Mancow Mueller Second Radio Guy Wanting to Run For Governor as an Independent

Earlier McHenry County Blog showed readers that Star105.5 morning guy Joe Cicero was rumminating about running for Governor as an Independent.

Now comes reitred shock jock Mancow Mueller with similar ambitions:


Illinois is in a state of emergency!

A recent study* put the Illinois as the most corrupt state in the Union. What’s worse is Chicago tops the list for the most corrupt city.

Mancow Mueller announcing candidacy for Governor.

Our politicians have bought and sold our state to corporations and have sold-out the good people of Illinois. We have some of the highest taxes in the country, where is that money going?

How is it being managed?

We should be prospering but instead our citizens are leaving by the tens of thousands to find homes for their families in more reasonable states.

What happened? How did we get to this place?

One thing is clear!

It is time for something different!I’ve been interviewing politicians in Illinois for over 30 years.

I’ve seen this corruption firsthand.

Brothers and sisters, I’m tired of talking and I’m ready to do something about it.

Unlike the current people in charge, I’m here for you, I actually care about you and your family.

I’m ready to listen and I’m ready shake up these career politicians who just get fat on our expense.

This is the Mancow movement

The Mancow militia of love and I am asking for your support in my run for Governor of this great state of Illinois.This website is our headquarters.

Reach out to me through this site or on social media.

I want to hear from you.

Unlike our other political adversaries, I’ll listen, I’ll give you straight answers.

Enough of the Left, enough of the Right, we need to stop politicizing everything, and need to start talking to each other to fix this mess.

Each week we will be releasing more videos on the issues we will be campaigning on and more info on our campaign and how you can get involved.

I care about the good people of Illinois; I care about the great city of Chicago, and I am going to get us back on track in 2024!

Thank you for your support.

Your friendly neighborhood Mancow!

= = = = =

Maybe Joe Cicero and Mancow Mueller will form a slate.


Mancow Mueller Second Radio Guy Wanting to Run For Governor as an Independent — 10 Comments

  1. Comical.

    JumBo is buying the election.

    $90 million is just the start.

    One would think from his ads that Illinois is back from near bankruptcy

  2. Both Cicero and Mancow are radio guys looking to run for public office and both want to run as Independents, but they’re seeking different positions.

    Cicero said he wants to run for U.S. Senate (according to your previous story).

    Mancow wants to run for governor.

  3. Mancow is a great speaker. In a debate he’ll mop the floor with Fatty and whoever the GOP cuck is.

    Pritzker is really running for President. His IL Gov. re-election is just a box to check before that.

    I can’t imagine anybody donating to his campaign.

    Griffin’s bankrolling of the Hottentot is really something.

  4. Do you really think people in Southern IL will vote for a guy named Mancow?

    I agree with his politics.

    Is he going to pick Turd as his Lt Governor or find a nice token black like JB?

    You know Turd, the guy he coaxed into driving a car into a brick wall while on air at over 50 mph and almost killing himself as entertainment.

    He may mop the floor with JB but what business experience does he have other than talking into a microphone and hiding his earnings behind a LLC.

    I would like to hear his ex-wife’s perspective.

    Paul Revere, good video.

    JB goes through all of the companies in IL that turned him into the svelte fool he is today.

    MackDonald’s and Kraft.

    His kid in that video is on his way to look just like daddy – Fred Flintstone.

    Obesity is not a problem in this state, it’s the Covid.

    Just look at JB.

  5. yeah you going to pull the sanctuary city law breaking back and jail these criminals..

  6. When asked on a recent interview on WGN radio with that lib loon John Williams, “how did you get interested in politics, Mancow”?

    …he answered “a long time ago I met a guy named Jack Franks and even he told me to run someday”.

    That scares me.

    Mancow says “no left or right” but with Franks it has more to do with “right or wrong”.

    I’ll pass for now.

  7. Mancow has been publicly speaking of liberty, and against statism and authoritarianism since the 90s.

    I don’t care what anyone’s business acumen is, what their level of education, their military experience, what they say they stand for, or how much they love Jesus – if they don’t understand the most fundamental concept of individual-liberties, they have no business holding public office.

    And, if they don’t have the requisite balls, the spine, the guts, the fortitude, to be BOLD… if they don’t have the tenacity to stand in the face of adversity, to speak truth to power, to look the power-brokers/deep-state element in the eye and tell them to GTFO, then they don’t have the necessary capacity to effectively hold such an office. Certainly not in this political climate.

    On another note: Anyone who can’t see through the phony Republican/Democrat paradigm, who doesn’t understand, or refuses to acknowledge, the reality, (as Mancow mentions) that the Republican party (particularly in Illinois) is merely an extension of the Democrat party – both of whom serve only to enrich and empower themselves while kicking the the rest of us down the road to servitude and serfdom – will serve no good or noble purpose in governing us.

    I know Mancow understands all of this and I believe he’s stepping up only because he knows full-well that most others just don’t have the requisite attributes for the job.

  8. Serwatka is right as usual.

    But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jelly Belly won’t secretly finance the petition drive through fronts to split the anti-Pritzker vote, on top of all the Democrat cheating and stuffing ….

    yes even in McH Co. Courtesy of Joe Tirio, who claims local elections are ‘mostly clean’.

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