UPDATED IL-11: Jerry Evans Announces Candidacy to Challenge Bill Foster this Fall

Jerry Evans & Son

Announcing his 2022 bid for Congress in the new 11th Congressional District in an article published in TownHall.com this morning, Jerry Evans (R, Warrenville) will be on the ballot for most McHenry County voters in the June 28 Republican primary.

Evans, 38, husband and now the father of two sons, gave his reasons for running in the TownHall article by Rebecca Downs:

“I am running for U.S. Congress because I believe that leadership starts with service, integrity, and is fueled by compassion.

“For over twenty years, I have had the privilege of serving my community as an educator, and empowering young people to experience their God-given potential.

“The past 2 years of government overreach has not only hurt the children I teach, but my family, and the fifteen families of those I employ, as shutdowns and restrictions threatened my business and their jobs.

“Bill Foster, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have made the lives of Americans worse by pursuing far-left policies that restrict freedoms, drive up inflation, and overlook the needs of children, the poor- and the everyday American.

“I am running for U.S. Congress in order to restore freedom, economic and educational opportunity, support safety in our communities, and stand for the fundamental rights of parents, in the United States of America.”

Could Redrawn Districts Mean a Republican Has a Chance in Illinois? There’s a Candidate Hoping to Make It So“, Rebecca Downs, TownHall.com, 1/26/22


Evans’ campaign website can be viewed here.

UPDATE 1/26/22 3:35PM CST: Jerry Evans’ campaign FEC filing:

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UPDATED IL-11: Jerry Evans Announces Candidacy to Challenge Bill Foster this Fall — 9 Comments

  1. Maybe he’ll improve on his impressive 5% showing in 2020…

  2. Maybe Nefarious will improve on his zero votes for his gay pride parade float “Justin Beiber, my Fave.”

  3. Absent big names and with fewer total candidates, yes, he should do better than he did in 2020.

    Now we’ll get a rematch between Jerry Evans and Catalina Lauf.

    When Evans and Lauf ran in 2020, they were in a primary with seven candidates which included some bigger names like Oberweis and Rezin.

    Shake, don’t act like this is not the rematch you always wanted.

    IT IS!

    You might as well be watching Rocky II.

    Are there rumors of any other candidates getting into this race or is that it?

    Barring the entry of additional candidates (which isn’t certain), this is the state of the race as of today.

    It’s looking like there will be three candidates:

    -Catalina Lauf
    -Cassandra Tanner Miller
    -Jerry Evans
    are confirmed candidates (all millennials too!)

    Who do I think won’t be on the ballot:

    -Dean Seppelfrick
    says he’s running but no FEC report; I don’t think he’s a serious candidate but we’ll see

    -Michael Pierce
    dropped out

    -Susan Starrett
    running in a different district (14)

    -Krishna Bansal
    listed on FEC but I suspect he is not running

  4. Additionally, Andrea Heeg of Blackberry Township in central Kane County announced today, and filed with the FEC.

    Krishna Bansal, while he keeps filing his FEC quarterly reports from his 2020 campaign, has filed no paperwork for 2022, and has raised no money. Sources say he will not be running.

    Yes, Seppelfrick disappeared from the FEC page, and he’s not serious.

    Assuming no one else announces, or surprises all with petitions filed in March, the field is:

    Jerry Evans
    Andrea Heeg
    Catalina Lauf

    Heeg turned 55 just after first of the year, and Evans, is 38, Lauf, 28 and CTM 34.

    Assuming it stays 3 women, 1 man, Evans favored by percentages, just as Starrett will benefit being the only woman in IL-14 Republican primary.

    Apart from that, it will be a very entertaining primary season in McHenry County.

    Now, let’s see what Lauf really raised, and banked on her FEC report due by Monday night.

  5. If Seppelfrick files in March, and stays on the ballot, I’ll include him on candidates list.

    He’s not raising money, and didn’t file FEC paperwork to raise money (he filed a handwritten Statement of Candidacy, but no Statement of Organization).

    He’s a gadfly, who’s threatened to run for Congress (Senate) recently and didn’t file in 2019.

  6. I believe Vincent Diorio.

    There’s no reason to lie about something as trivial and inconsequential as DEAN SEPPELFRICK running for congress, and Vince has always seemed like a straight shooter to me.

    Thank you for the info.

    John is right that Seppelfrick has tried running before.

    To be fair, John, the signature requirement for House this time around is just 400, while last time he ran for Senate he would have needed 5000 so it is a lot more manageable.

    I still consider him not a serious candidate, but IF he is out there passing petitions he MAY get on the ballot, and Vince’s news does improve my impression of him since at least he is trying.

    I really dislike when candidates say they are going to run and don’t run either by not being able to get enough sigs or worse by “ghosting” the whole thing.

    William Kelly is a great example of this.

    Let’s remember that Anthony Catella was able to get on the ballot.

    Part of the reason I still won’t consider Seppelfrick a serious candidate is because he announced he was running like two months ago and there is no FEC file on him.

    How serious can he be if he hasn’t done that?

    Getting on the ballot is just one step to make someone “legit” but there is more they need to do.

    If he hasn’t filed with the FEC we can assume he has raised very little money (under 5000 iirc).

    Without money, without name recognition, and with a strange name, it’s hard to see how he would do well in the primary should he even make the ballot.

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