The Republican Billionaire’s Choices

Billionaire Republican Ken Griffin’s candidates have been identified by WMAQ-TV.

The NBC station’s graphic is below:

Ken Griffin’s selections for statewide office. From left to right top row: Aurora Mayor Richard Griffin for Governor, State Rep. Avery Bourne for Lt. Gov., former Springfield Federal District Attorney John Milhiser for Secretary of State; bottom row: Steve Kim for Attorney General, State Rep. Tom Demmer for Treasurer, McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi for State Comptroller.


The Republican Billionaire’s Choices — 10 Comments

  1. PERV Irvin is there to split vote.

    Wait for the Pritzker’s rats to start announcing Independents to further split anti- Fatty vote.

    Demmer backed Rauner against Ives, he’s a piece of shix.

  2. Water, electricity, and gas should be free up to the point of that used by basic housing.

    By that I mean, for example, a two bedroom home on a single lot in town.

    People who use more, pay after they hit the threshold.

    Fund it with tax on the wealthiest 5%.

    This will get the usual backlash: “you commie!” and it’s variants.

    But the enormous income and wealth gaps have grown substantially in the last two years.

    And the richest have the rest fighting one another over masks and vax and racist jealousy, but none of the bottom 50% are getting anywhere fighting one another.

    1% own 1/3 of all wealth in the USA.

    The bottom 50% own 2.5%.

    Stats from federal

    But these billionaires keep getting that bottom 50% out to vote for them in droves, mostly by setting up phony enemies.

  3. Martin, don’t worry. That little smart meter (both gas and electric) they installed on the side of your house is to reduce cost on your bill. It would never be used as part of a social credit score system to quiet dissenters. Nah. I trust the elites. Good video by the way Cindy.

    Griffin is just buying the state so he can pull the strings of the puppets he controls. JB’s puppet is the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, etc…. Griffin also reports to them. You know the owners of the central banks.

    Watch the movie Snowpiercer. You might realize you are closer to the back of the train than you think. It’s quite apropos in relation to today. But what do I know? Not much.

  4. So…..

    Some bureaucrat or bureaucracy will determine what my “fair share” of energy and housing resources are to be?

    Yeah, like that’s going to end well. Or actually work.

    My water, electricity and gas all come from some entity far less in size than even statewide, so there’d have to be even more bureaucracies and forms….


  5. Monk: I was not clear enough.

    Every household starts with the same credit, you with just you and your Dalmatian, me with my nine kids, Warren Freakin Buffett.

    Yes, some government entity will set those numbers, but not for you, for everyone household in your service community.

  6. Martin, you are a Communist. Your dream scheme will result in everybody freezing, like they did during the Holodomor in the Ukraine of the 1930s under the kindly jew bolsheviks.

  7. You could order something from Amazon, go to Walmart for fatty snacks, or vent on Facebook to make yourself feel better.

    The billionaires will not thank you.

    They own you.

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