Why Don’t Parade Organizers in Harvard, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Algonquin and Johnsburg Hire This Jack Sparrow Impersonator?

For at least a decade a Marengo resident Rick Aspen,who looks a lot like Johnny D,p has paraded along Marengo streets pretending to bve a drunk Jack Sparow.

Jack Sparrow 2021
in 2012 Captain Jack Sparrow made his second appearance at the Marengo Settlers Day Parade.
Captain Jack Sparrow looks as if he is being chased by the Culver’s custard cone in 2015.
Jack Sparrow captivated those along the parade route in 2013. He’s a local guy otherwise know as Rick Aspen.
Could Jack Sparrow be running for county office? If so, which one in 2011 photo
Somehow it seemed appropriate that Captain Jack Sparrow see these messages in 2011.


Why Don’t Parade Organizers in Harvard, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Algonquin and Johnsburg Hire This Jack Sparrow Impersonator? — 12 Comments

  1. Who cares?

    This is a irrelevant non-story, now let’s get back to the meat and potatoes.

  2. Parades are fine if they are designed strictly for kids.

    What do kids like to see?

    Cartoon characters, movie characters, maybe big trucks, tractors, motorcycles, etc.

    What likely do kids not care about?


  3. Answer to Cal’s inane question:

    Because there are too many faggoty personages already in local parades.

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    And now the capper, the favorite phrase of the fantasists, because “it’s all kabuki theater.”

    The more you challenge the absurdity, the more they dig in and the more certain they are that you are blind to the obvious (in this case some “truth” by a utoober in an unknown place with unstated sources. I know, she can’t say where or who, because then the black helos would come scoop them up.

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  6. One more.

    Call someone an “idiot” a third time, and you win.

    Those are the rules of evidence-free argument.

  7. Cindy, you’re great for entertainment.
    Please, DO say “idiot” one more time, kinda like you said “Beetlejuice” three times and were transported into the alternate reality that surrounds you and resulted in your head being shrunk.

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