UPDATED: Between President Biden Press Conference and U.S. Senate Votes What Really Happened with “Voting Rights” on Wednesday?

UPDATE 1/21/22, 2:20PM CST: I could not find this tweet when I was writing this story yesterday, but found it interesting Illinois state Representative Tim Butler (R, Springfield) did a quote tweet of Congressman Peter Meijer (R, MI-03) on the “gut & replace” frequent use in the Illinois General Assembly, in reference to Meijer’s tweet about how H.R. 5746 went from a NASA bill to the combined legislation of the Democrats’ “voting rights” combined bill that was successfully filibustered Wednesday night, and the Democrats could not change the Senate rules to pass H.R. 5746 with a simple majority.

From Jim Thompson at Red State, “Jim Crow 2.0: ‘The Party’s’ New Slur”, January 19, 2022, 6PM CST:

“Today’s ruling ‘party’ is fond of language invention. Most bills they’ve proposed have nothing to do with what they seek. Build Back Better… isn’t. Their latest bills, the ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ and the ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,’ have nothing to do with the freedom to vote or advancing any right to vote.

“No one who can vote is prevented from voting. No One. The Party invokes John Lewis to manipulate thought and advance an agenda, not citizens’ rights. Both bills are about one thing — retaining power. The Party is horrified that people aren’t buying into their ‘doublespeak’ and fear that unless they can federalize voting, they will be out of power in January 2023.

“The way the Party has chosen to retain power is to manipulate facts and manipulate language. In short — to lie.

“Biden is again yelling at critics and taking softball questions from his willing sycophants in the media, and when he’s not doing that, he’s blathering nonsense. Calling everyone who disagrees with The Party ‘confederates,’ racists, and Bull Connor hasn’t worked, so it’s now settled on slandering a thing, rather than people. All voting laws such as requiring an ID to vote are a redo of Jim Crow racism. Biden even called voting laws worse than Jim Crow.”

“Jim Crow 2.0: ‘The Party’s’ New Slur” by Jim Thompson, Red State, January 19, 2022, 6PM CST

Jim Thompson, Red State blog’s contributor of many talents with 30 years as a trial attorney, nearly 30 years as a freelance cartoonist, nails it in art as well as words.

Thompson’s article was published at 6PM CST yesterday, meaning prior to the votes in the U.S. Senate.

McHenry County Blog will bring all up to speed with the latest version of the legislation cited above, plus the actual votes, and how they went down. after the article was published yesterday.

Last week, the D.C. Democrats after President Biden’s blustering speech in Atlanta to make “voting rights” a reality, as the Democrats see it, planned to force a showdown on two pieces of legislation:

  • H.R. 4 / S. 4: John Lewis Voting Rights Act
  • H.R. 1, and its variants since last year, originally titled “For the People Act”, passed the House on party line vote last year

The Democrats packaged components of both bills into a single bill under the designation of H.R. 5746, which was legislation that passed both the House and Senate late last year originally titled the “NASA Enhanced Use Leasing Extension Act of 2021”.

Joe Manchin

The House Democrats did a classic “gut & replace” to the original legislation with an amendment renaming the bill “Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act”, which combined H.R. 4/S. 4 with the latest version of H.R. 1, which has seen some changes thanks to U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV).

On Thursday of last week, the House voted on the gut-and-replace version of the new H.R. 5746, and like previous House vote on “voting rights”, it passed on a straight party-line vote.

Around the same time with the Democrats’ set-up on H.R. 5746 in the Senate last Thursday, President Biden planned to visit Capitol Hill to rally the Democratic Caucus of the U.S. Senate to change Senate rules to alter the Legislative Filibuster and allow for a straight up-and-down vote, so the Democrats could pass H.R. 5746 with a 51-50 vote, without having to have 60 votes for cloture.

Kyrsten Sinema

Within an hour before President Biden’s arrival on Capitol Hill last Thursday, U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ) gave her “Disease of Division” speech on the floor of the Senate, and for nearly 20 minutes, Sinema laid out the truth of the core problem of the “descending spiral of division”.

As reported elsewhere, President Biden seemed dumbfounded by Senator Sinema’s stance last week, and after nearly a week of not-so-veiled threats against Sinema to primary challenge her in 2024.

Both Sinema and Manchin stood firm.

So last night, Senate Democrats first set-up a cloture vote on H.R. 5746, which failed on a 50-50 party line vote, far short of 60 votes. Officially, the vote was recorded as a 49-51 vote, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, NY) voted with the majority in order to bring it back for a future vote.

Then, over the next hour after the cloture vote failed the debate on changing the Senate Rules ensued.

When the roll call was taken to change the rules, it failed by a 52-48 vote, with both Manchin and Sinema voting against the rules change.

