IL-11 UPDATED: Republican Congressional Candidates Slammed over Responses to RNC Description of Capitol Riots

Cassandra Tanner Miller
Catalina Lauf

Only two of the 6 candidates for IL-11 responded to the Daily Herald and both Catalina Lauf and Cassandra Tanner Miller betrayed lacking maturity, but the others not responding at all equally disappointing

UPDATE 2/23/22, 2:46PM CST: Corrected the reference to candidate Mark Carroll, who was not contacted by the Daily Herald.


On Saturday, the Daily Herald‘s Russell Lissau published an article where he and the Herald reached out to 20 Republican candidates in the suburbs running for Congress this year to discuss the censure resolution approved by the Republican National Committee (RNC) by voice vote at the RNC’s winter meetings earlier this month.

The censure targeted Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) and Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R, WY) for serving on the U.S. House’s Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021.

Of the 7 Republican candidates in IL-11 which includes the majority of McHenry County residents, only two responded:

  • Catalina Lauf of Woodstock
  • Cassandra Tanner Miller (CTM) of Elgin

Both gave answers astonishing mainstream residents. Both candidates betrayed a lack of maturity to answer tough questions with discernment.

Before covering what Lauf and CTM said, these candidates did NOT even respond to the Daily Herald when contacted:

  • Jerry Evans of Warrenville
  • Grace Greene of Campton Hills
  • Andrea Heeg of unincorporated Geneva
  • Dean Seppelfrick of Aurora

The Daily Herald did not reach out to North Aurora Village Trustee Mark Carroll, since he only filed his candidacy with the FEC late on the night of February 15. The Herald was completing its research with Republican candidates’ responses not only in the 11th District, but in the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 14th districts.

Now to what Lauf and CTM actually told the Daily Herald as published Saturday afternoon.

Lauf agreed with the RNC’s statement, saying there are:

“widespread, absurd mischaracterizations of that day.”

CTM said she’d like to see the RNC’s resolution clarified, but when pressed for an opinion, she wouldn’t say if she disagreed with it:

“These are not simple yes-or-no questions.”

Lauren Underwood

From the desk of John Lopez: Reading the responses from Lauf and CTM Saturday afternoon, I had flashbacks to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, Naperville) during the 2020 general election campaign when she refused to condemn the violence of the 2020 protests triggered by the killing of George Floyd in late May of that year.

Underwood played cute when asked about the violence, describing all the legitimate peaceful protests as “beautiful protests” throughout 2020, while intentionally overlooking the violence erupting from several of the peaceful protests.

Underwood’s refusal to forcefully condemn the violence of 2020 contributed to make the race between her and Republican Jim Oberweis (R, Sugar Grove) closer than many anticipated, though McHenry County Blog always knew the IL-14 general would be close.

Lauf and CTM had their “beautiful protests” moment, too by agreeing or minimizing the contents of the RNC resolution with words like “clarified”. Like Oberweis did to Underwood in TV commercials in the fall of 2020, so will Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) and super PACs (if IL-11 polls as close) will do to whomever wins the Republican primary in the 11th over the statements from Lauf, the nominal frontrunner, and CTM, the most likely to challenge, and possibly win the nomination over Lauf.

Bill Foster

Foster, in a tweet on February 4, gave a preview of what’s coming, now that IL-11 Republican candidates are on record:

“What a sad indictment of the current Republican Party that they’ve been reduced to calling a violent attack on our Capitol and Capitol Police a ‘legitimate political discourse.'”

Evans, Greene, Heeg and Seppelfrick should have responded, and at this level, especially for Evans who has run for Congress before, their lack-of-response was very short-sighted on all four of them.

Returning to Lauf and CTM, hopefully both Millennial women had read the RNC resolution before the Daily Herald called for their responses, given the RNC approved the resolution on February 5 in Salt Lake City.

For McHenry County Blog readers’ reference and out of full context, here is the RNC resolution in its entirety. It should be noted, both the Daily Herald and I (prior to the Herald publishing its story) had to obtain the RNC resolution through The Washington Post as the resolution was not available on the RNC’s website:

If I were running for Congress and I had received a call from anyone about the RNC resolution, I’d honestly have said it should be ripped up, and I would forcefully disagree with the RNC resolution for the mere fact it ignored and did not mention the violence and lawlessness at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 let alone condemned the violence/lawlessness.

The resolution should have included language saying all who were involved with committing acts of violence, or any illegal activity including illegally entering any part of the Capitol should be arrested and prosecuted to the limit of the law.

Plain, simple and to the point without nuance, minimizing or any prevaricating from the truth.

Hopefully, all of the congressional candidates know the Select Committee will release its final report within two months of the November 8 election, and a preliminary report will be released over the summer, possibly right before the June 28 primary.

So all of the candidates better be ready to answer questions about January 6, 2021 throughout the primary campaign, including at any/all candidate forums, and especially when facing the newspaper editorial boards for the usually livestreamed interviews, which the public usually get to see, now.

