Woodstock Monday Night Shooting Could Be Connected with Rockford, Woman Wounded

From the Woodstock Police Department:

Aggravated Battery with a Firearm

On Monday, January 24th, 2022, at approximately 10:30 p.m., the Woodstock Police Department was dispatched to the 1700 block of Yasgur Dr. in reference to a “Shots Fired” call.

Yasgur Drive, Woodstock.

The initial investigation revealed that an altercation occurred in which firearms were used resulting in multiple bullets striking a house and a female at the residence.

The female victim is receiving medical treatment.

The offender(s) fled prior to police arrival.

The Woodstock Police Department Investigations Division continues to aggressively investigate this incident.

As part of a multi-faceted investigation, WPD Detectives are collaborating with investigators in and around the Rockford area in an attempt to determine if the Woodstock incident is connected in any way to a reported Stolen Vehicle and several reported Armed Robberies in the Rockford region; all occurring within a short, but plausible, time span for these incidents to be connected.

This multi-jurisdictional investigation includes witness, forensic, and electronic information and evidence.

To best ensure that a quality investigation occurs, WPD Detectives are taking the time to work methodically and systematically to assemble an “airtight” investigation; we strive to hold those who come to Woodstock and commit such crimes accountable for their actions.

Detectives will continue to follow-up on all potential evidence and leads as they become available.

Understandably, some Woodstock citizens are concerned about the current safety of our community; crimes like this are a rarity in such a safe community as Woodstock.

What can be assured is that WPD Officers are continuously available for anyone who believes they are in danger or if they believe that a crime is being, or about to be, committed.

WPD has a strong relationship with our community, and realizes that we need to work together to keep Woodstock a safe place to live.

Therefore, if you have any information regarding this incident, then you are encouraged to call the Woodstock Police Department Investigations Division at 815-338-2131.


Woodstock Monday Night Shooting Could Be Connected with Rockford, Woman Wounded — 5 Comments

  1. More examples of the wonders of diversity in a sanctuary state.
    DEMOCRATS did that.

  2. All those incidents and no description of the offenders ? Let me guess ……

  3. Saw a story in the NW Herald that said a house nearby, not the house of the woman with a shoulder injury, had a bullet enter a bathroom and strike the mirror over the vanity. A grandmother babysitting a toddler had just moments before used that bathroom.

    Senseless, reckless, criminal use of guns ongoing in Illinois and all over the U.S. A most recent very tragic murder by gun was that of a beautiful 8-year old girl in Little Village in Chicago innocently walking with her mother on a sidewalk in broad daylight last Saturday.

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