Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Ma-Mi

Each year McHenry County goes beyond the letter of the law and publishes compensation for all of its employees (1,237 this year).

The figures are explained like this:

“In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2020-21 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.”

Below are only a summary of the information–name, position and total compensation. The figure includes salary and benefits, for example, health insurance, pension, uniform allowance.

Ryan M. Markowski Senior Probation Officer $65,915.04
Taylor E. Maron Business Analyst $67,693.46
Audrey B. Martin Administrative Specialist II $62,331.96
Sylvia M. Martinez Probation Officer $59,430.30
Colleen T. Martoccio DOT Systems Analyst $87,766.40
Christopher J. Marvel Deputy – Union $129,972.16
Julie M. Marvel Professional Nurse $95,562.56
Kevin M. Mason Correctional Officer – Union $122,206.88
Melissa G. Massey Clerk III $55,314.60
Daniel S. Matijevic Deputy – Union $88,214.16
Emily A. Matusek Communications Specialist $82,807.68
Matthew R. Matusek Deputy – Union $102,438.48
Mackenzie H. Mauriello Registry – CNA $5,777.20
Patrick J. McAndrews Merit Commission $3,900.00
Timothy R. McBride Transportation Spec $57,375.32
Deanna L. McCahill Corrections SGT $112,204.92
Melissa A. McCain Records Manager $71,729.96
Patricia L. McCarthy Telecommunicator $85,009.92
Theresa L. McCarthy Accounting Assistant II $63,560.46
Rachel S. McCarty Accounting Assistant II $23,361.00
Karen E. McCauley Senior Probation Officer $78,094.68
Brent D. McConnaughay Correctional Officer – Union $103,052.16
Kevin R. McCoy Deputy – Union $76,230.48
Kelsey A. McDonough Hlth Educator/Volunteer Coord $63,807.10
Sharon L. McFarlin Self Help Navigator $17,191.20
Justin A. McKenzie Deputy – Union $110,408.40
Tianna C. McKinnon Administrative Specialist II $51,483.10
Amanda L. McMahon Correctional Officer – Union $110,225.84
Denise L. McMillan Laundry Worker $41,821.80
John V. McMillan Laundry Worker $5,241.60
Karla N. Mejia Accounting Assistant I $46,949.10
Jaqueline M. Melesio Court/Courtroom Spec I $41,937.60
Sherry L. Melze Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Caitlin N. Meneely Deputy – Union $91,757.76
Jill M. Menge Administrative Specialist III $54,020.96
Carrie A. Merchant Assessment Specialist I $49,533.10
Deborah L. Merrill Financial Associate $87,265.60
Kristina M. Merten Certified Nursing Assistant I $108,810.00
Theresa M. Meshes County Board Member $21,008.00
Kimberly E. Messer Principal Public Defender $79,886.82
Mary A. Metnick Lead Supervisor State’s Atty $108,682.91
Charles R. Meyers Clerk I $55,682.46
Mark A. Meyers Correctional Officer – Union $114,834.08
Michael McCleary Court Security Ofcr – Union $51,031.92
Anna M. Michealchuck Probation Officer $55,509.60
Jamie L. Mielke Cook $40,530.56


Markowski,Ryan Senior Probation Officer $64,374.30
Maron,Taylor E Business Analyst $65,813.00
Martens,Charles H Dietary Manager $65,637.02
Martin,Audrey Administrative Specialist II $60,947.46
Martin,Rebecca E Registry – RN $18,720.00
Martinez,Sylvia Probation Officer $57,608.22
Martinez,Victoria R Registry – CNA $7,496.10
Martoccio,Colleen T DOT Software Specialist $78,635.72
Marvel,Christopher J. Detective – Union $128,066.84
Marvel,Julie M Registered Nurse $86,784.96
Mason,Kevin M Correctional Officer – Union $114,166.96
Mason,Sue Anne Senior Probation Officer $84,135.36
Massey,Melissa G Clerk III $53,988.36
Mathews,Anna M Court/Courtroom Spec I $42,288.36
Matijevic,Daniel S Deputy – Union $71,477.56
Matilde-Vasquez,Cindy Y Registry – CNA $4,089.46
Matteson,Cynthia I Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Matusek,Matthew R Deputy – Union $128,066.84
Mauriello,Mackenzie H Certified Nursing Asst I $17,445.87
McAndrews,Patrick J Merit Commission $3,900.00
McCahill,Deanna L Corrections SGT $110,207.76
McCain,Melissa A Records Manager $70,974.80
McCarthy,Patricia L Radio Dispchr – Union $82,075.76
McCarthy,Theresa L Accounting Assistant II $62,214.96
McCarty,Rachel Accounting Assistant II $22,555.00
McCauley,Karen E. Senior Probation Officer $75,402.12
McCleary,Michael Deputy Coroner/Investigator $48,524.84
McConnaughay,Brent D Correctional Officer – Union $88,709.16
McCormack,Peter M Sharepoint Administrator $62,852.40
McCoy,Kevin R Deputy – Union $99,591.36
McFarlin,Sharon L Self Help Navigator $16,515.20
McKenzie,Justin A Deputy – Union $99,363.20
McKinnon,Tianna C Administrative Specialist II $50,273.98
McMahon,Amanda L Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
McMahon,Linda P. Payroll Administrator $85,390.38
McMillan,Denise L Laundry Worker $40,175.22
Medina Salazar,Karina Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Meeke,Amber N Program Coordinator Assistant $15,757.56
Melze,Sherry L Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Mendez,Monserrat Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Meneely,Caitlin N Deputy – Union $87,805.76
Menge,Jill M. Administrative Specialist III $52,655.96
Merchant,Carrie A Assessment Specialist I $28,684.50
Merrill,Deborah L Financial Associate $85,622.80
Messer,Kimberly E Principal Public Defender $89,603.80
Metnick,Mary A Supervisor, State’s Attorney $101,523.08
Meyers,Charles R Clerk I $54,395.46
Meyers,Mark A Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Michealchuck,Anna M Probation Officer $41,769.00
Mielke,Jamie L Cook $29,633.13


Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Ma-Mi — 4 Comments

  1. Double the salaries of these selfless public servants.

  2. Sure double them this year, and triple them the year after. At some point the clownshow will end. Sooner the better.

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