single conservative organization on that list, Shuppe said.

    In a Telegram post last week, Shuppe asked, “How did our voter rolls in Pennsylvania become so inflated? One possible answer: 3rd party liberal organizations had Web API access.”Groups like the NAACP, AFL-CIO, Tom Wolfe for Governor, Planned Parenthood, and Twitter have the ability to register PA voters, change voter registration information, and request ‘no-excuse’ mail-in ballots.

    As part of their investigation into the 2020 election, the ATVPA team has started a canvassing operation. They’ve contacted approximately 10,000 homes in 20 Pennsylvania counties (500 homes per county) and have found discrepancies in 30% of the cases.

    They have also analyzed the state voter file and uncovered some interesting anomalies. For example on 8/29/1996, more than 130K people were registered to vote in Montgomery County, PA, which then had a population of approximately 700K. Roughly 18% of the county’s residents were registered on a single day — and more 100K of them voted in the 2020 election.


    Crickets. IL must mail out ballot applications. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Ask somebody from downstate who Rabine is…

    Who’s he they tell me back.

    He doesn’t even have name recognition around the state.

  4. Rabine is certainly better than Sullivan or the black Aurora Mayor who dates transexuals.

  5. Tim is right that Rabine is not well known. His supporters from McHenry and Lake County live in a bubble. It’s like Kasich supporters who thought he would be the nominee because he was popular in Ohio. Rabine needs to get his name ID up but he’s going to be outspent by Irvin and Sullivan so it will be tough for him. Bailey can’t compete in terms of money either but he already has name ID; his signs are all over the state.

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