Message of the Day UPDATED: Leftist Rogues’ Gallery in TX-28 Progressive Tweet

UPDATE 2/25/22, 11:49AM CST: The Cisneros tweet with the meme, was tweeted late Thursday afternoon, so it is no longer a deleted tweet, or more accurately, it was a deleted tweet for about six hours.

Changes made to article accordingly.


In a late afternoon tweet on Thursday from leftist Democrat candidate Jessica Cisneros, the meme of Cisneros’ supporters reveals a leftist rogues’ gallery backing her candidacy against Congressman Henry Cuellar (D, Laredo), the last pro-life Democrat in the U.S. House.

Given the screenshot may be too hard to see/read, the supporters of Cisneros include:

  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I, VT)
  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA)
  • Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D, NY-16), freshman and Squad member
  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY-14), leader of the Squad
  • Congresswoman Katie Porter (D, CA-45), 2nd-term Orange County leftist with U.S. Senate ambitions in 2024
  • Congresswoman Ayanna Presley (D, MA-07), original Squad member
  • Leftist Democracy for America PAC
  • EMILY’s List, pro-abortion PAC
  • Indivisible PAC
  • Leftist Justice Democrats PAC
  • MoveOn, another leftist group
  • NARAL, another pro-abortion PAC
  • Planned Parenthood, see above
  • Progressive Change Campaign Committee (speaks for itself)
  • Texas AFL-CIO, strong supporters of the PRO Act

Is this a portend for the Illinois Democrat congressional primaries in the IL-03 (Chicago Alderman Gilbert Villegas vs. leftist state Representative Delia Ramirez) and IL-06 (Congressman Sean Casten vs. leftist Congresswoman Marie Newman)?


Message of the Day UPDATED: Leftist Rogues’ Gallery in TX-28 Progressive Tweet — 10 Comments

  1. Why is it that DEMOCRATS claim to be for working families obsessively while their
    policies do nothing but cause severe hardships for those same families?

    The answer – because they are power mad LIARS who will use the fools that vote for them much
    like Pritzker uses toilet paper.

  2. Is “Pressley” a transgenger like Dan “the not man” Aylward, township assessor.

  3. Enjoy your echo chamber you guys. I am officially banned by Cal who blocked my IP address. It’s been a fun time.

    Make sure you ban this IP too Skinner. I responded to your email back to me Cal. Oh well. I guess ex-bureaucrats can’t figure out how to uncheck a box in a WordPress database to allow someone back on to access the site.

    May the stupid on here who ask how you are posting on the site if you aere banned, get a clue morons.

  4. JT, if you have been “banned”, you wouldn’t have been able to comment.

    The blog’s software blocks people randomly, and it is usually a temporary issue. I’ve been temporarily blocked, too.

    I know Cal is working with his tech guy.

  5. I have not been able to post for a day and a half.

    Now I can.

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  7. Not quite the same for a number of reasons.

    Cuellar is disliked by Dems in a way that Casten isn’t (or at least not to the same extent), and Newman has her own problems.

    Isn’t Cisneros outraising Cuellar too? I think Casten is outraising Newman.

    At this point momentum is probably on Cisneros’s side. In the Casten vs Newman race, I don’t think Newman is a clear favorite at this point and would maybe even bet on Casten to win now that Newman’s ethics issue has snowballed into a pretty big scandal.

    Casten is still getting some big endorsements — not sure about Cuellar.

    Cisneros vs Cuellar is more like Newman vs Lipinski.

    In 2018, Newman lost to Lipinski but then in 2020 she beat him.

    Cisneros also ran against Cuellar last time around but lost.

    This is a rematch just like Newman vs Lipinski was.

    Abortion was a big issue in the Newman vs Lipinski primary just as it is with Cuellar vs Cisneros.

    With Newman vs Casten, both are pro-choice.

    Cuellar votes against Biden occasionally which could make him vulnerable in a Dem primary.

    Casten is probably MORE loyal to Biden/Pelosi than Newman (even though Newman’s motivation for bucking the party is from the other side of Cuellar’s).

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