UPDATED IL-11: Alex Bruesewitz Continues the Catalina Lauf-Lie She’s Reason Congressman Adam Kinzinger Not Seeking Reelection

from Catalina Lauf Instagram 12/11/21
Alex Bruesewitz

Did Bruesewitz take a swipe at IL-11 candidate Major (ret.) Michael Pierce in his tweets about Veterans last night, as well as a swipe at the “Candidate Xs” about to announce?

Florida-based hired gun Alex Bruesewitz doubled down on the Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) Lie it was her congressional campaign from 2021 that vanquished Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) into political retirement on October 29.

Early Monday afternoon, the 24-year-old Bruesewitz tweeted the following (UPDATE 1/18/22 6:55AM CST: Late Monday night, Bruesewitz placed the Monday morning tweet as his pinned tweet. One gets the impression Bruesewitz is back on the Catalina for Congress campaign’s payroll with the tweeting he started to do last week):

Bruesewitz, since being sought by the U.S. House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021, last week has been taking to public appearances and Twitter by storm.

Mike Pierce

McHenry County Blog already covered why the Lauf campaign “…raised over $1m dollars in just a couple of months.” is likely a lie, but Lauf’s year-end Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing due in two weeks will confirm the embellishment.

Last night, Bruesewitz took an indirect shot at Republican candidate for IL-11 Mike Pierce (R, Naperville), with this subtle dig at Pierce:

Tweets transcribed for ease of reading:

“I love our Veterans.

“But the political battlefield is a different fight.

“If the only thing you’re running on is your Veteran status, that isn’t enough.

“I support the candidate that is most equipped to help lead us in the cultural & spiritual fight that our country is in.

“However, I am supporting many Veterans who were warriors on the battlefield but also in the culture war.

“Like Anna Paulina Luna [FL-13], Max Miller [OH-13] and Joe Kent [WA-03]”

– Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of X Strategies, LLC via Twitter January 16, 2022


One wonders if Bruesewitz knows Anna Paulina Luna (R, St. Petersburg, FL) never served on the battlefield, as her entire 5 years in the United States Air Force saw her stationed state-side, and she was never deployed in a combat theatre.

Given Bruesewitz’s habit of exaggeration, one is not surprised he doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story (and one may also wonder how he made his first million dollars in earnings at age 20 and has earned a few more millions since; and he turns 25 in March).

Light Boom Proof Video Being Shot

Now that McHenry County Blog confirmed the imminent entry into the IL-11 Republican primary field by the two “candidate Xs” in the coming days, complete with proof one of them was shooting an introductory video last Friday at their home, Bruesewitz, last night, made a preemptive strike against both Candidate X1 and Candidate X2:

“Do you believe in the idea that Republicans should compromise on their beliefs and move to the left to just win elections?

“I don’t.

“Republicans have been ‘winning’ with the wrong people for too long.

“Hopefully we change that in primary 2022.

“This midterm cycle we have a chance to elect people who will never waiver in their conservative beliefs.

“People who won’t change their politics based on their Cook PVI.

“Do you believe in the ‘majority maker’ concept?

“If you haven’t heard of it, this what it means: Recruit RINOs (closeted Dems) to run as R’s in ‘swing’ districts.

“Or do you believe we should only nominate/elect conservatives who never waiver in their beliefs?

“I believe in #2.

“I don’t like the ‘majority maker’ concept because it comes back to bite us when we take control.

The ‘majority makers’ end up siding with the Dems when push comes to shove.

“It’s why the Wall wasn’t finished, why Planned Parenthood wasn’t defunded.

“’Majority Makers’ obstruct.”

Alex Bruesewitz series of tweets January 16, 2022, transcribed from Twitter


From the desk of John Lopez: Bruesewitz’s bluster looks like projecting, comparable to what’s taking place in the Illinois governor race with the promotion Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is “definitely a Republican” as IL State Republican Chairman Don Tracy tries to explain-away Irvin’s Democratic voting history going back to 2014.

Bruesewitz trying to project Lauf is the real deal, outside of the facts she’s been caught in numerous lies, which is why national Republicans and local Republicans have sought, and are about to see, at least two additional Republican candidates launch their campaigns for Congress for the IL-11 in the coming days.

Apply discernment to what is being said, especially from out-of-state campaign consultants trying to convince Republican primary voters in IL-11 that a woman who has no real-life accomplishments to her name, and can’t even tell the truth about herself and her job history (read, Citizens for Rauner employment 4 years ago) will represent Illinois best in Washington, D.C. but can never prove what they say about Lauf is true.


UPDATED IL-11: Alex Bruesewitz Continues the Catalina Lauf-Lie She’s Reason Congressman Adam Kinzinger Not Seeking Reelection — 5 Comments

  1. Lauf was vague about her beliefs in 2020 and she hasn’t been better this time around, so it’s hard to listen to Alex lecture people about who is and isn’t a real conservative.

    If she were a “conservative” why did she go for Rauner instead of Ives in 2018?

  2. There is a great Law & Order candidate with mental maturity, heart and life experience that will be announcing soon.

    This unannounced Candidate X is planning on attending the ~Sanctity of Life Sunday~ event at the Woodstock VFW this Sunday evening 5-8:30pm

    It’s possible the other unannounced Candidate X will also be there but no confirmation as of yet.

  3. Kinda funny how Lopez turned on Lauf.

    I’m sick of veteran globalist tools like Crenshaw and Miley.

  4. Catalina Lauf ROCKS.

    She is such an awesome candidate.

    All the swamp creatures who depend on corruption, nepotism, and the pension scam hate her.

    Go Catalina !!!!


    Pay no attention to the swamp dwelling SCUMBAGS

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