Rigidity Concerning Algonquin Water Bills

From Patch comes this comment from Zach Bellizzi:

I was charged a $70 late fee from the Village of Algonquin for water.

Was one day late.

I called them and advised when I had mailed the bill which was 12/29.

They received it 1/6/22.

Was told the mail service was not their fault.

So how is it mine?

The water bill in Algonquin is a major utility with no end in sight.

I asked to have my due date changed.

No again.

All bills for $35000 people go out on the same day.

The water dept is unkind and rigid.


Rigidity Concerning Algonquin Water Bills — 7 Comments

  1. And the Algonquin post office is inept and possibly corrupt.

    I lost 20% of my mail over a period of 6 months.

    I no longer use Algonquin’s post office – and do most online.

    When I mail, I drive to Crystal Lake or Cary.

    No problems there.

    Government is a failure – whether its the post office, the water department, the city management, or the township.

    They’re all failures.

  2. Then they won. The whole push on this late fees crap is to GET YOU TO GO ONLINE for everything! All billings entities are pushing this nickel and dime you to death to get you INTO the system.

  3. Late fees for rent in Illinois cannot exceed 5 percent of the monthly rent amount.

    It would seem that a similar 5 percent rate for water would be reasonable.

    IF Algonquin were using 5 percent, then the water bill would have been $1400.

    What was the water bill amount and what percent was charged to equal $70?

  4. As an overtaxed resident of Algonquin Township, I can attest to the mail service being poor.

    It’s minority run.

    The Township itself is wholly corrupt.

    Can’t wait to move out this year!!!!!

  5. CLM? Sorry, but your story went right over bred’s head (as per usual) WHOOSH!

  6. You can opt out of the township mail service this year by checking a box on your state income tax return.

  7. Crystal Lake’s late fee is 20% the highest in the county.

    At 10% are Algonquin, Cary, Harvard, Lake In The Hills, Marengo, McHenry, Woodstock.

    Non Home Rule cities, towns and villages the late fee is 1.5%.

    Chicago is 1.25%.

    I asked the the Illinois Attorney General if these extreme monthly fees are legal and was told yep under Illinois Home Rule Law.

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