IL-11: Cassandra Tanner Miller Filing with the FEC to Run for Congress Brings Champion for Domestic Violence Victims and a Record of Accomplishment for Voters

Cassandra Tanner Miller

“The path to heaven isn’t created only by the amazing things that happen to you- the path to heaven is most often found when tragedy and pain comes your way.

In most people’s eyes God is found in the fortunate and happy times- but for those who have found God in the dark times when light was barely visible- the bond you can create with God is something that is unbelievably strong and beautiful.

I hate that tragedy is a part of my life and I wish more than anything in this world that Colton was here in my arms, but I am so grateful for the relationship that God and I have found, worked on and continue to grow everyday.” — Cassandra Tanner Miller Facebook post, 1/18/22

Cassandra Tanner Miller at Video Shoot 1/14/22

Cassandra Tanner Miller filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run for Congress in the 11th Congressional District being represented by Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville).

Miller, who lives in Kane County, filed with her campaign’s operation address being a Gilberts Post Office Box.

McHenry County Blog has been hearing about the active recruitment effort for a mainstream Republican candidate to challenge Foster in the new IL-11 since the lines were approved by the Illinois General Assembly on October 29.

Many, including national Republicans in D.C., believe they’ve found their candidate in Miller.

Miller, through the ugly tragedy of September, 2019 when her estranged husband broke into her Joliet home in Kendall County, beat her within an inch of her life, left her for dead, killed their 18-month-old son Colton, beat Colton’s 9-year old sister before taking his own life, worked with legislators beginning with her own state Representative David Welter (R, Morris) to pass “Colton’s Law” in 2021.

Governor JB Pritzker signed the Domestic Violence Task Force bill in August of last year.

Now, Miller ready to take her message from Illinois to Washington, D.C.

And as today’s Facebook post shows, Miller clings to her faith, openly, as the ultimate Source for her strength.

In her own words from last year being interviewed with Welter by WCIA TV:

In the coming days, Miller will formally kick off her campaign with information about her stances on the major issues facing the 11th District, and all Americans.

Video cameraman at the home of Cassandra Tanner Miller and husband Brady Johnson, note Wedding pictures in top right of pic.

Today’s filing with the FEC was required because she has raised/spent over $5K, with the shooting of her introductory video, and post-production putting her over the spending threshold.

The Republican primary voters in IL-11 have much to discern from Miller and all candidates to determine which candidate will best represent them in Washington by winning in November against Foster.

Miller and her husband Brady Johnson, who married last August, are expecting their first child together later this year.

Miller revealed in a Facebook post in November and this month by the grace of God, they are expecting a son.


IL-11: Cassandra Tanner Miller Filing with the FEC to Run for Congress Brings Champion for Domestic Violence Victims and a Record of Accomplishment for Voters — 16 Comments

  1. Sad story. What drove this man to kill his own child and himself? My sympathies.

    That photo shows she has crazy eyes and eyebrows that go higher than Pelosi’s. The duck lip pose is an added touch. Not a good look and also not a good choice to give any kind of power to regardless of policy. Just my observation. Maybe the social media picture takers might find that attractive.

    11th not my district. Just my observations.

  2. Deep thoughts from JT.

    Don’t worry he hates everything and everyone.

    This woman is amazing, accomplished and now experienced with a purpose.

  3. Yes, judge every woman who runs by her appearance while worshipping an obese man with orange painted skin and a colored combover mullet.

  4. martin you are ignoring the addle brained Biden, our own GOV Jelly Belly and Beetle Juice the not so fine mayor of Chicago.

  5. I guess you just think you’re being clever, but that is the point: physical appearance doesn’t link well to ability, at any place or party in politics.

  6. Got it Martin, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Nancy Pelosi has the same crazy eyes and eyebrows. Should I not make a connection?

    How about when Biden said today in his presser, cmon guys give me some easy questions and I’ll answer them quickly, I shouldn’t pay attention to that? How did he answer Peter Ducey and James Rosen’s questions? Rosen was priceless asking the turnip to respond to the public poll about his cognitive decline. Next.

    If you have no clue what crazy eyes equate to and cannot put it together Martin, vote away if she is in you district.

  7. Ah, you are outdoing the phrenologists.

    You are an ocular diviner, a seer of seers.

    Carry on.

  8. Martin just got dumped by his trans ‘boyfriend’…. again.

    Cut him some slack, he’s overwrought by the break up.

  9. And now, lacking any actual arguments, the anonymous coward channels his own insecurity by turning the topic to sexuality.

    Well done.

  10. Martin you are just projecting again.

    You’re a piece of something Pitel flushes.

  11. And then they turn to talking about toilets and bodily waste.

    Are you to stupid to see this is a story about a Republican woman who survived a horror and is now running for office?

    That I’m defending her against a baseless personal attack in her appearance?

    Are you capable of disagreeing by talking about the subject, rather than about sexuality and excrement?

  12. Martin, with those superior words you certainly sound like a stable genius. AOC has crazy eyes too. How do you judge that? And now we have another acronym. CTM. Crazy eyes and duck lips poses with a belly bump. The “look at and pay attention to me” pose. She’s a republican so I should just overlook it because she has a sympathetic story? What did Forrest Gump always say?

    If what Dingo said is true, I’m sorry about your break up and I hope your Kohler can handle whatever he is referring to.

  13. I know this girl personally and JT is spot on.

    She is 100% using her tragedy to further her own personal agenda.

    She was abusive to her ex-husband (not excusing what he did but she was a horrific human being as much as he), they were mutually abusive to each other, she used the money from her gofundme to spend it on plastic surgery, oh and she has an open case with DCFS against her surviving child for punching her in a mall.

    She’s a narcissistic lunatic who never showed any interest in politics, she is power-hungry.

    She lies constantly, she’s mentally unstable and she’s banking on the GOP voters being so blinded by the “R” next to her name they don’t dig into her.

    Look up her Coltons Legacy.

    It’s not a legitimate charity, she is a fraud and has never worked a day in her life.

    A tragedy does not make someone a good person and this woman is vile.

  14. Oh and don’t believe me?

    Contact Kendall County sheriffs office and why they fired her from “educating their police on domestic violence”.

    Maybe contact her neighbors who lived in her subdivision as to the mutual abuse they witnessed between she and her husband, oh, who was borrowing her car the morning of their fight that led to their babies death, and how she lied about that day and was standing on the lawn with her daughter waiting for the police and didn’t “end up waking up in a neighbors garage.”

    Contact Joliet PD for a copy of the police report.

    She’s a fraud.

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