Reminder, the Underwood “beautiful protests” quote was taken from the video of Underwood’s and Oberweis’ editorial board interview with the Chicago Sun-Times in early September of 2020 (though the Sun-Times will make no editorial endorsements in 2022).

Let’s hope all of the candidates, including the ones who didn’t respond are ready for the questioning on January 6, and will speak from their hearts, and not from RNC/NRCC talking points. Voters will discern who’s giving a scripted answer, and who is not, and in the primary, may voters decide accordingly.

The full article by Russell Lissau can be read here.

An excellent write-up by Capitol Fax can be viewed here.


IL-11 UPDATED: Republican Congressional Candidates Slammed over Responses to RNC Description of Capitol Riots — 33 Comments

  1. As I said the day the RNC put this out there, they shot themselves in the head with this resolution.


  2. And not a word about an unarmed White woman (Ashley Babbitt) who was straight up MURDERED
    by a Black Capitol Hill police officer who just couldn’t wait for the opportunity to kill a White person.

    The same CHPO was never prosecuted for the crime he committed and is still protected by Nancy Pilosi and
    the DEMOCRATS.

    Also, all those who are still falsely imprisoned without their Constitutional right to due process.
    Just wait until the trucker convey shows up, plenty of fireworks to come.

  3. Abe, did you not watch all that video on Ashley?

    She was a big girl, was in the military, knew the score. She was warned repeatedly. Oops! Dumb girl dead.

    She was strung out on Q, man.


  4. What about Ashley Babbitt?

    She was executed by a negro thug w/ the typical low impulse characteristics of his race.

    Why is Lopez gaslighting us on Lauf?

    Seems like she did spurn him somehow.

    What ought she have written to satisfy your bizarre ‘maturity’ requirement, Lopez?

  5. I’m sorry but the idea Jan 6th was an insurrection is laughable, especially when the same people say that attracting a federal building for months on end is a peaceful protest.

    Yes some people did some stupid things that day and those who broke the law should be prosecuted.

    This is all political theater to pretend that there was an actual serious attempt to overthrow the government.

    The only reason you are seeing such a reaction is because the politicians themselves were afraid on that day.

    If they were not personally affected and it was not politically convenient this would be a non story.

    We didn’t go this crazy over the weatherman attack on the senate and they actually set off a bomb in the Capitol.

  6. Answer to Who?

    and the media best be ready for all those who act like this once again was some sort of conspirancy answer all about the burning down of our states via Antifa / BLMers…

    yes you will answer too…

    be ready.. fake newsers.. be ready…

  7. Dingo, I long ago explained the issues with Catalina, and it’s very simple, and will repeat it here.

    Lauf has turned into a practiced liar going back to the summer of 2021.

    I’ve said repeatedly and with several different candidates, honesty/integrity is my number one criteria period.

    Since you want to know what Catalina spurned, it’s telling the truth about herself.

    It’s not too late for Lauf to mend her ways, confess, repent and be restored, and I watch her LinkedIn page, and the job history of what exactly Lauf was doing four years ago, and until her LinkedIn is corrected to read “Citizens for Rauner, Jan 2018 – Nov 2018, Field Director”, to see if she’ll actually be honest about herself.

    If Lauf, or anyone, can’t be honest about themself, how does one expect them to be honest on anything else, especially if they should win a seat in Congress?

    One thing for certain, voters will know the truth.

  8. It’s Ashli Babbitt…if you’re going to refer to her, you can at least spell her name correctly.


  9. Daily Herald is another liberal MSM outlet like NWH. A politician that cannot be honest that the Pelosi FF event to try and uncover the PEAD’s is a useless idiot. Foster and the 2 Social Media Influencers are just pandering for your vote.

    Remember, all of Biden’s failures in his first year are now due to the Ukraine according to CBS News. Speaking of the Ukraine, why not read and connect some dots all the political intelligencia on here. It dropped in the past 24 hours.

    And then read Bobby Piton’s post from yesterday. Nevermind. Voting machines and voter rolls are 100% on the up and up. I just can’t figure out why IL keeps voting in the same people that are bankrupting the state. I must bethat I am in that fringe minority Fidel Trudeau refers to.

    How would the American People respond if evidence is uncovered that the 2007-2008 housing crisis that led to millions of evictions was also a ballot Harvesting scheme to steal the election for Obama? How many people are listed as voting in 2008 that were not thinking of voting AT ALL as they needed to find a place to live?

    If you live in IL and had the unfortunate event of being evicted because of criminal politicians that set up that situation, and you want me to check your voted file, please contact me at

    You were set up to fail by some very evil economic and political terrorists, help me expose them with the data!

  10. I forgot about the 14,000 hours of video the witch Pelosi is withholding too. Executive orders 13818 & 13848 are going to be the global elites downfall.

  11. Funny how LOPEZ never tracks Underwood’s MANY lies and sick lifestyle.

  12. Dingo, read my coverage of Lauren Underwood, and the memes I published about Lauren Underwood’s lack of honesty and integrity going back to 2019, and her embellishments about the bills passed in Congress during the fall campaign of 2020.

