Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Pe-Re

Each year McHenry County goes beyond the letter of the law and publishes compensation for all of its employees (1,237 this year).

The figures are explained like this:

“In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2020-21 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.”

Below are only a summary of the information–name, position and total compensation. The figure includes salary and benefits, for example, health insurance, pension, uniform allowance.

Kathryn A. Perkins Correctional Officer – Union $93,796.40
Kayla N. Peshek Deputy – Union $66,915.20
Karra Pessetti Training & Auditing Officer $63,032.96
Jennifer L. Peter Professional Nurse $79,749.44
Ciarra A. Peters Certified Nursing Assistant I $72,540.00
Ryan D. Peterson Senior Transportation Planner $71,240.22
Victoria M. Peterson Lead Court/Courtroom Spec $41,866.50
Wileen Peterson ETSB Applications Specialist $83,216.46
Ashley N. Peto Secretary/Dep Coroner $32,104.80
Michael L. Pettet Assistant State’s Attorney $69,521.31
James J. Petty Deputy – Union $91,757.76
Ronald M. Pfeiffer Facilities Maintenance Manager $99,160.60
Jessica Phillips County Board Member $21,008.00
William L. Pickens Senior Probation Officer $79,350.54
Kara M. Plonczynski Vet Public Health Asst Manager $66,695.04
Christo M. Poggas Building Inspector $46,800.00
Diane R. Poli Recorder Office Supervisor $68,004.16
Tara R. Polte Nursing Home Assistant Admin $100,621.89
Sydney A. Ponitz Probation Officer $51,719.04
James D. Popovits Deputy Sheriff LT $151,042.56
Jesse R. Porter IT Project Manager $81,713.96
Jeffery J. Poynter Dir Workforce Network Board $87,039.32
William P. Prim * Sheriff $183,036.56
Fouzia Qazi Clinical Patient Navigation Sp $84,157.74
Michael E. Quick, II Deputy – Union $129,972.16
Carlos M. Quiles Court Security Ofcr – Union $42,744.80
Amy Quinlan MHB Executive Assistant $64,158.10
Colleen A. Quinn Custodian I $38,209.46
Alma R. Ramirez Registry – RN $22,464.00
Deborah S. Ramirez Court/Courtroom Spec III $61,866.60
Yadira L. Ramos Intern $6,429.70
Christopher W. Rardin Correctional Officer – Union $106,900.16
Mary J. Rath Certified Nursing Assistant I $57,327.89
Trent D. Raupp Deputy – Union $85,918.00
Sarah M. Rausch Mental Health Court Clinician $67,109.10
Jimena Rea Registry – CNA $5,777.20
April Reams Ramoni Zoning Coordinator $37,479.00
Rachel E. Reddick Certified Nursing Assistant I $36,592.40
Benjamin A. Redding Design Manager $114,607.18
Dawn G. Redner Director of Nursing $108,823.90
William E. Reese, Jr Correctional Officer – Union $114,834.32
Kelly K. Reid Communication Coord/Supv $92,126.72
Terra L. Reid Court/Courtroom Spec I $29,562.00
Michael R. Rein County Coroner $105,305.60
Sharon D. Repplinger Clerk I $39,040.64
Susan A. Retek Mapping Technician II $55,549.80
Eric M. Retz Correctional Officer – Union $102,886.40


