Diana Hartman Selected for Regiolnal Superintendent of Education by McHenry Countyu Board Chairman Mike Buehler

From McHenry County:

Chairman Buehler Nominates Diana Hartmann to Fill Regional Superintendent Vacancy

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – McHenry County Board Chairman Michael Buehler has nominated Diana Hartmann to fill the vacancy in the office of McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools.

Diana Hartman

Buehler, R-Crystal Lake, selected Hartmann, of Lakemoor, from a field of three applicants.

The office has been vacant since Nov. 16, when the County Board unanimously voted to remove former regional superintendent Leslie Schermerhorn from office.

“Diana Hartmann is experienced, capable and motivated, and I believe she is the best choice to get the Regional Office of Education back on track,” Buehler said.

Hartmann works as district administrator for special education for Elgin-based District U-46, and has worked for Crystal Lake-based School District 47, Harvard District 50, and several other Illinois school districts.

She holds an educational aspecialist degree and a master’s degree in educational administration from Northern Illinois University, as well as a master’s degree in secondary education from Roosevelt University.

The Regional Superintendent of Schools is responsible for duties such as teacher certification and background checks, truancy enforcement, administering GED exams, conducting school safety inspections, and auditing the county’s school districts for fiscal viability and adherence to state curriculum requirements.

The Regional Superintendent of Schools also acts as the ex-officio secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees.

The County Board will vote on Hartmann’s appointment at its upcoming voting meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18.

You can stream it live, or watch it later, on the county Meeting Portal at www.mchenrycountyil.gov.

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Here is what Hartman wrote in her application for the appointent:

In 2011, Hartman also applied for the position when the man elected to the office,Joe Williams, resigned to take a higher paying job. . You can read some information about then here.


Diana Hartman Selected for Regiolnal Superintendent of Education by McHenry Countyu Board Chairman Mike Buehler — 12 Comments

  1. Perhaps someone should look into the “several other Illinois school districts” and follow up on her employ and terminations there.

    Also, one should consider the courses taught when at Harvard High School, Home Ec?

  2. Although I question whether this office should exist at all in the 21st Century, this pick shows the superiority of the appointment process over the election process for this position.

    Voters have absolutely no idea who to vote for for this so they go with name recognition or who spends the most money.

    This looks like an excellent pick for a useless office.

    It will be a waste of her talents I’m afraid.

  3. Buehler picks the biggest libtard again. Why didn’t he just let the post go vacant?

  4. One positive is that there was no diversity/equity/inclusion nor crt BS in her written application.

  5. People on this blog spout nonsense that’s so opposite to reality. Buehler is a good man, Tirio is a good man, this woman is NOT backing CRT in fact the opposite is true! Cal you’ve been invaded by dems who are whack and prove you cannot believe anything you read by these commenters. wow.

  6. Cecile, don’t go into the courthouse with that ‘neck massager’ in a place the sun don’t shine.

    Tirio good? Maybe he is good … for democrats!

    She is a libtard. Takes a Democrat ballot, right?

    Look it up!

  7. Not one statement on saving money for the taxpayer. Spending spending and spending.. She is supposed to be representing the students..she should like a Teachers Union Mafia. The County Board stuck it to the voters when they REFUSED to put it on the ballot for the voters to determine if the office should remain open. When are people going to wake up the Republican party in Mchenry County is broken and defunct. They are only worried about a few people..and not the taxpayer.

  8. @science people don’t know who to vote for President, Governor, US or State Congress, Mayor(because no one shows up to vote).

    I think all races should be partisan because then parties can get involved.

    @kozial prove it where she is a Dem!

    When did she pull a Dem ballot.

    She doesn’t back CRT unless you can prove that too!

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