    Search for stories with “IL-14” in the title, and you’ll see I’m consistent.

  13. Piton:

    If youQ live in IL andQ had the unfortunate Qevent of beingQ evicted because of criminalQ politicians that Qset up that situationQ and you want Qme to check your Qvoted file, please contactQ me at

    You were Qset up to fail by someQ very evil economic andQ political terrorists, help me Qexpose them with theQ data!


  14. Smoke some more weed Monk. It mentions you in Q post 666. LOL

    Bobby US Senate 2022

    We are in the middle of the most important battle in the History of our Nation. The DemoNic Party, the one that used the head of Satan in their logo and placed a statue of baby baphomet in our States Capital is going for it all in 20220.

    Administrator Biden wasn’t joking when he said this was a battle for the soul of our Nation. What he didn’t outline in detail was the final death knoll to our Freedoms guaranteed to us by OUR GOD. We are One Spirit in Christ and this is the True Meaning behind We the People. We the People are the embodiment of our God (as one Spirit in Christ) and have been set here in this Nation to be an example to the World for what Freedom and Justice for All looks like.

    Clearly, we have fallen short as a Nation, and don’t have much time to right this ship, I plead with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to get involved, RESTORE OUR VOICE in a legitimate Voting Process that isn’t undermined by Satanic handlers and their UniParty recruits (RINOs, Trojan RINOs, and Openly Communist Democrats).
    The Election Laws that were passed last year in IL will make winning an election almost impossible if you aren’t selected by the corrupt forces in Power.

    I have outlined the corrupt legislation passed by JB in a video on my rumble account… At about the 12 min mark it goes silent for a few minutes, censoring in real time to what I was saying, but goes back live. The entire video is just over an hour.

    Please get involved and back Honest Candidates across our State, and help me expose the Destruction of Votes, the Addition of Votes, the reactivation of inactive voters (to print the ballots) and then the reactivation of those temporary active inactives to cover their tracks so that they can place those ballots onto real voters that didn’t show up to vote.

    We are going through hell right now because we took our eye off of the Cornerstone of our Democracy; OUR VOTING PROCESS. We need to restore it FULLY or All will truly be lost.
    I hope you enjoy either or both videos I posted. Much Love and Appreciation Mel K for interviewing me talk about the Castro’s bastard son little Justin of Canada, and the Political Crime spree that has gutted our Nation.

  15. And yep, not the precursor to a social credit score. Make sure you read about WHO’s involvement in The Real Anthony Fauci. Murdering people by overdosing them on HCQ is now an approved practice if you want to show that HCQ is dangerous. Ask Fauci, Gates and Tedros.
    NEW – WHO selects Deutsche Telekom to “standardize the issuing of QR codes” and to create a global vaccine passport.

  16. Maybe someone could get Tirio to watch this video on the voter roll corruption and how the cheat happens. Amazing how Piton’s dad was resurrected from the dead with a new wife and 2 children and miraculously have voted. Huh. Get to the 27 m + mark.

  17. y’all act like you never seen a bad doctor before
    patients on the floor like they just got boosted once more
    and started convulsing worse than before
    it got okayed by the board, but people died (ahh!)
    it’s the return of the “ah wait, what’s RNA?”
    Don’t matter, the CDC said it was okay
    And anti-fascists said… nothing you idiot
    they’re dead and locked in Phizer’s basement (ha ha!)

    I’m slim fauci yes i’m the real fauci all you other slim faucis are just imitating so won’t the real slim fauci please stand up please stand up please stand up

  18. Summary of BobbyQ on the Mel K Show on Rumble:

    1) Jews
    2) British Royals
    3) Free Masons
    4) Vatican

    *China building excess apartments in collar counties, probably to house “forces”.

    No mention of the Jewish space laser, though!


  19. Mellow monk doesn’t address the gist of JT’s post.

    Tirio needs to be educated OR DROPPED.

  20. As I said Monk, keep smoking weed.

    Any intelligent person would seek the truth that’s right in front of their eyes.

    Funny you didn’t respond to how BobbyQ’s dad was reincarnated with a wife and 2 children to vote in the 2020 election.

    Man, your ability to interpret what’s provided to you shows how your short term memory is lacking.

    Your bong is waiting.

    Better get on it.

  21. JT, there’s no dialogue with Jews. If you disagree with them or point out their crimes………… you’re “a Nazi”

    But was Queen Isabella a Nazi? Or Father Coughlin? Or Pope Pius X? Or T.S. Eliot? Or Gen. Grant? Or Sen. Fullbright? Or JFK? Or Dolly Parton? Or Huey Long? Or Charles Lindberg?

  22. The above is a whitewashed typical Wikipedia Orwellian entry

  23. I find Miller facinating.

    She had a very tough life.

    But she’s a libtard.

    I’ve talked to her about CRT and a property tax cap and the fake vaccine.

  24. Ms Trumpion, I HAVE addressed the gist of JTQ’s post.

    To be succinct, so that there can be no mistake:



  25. That Bobby Q invokes God the Father in all this is shameful.

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