Bill Prim

Perez,Brenda E Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Perkins,Kathryn A Correctional Officer – Union $91,966.00
Persinger,Carrie L Certified Nursing Asst I $29,076.45
Pessetti,Karra Probation Officer $44,646.18
Peter,Jennifer L LPN $75,152.52
Peterson,Patricia R MHB Executive Assistant $81,607.14
Peterson,Ryan D Senior Transportation Planner $70,474.82
Peterson,Tabitha Workforce Adult $6,500.00
Peterson,Victoria M Court/Courtroom Spec II $39,741.00
Peterson,Wileen ETSB Applications Specialist $82,943.46
Petterson,Ryan M Activity Assistant $35,516.34
Petty,James J Deputy – Union $87,805.76
Pfeiffer,Ronald M Facilities Maintenance Manager $102,440.70
Pickens,William L. Senior Probation Officer $79,350.30
Pienschke,Cailyn N Registry – CNA $6,137.94
Plata,Dianayeli Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Platt,Claudia Administrative Specialist I $14,069.25
Plonczynski,Kara M Vet Public Health Asst Manager $65,884.90
Poli,Diane R Recorder Office Supervisor $65,267.94
Polnicka,Wieslawa E Housekeeper $40,342.92
Polte,Tara R Nursing Home Assistant Admin $94,351.28
Ponitz,Sydney A Probation Officer $41,769.00
Popovits,James D Deputy Sheriff LT $148,700.44
Porter,Jesse R Systems Analyst I $71,831.76
Poyer,Mary M Registry – RN $18,720.00
Poynter,Jeffery J Dir Workforce Network Board $85,318.84
Prescott,Elizabeth K Senior Case Manager $49,404.34
Prim,William P * Sheriff $189,460.80
Qazi,Fouzia Clinical Patient Navigation Sp $82,704.22
Quick II,Michael E. Detective – Union $128,066.84
Quinn,Colleen A Custodian I $37,019.84
Raabe,Kimberly S. Administrative Specialist III $47,307.00
Ragheb,Sayda Registry – RN $18,720.00
Ramirez,Alma R Registry – RN $18,720.00
Ramirez,Deborah S. Court/Courtroom Spec III $60,774.36
Rangel,Oscar Legal Admin Specialist I $45,268.34
Rardin,Christopher W Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Rath,Mary J Certified Nursing Asst I $49,529.60
Raupp,Trent D Deputy – Union $80,352.00
Rea,Jimena Certified Nursing Asst I $11,630.58
Reddick,Rachel E Certified Nursing Asst I $29,076.45
Redding,Benjamin A Design Manager $112,367.06
Redner,Dawn G Director of Nursing $106,309.60
Reese,William E Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Reid,Kelly K Communication Coord/Supv $89,025.52
Rekenthaler,Susan M Registered Nurse $83,386.56
Rendant,Brittany N Court/Courtroom Spec I $41,293.86
Repplinger,Sharon D Clerk I $39,301.34
Retek,Susan A Mapping Technician II $53,825.22
Retz,Eric M Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56

= = = = =

*With the exception of $4,000, the County Sheriff’s stipend is reimbursed by the State of Illinois.


Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Pe-Re — 5 Comments

  1. Traitor Prim and his ‘skim’

    William P. Prim * Sheriff $183,036.56

  2. Union jailer up 10% in one year, who the *uck is representing/negotiating these deals for the people?

  3. Prim will ride off into the Arizona sunset with some nice pension thefts …. until the great reset when Illinois is allowed to go bankrupt under statutory amendments.

    Then he gets clipped like the Detroit public ‘servants’ who had sky high pensions.

  4. Bill Prim is not enrolled in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund as Sheriff.

  5. I spoke with Sheriff Prim last September and asked him if he was going out west after he got out of office and he said he was thinking about staying here.

    And I’m pretty sure Cal is correct, he chose to not take a pension from being our Sheriff.

    I respect this man and am grateful he chose to serve as our Sheriff. He could have stayed retired and enjoyed time with his family and friends.

    Instead he stuck around to keep our county safe.

    I personally thanked him for that.

    With all the “Police Hate” that has been going around these last number of years, I think we should consider thanking our law enforcement officers next time we see any of them.

    I have been doing that.

    My dad and many of my friends were police officers.

    Don’t forget the Sheriff Forum this Friday.

    We get to hear from Robb and Tony as to why they should be elected as our next Sheriff.

    My wife and I are going to attend.

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