IL-11 UPDATED: Another Potential Candidate for Congress? YES, but in IL-14

Susan Starrett

Former 2-term Kane County board member files paperwork with FEC to launch bid for Congress in new 11th 14th Congressional District

Note from John Lopez: I do not know if the individual from Kane County has any interest in running for Congress. The evidence from last night, though circumstantial could point to a potential candidacy. McHenry County Blog only alerts and informs readers of the possibility.

UPDATE 1/25/22 4:08PM CST: It’s confirmed. Former Kane County Board Member Susan Starrett (R, North Aurora) is running for Congress, but in the 14th Congressional District, not the 11th District where she lives.

From the California Target Book Twitter BOT shortly before 4PM CST, 1/25/22

Republicans already running for the honor to face Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, Naperville) in addition to Starrett are:

  • Kendall County Republican Chairman James Marter of Oswego
  • Former radio show host Michael Koolidge of DeKalb
  • Businessman Jack Lombardi of Manhatten
  • Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder of Oswego

If the primary field stays with these 5 Republicans, one woman facing four men could be an advantage for Starrett. Working in the Kane County clerk’s office, she also can claim hands-on experience for election integrity for primary voters, plus a record on the Kane County Board.

Republican primary voters in the IL-14 have much to consider among these 5 candidates.


Late Wednesday night, the California Target Book’s daily Domain Name Server (DNS) registration listing for U.S. House, U.S. Senate and other offices published the following, noting the highlighted selections under the U.S. House:

Highlighted by McHenry County Blog

The name of former 2-term Kane County Board Member Susan Starrett (R, North Aurora) jumped out, and given the first name last name combination is not common, and Kane County’s Starrett was the first name to appear on my initial Google search, could a potential new entrant into the 11th Congressional District Republican primary be from southern Kane County?

Starrett served on the Kane County Board being elected in 2012 and reelected in 2016.

She lost her bid for a 3rd term in the Republican primary two years ago to David Brown (R, Batavia), who went on to win election in November of 2020.

After Starrett left the Kane County Board at the end of November of 2020, she landed her current job in the Kane County clerk’s office, under the leadership of Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham (R, Aurora).

As reported on McHenry County Blog this past Sunday, Cunningham’s name was on an internet survey over the New Year’s holiday weekend as a possible candidate for Congress in IL-11.

Coincidentally, this past Sunday was also the date the two domain names were registered, though the DNS registrations were not published until late Wednesday night.

In addition to Cunningham, the following were the selections:

  • Catalina Lauf
  • Former state Senator Jim Oberweis
  • Major (ret.) Michael Pierce
  • Kane County Recorder Sandy Wegman
  • Undecided

Though Starrett’s name was not listed, the fact she works for an elected official whose name was on the survey, and was an elected official herself, begins to deconstruct coincidence.

While McHenry County Blog knows there are other Susan Starretts who turn up on internet searches and could be one of the others from around the country, including Delaware and Pennsylvania, the DNS registration may be for one of them.

Various domain registration sites were researched, and all trace to a 3rd party vendor based out of Arizona, so tracing the political organization who reserved the two sites this past Sunday cannot be done until the site is up and running.

McHenry County Blog will keep watching the FEC alerts from California Target Book should a Statement of Candidacy be filed for a Susan Starrett.

Given petition circulation for the June 28 Illinois primary began a week ago, a lot of names will be floated as circulating petitions.

And some will even have internet domains registered under their name, but that will likely be a smaller number.

Going back to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Ferengi 190th Rule of Acquisition is good to remember:

“Hear all, trust nothing.


IL-11 UPDATED: Another Potential Candidate for Congress? YES, but in IL-14 — 3 Comments

  1. This field just went from 3 to 5 candidates in like 2 days. WHATDA!?

    Kind of reminds me of Kinzinger’s situation (before redistricting) but in reverse.

    If you recall, there were a lot of “real republicans” running against Kinzinger to take him out, but the more crowded the field grew, the less of a chance there would be that he would lose because of vote splitting.

    Now we kind of see the same thing happening but with the roles reversed.

    There was fear from the establishment that Lombardi or Marter would win.

    Koolidge represented a “safer” pick and it looked like maybe he would be able to stop those guys from winning.

    But alas we have two more “respectable” people running.

    So now who does “the establishment” go for?

    Koolidge, who already has a head start on fundraising?

    Do they go for Gryder who is a big shot in Kendall County?

    Or do they go with Starrett who is the only woman in the race and served on the Kane County Board?

    The more crowded this field gets, the more it might favor Lombardi or Marter, especially if these candidates run as mr or mrs establishment.

    Interesting stuff, John!

    But when the heck are the other 11th district candidates announcing and where the heck is Jesse Sullivan’s running mate?

    He just put out an ad so maybe he is not dropping out after all?

    I did not expect candidates to take their time and have such late announcements considering the shortened time table for collecting signatures.

    Is it possible he could have no running mate?

    Does state law say you HAVE to have a running mate?

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