McHenry County Board Districts 2022-32

Below are the maps approved by the McHenry County Board.

The office pays about $21,000 a year and, although membbers are no longer eligible for pensions, but theyu can still opt in for health insurance for themselves and family members that can almost double the compensation.

I recommend getting twice as many signatures as reequired so one can withstand a petition challenge (the easy way to defeat an oppoent is to keep him/her off the ballot).

District 1

McHenry County Board District 1 map.

District 2

McHenry County Board District 2 map.

District 3

District 4

McHenry County Board District 4 map.

District 5

McHenry County Board District 5 map.

District 6

McHenry County Board District 6 map.

District 7

McHenry County Board District 7 map.

District 8

McHenry County Board District 8 map.

District 9

McHenry County Board District 9 map.


McHenry County Board Districts 2022-32 — 3 Comments

  1. I might run. Who are the incumbents in each dist. How many signatures needed?

  2. Krypton,

    Signature requirements were posted in the table. They are:

    48 for Republican.
    29 for Democrat.
    25 for Libertarian.
    That applies to any district.

    If you want to see the districts in more detail, visit the clerk’s website.

    Who are the incumbents? Technically none, but here are incumbents and where they will be in the new districts. You might want to double check this because the map I have with current members marked isn’t the clearest, but it appears:

    District 1- Wilbeck (R), Meshes (D), Vijuk (D)
    District 2- Thorsen (R), Collins (D), Phillips (D) (I think it was Phillips who recently resigned and another Democrat will be appointed to fill her spot)
    District 3- Nowak (R), Yensen (D), Schofield (R) (Schofield is running for Lt Governor and there may be another retirement)
    District 4- Jung (R), Gottemoller (R), Parrish (R)
    District 5- Doherty (R), Jindrich (D), Wegener (D)
    District 6- Althoff (R), Bates (R)
    District 7- Acosta (D), Schwartz (R), Aavang (R) (there might be a couple of retirements there)
    District 8- Smith (R), Von Bergen (R)
    District 9- Kearns (R), Skala (R)

    A maximum of 2 candidates from each party, including the Libertarian Party, may advance from the primary.

    The general election will also allow you to pick up to 2 candidates, and it’s possible you could have 6 candidates (2 from the 3 parties) on the general election ballot plus a write-in line (although I don’t think that scenario is likely — you may see some districts where Democrats only run one candidate and you will probably see several districts with no Libertarians).

    Each of the 9 districts will have 2 members; 18 people will be elected in total. Currently, the board is 6 districts with 4 members per district for a total of 24 members.

    In my opinion, these new board districts were drawn specifically to help incumbents at least win their primaries since there is only one district where there are more than two members of the same party (the district with Jung, and I think he may retire), but by all means please find candidates to challenge incumbents.

    It doesn’t take many signatures and that current board is hot garbage!

    It needs leadership.

    Nobody on the board is providing leadership, including the chairman of the board, Mike Buehler, who is not smart and strong like Jack Franks was!

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