For now, the Democrats’ vision of voting rights was defeated through the rules change defeat by a bipartisan vote.

From the desk of John Lopez: I have read through a good chunk of the latest version of the legislative text under H.R. 5746 and learned the following:

  • Unsolicited vote-by-mail ballots being sent to all registered voters is replaced, and leaves the way for states to enact applications for vote-by-mail ballots, while not superseding existing state laws where unsolicited vote-by-mail ballots are sent to all voters
  • California-style Ballot Harvesting no longer mandated for the nation, but only on Native American tribal lands

While the changes above are welcome, it is my honest opinion the administration and operation of elections are set by the states.

The full text of the latest version of H.R. 5746 can be viewed here.


UPDATED: Between President Biden Press Conference and U.S. Senate Votes What Really Happened with “Voting Rights” on Wednesday? — 28 Comments

  1. If people don’t have a clue on the reality of what the fools in DC are doing and need Jim Thompson to explain it to them, they should not be able to vote. Take their voter ID. Oh never mind. It’s too hard to acquire one of those.

    As the turnip said, 2022 midterms will be illegitimate unless they take control of state elections through legislation. And 2020 was pure as the driven snow per cap’t “I can’t put a cohesive sentence together”. Got it.

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  3. This SOB, doofus, dementia laden, plagiarist, alleged rapist, guy who has made numerous RACIST remarks over the years, is with his reckless Democrat Party wretched top Democrats Pelosi and Schumer STILL trying to rip apart this nation with absolute BS. Biden yesterday accused Republicans of wanting to deny voting rights to American citizens with this lie at his press conference:

    “No matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote, I think you’re going to see them willing to stand in line and … keep them from being able to vote.”

    Our Nation is in deep trouble with a grossly incompetent and mental problem president and his dumb VP along with a proven reckless Pelosi and Schumer. How will we get through the next years with them? Got to get a majority Republican leadership in the US House and Senate come this November to hold Biden in check.

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  8. Either the site gets fixed or I’m leaving.

    Juneteenth is a joke, blacks celebrating the end of slavery, yet blacks sold blacks into slavery, Google “Ashanti slave traders” these were blacks in Africa who traded blacks for goods to anyone who wanted them. It took Nancy Pelosi and her gang wearing Kente scarves to let the cat out of the bag. You won’t see this truth during Black History month. ,

  9. Joe Biden’s mouthpiece and damage control person, Jeneral Pisaki, is scheduled to appear on the TV show, The View, this morning.

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  11. Imagine living in such a shithole state that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden start emulating you for ways to make America worse.

    That’s where America is in 2022.

    People in the capitol want America to be worse, so they look at how Illinois does things for tips.

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  15. He is no longer Sleepy Joe, he is #CicadaJoe. He emerges from the basement once a year to eff things up on camera and he retreats to sleep for another year where he emerges once against to eff more things up. Annual Cicada species.


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  17. UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 – 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020 (VIDEO)
    By Julian Conradson
    Published January 21, 2022 at 7:45am

  18. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-north/green-bay-packers/nfl-world-reacts-to-fridays-aaron-rodgers-joe-biden-news

    “When the president of the United States says, ‘This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ it’s because of him and his constituents, which, I don’t know how there are any if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes,” Rodgers said in an interview with ESPN.

    BOOM! ON >>>> 🔥🔥🔥🔥 …Maybe WI, MI, PA, AZ, NV, NH ….can help explain that since IL is locked down tight and there is no worries about election integrity.

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    Something is seriously wrong with the firewalls, Cal.

    PS: when the morbidly obese and dull Oprah, the corrupt and evil Franks, and the diabolical Clintons expire, I shall celebrate each passing with a large steak.

  20. You clods have figured out that vax is a 5g implant to track you, Obama is an alien, you diagnose mental illness by looking at eyebrows, but you cannot see the obvious: Cal is a DEMONCRAT who is here to waste your time and patience in futility trying to access this site.

    He and Lopez are Jack Franks plants!

  21. Back to Joe Robinette Biden. This doofus gave the green light to Putin to do a slight incursion, and invasion, into The Ukraine. Then, his mouthpiece Ms Pisaki had to quickly clean that up. Why is Biden’s regime so concerned about Russian troops invading The Ukraine but have given the green light for hundreds of thousands, maybe a couple million, people from around the world to invade our nation along the southern border. Ms Pisaki will not clean that up ever because the Biden regime is ok with the invaders, gives them shelter, moves them around our nation according to reports of some in the media.

  22. The ten minutes of the press conference I caught were painful to hear. I 60 is too old to be appointed judge, and it sure is too old to be president. Forget 75-80.

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