Crystal Lake High School District 155 Salaries Ke-Ku

Unlike the publication of McHenry County employees’ compensation, the figures for District 155 employees is for 2021 salaries without fringe benefits.

Kelly Jr., James D 114,916.98 Dean of Students
Kelly, Melissa V 13,850.64 Sped Para-Professional
Kelly, Michael G 50,548.50 Maintenance
Kelly, Patrick 73,129.87 Special Education Teacher
Kendall, Connie Sue 114,460.23 TOSA (Dean)
Kennett, Timothy M 100,155.27 English Teacher
Keyzer, Deborah 84,172.89 Vision Itinerant
Kharpak, Michael 3,368.00 Coach
Kidd, Michelle A 124,888.24 Divisional Leader
Kieffaber, Ulrike P 98,438.87 World Language Teacher
Kim, Adela J 2,896.11 Substitute Teacher
Kingston, Craig S 122,987.61 English Teacher
Kline, Katherine C 90,797.14 Student Services/Counsel
Knaak, Barbra Ann 111,796.53 World Language Teacher
Knar, Suzanne K 13,222.21 Sped Para-Professional
Knoll, Matthew R 73,018.18 Network Admin/Special Pro
Knope, Steven J 123,413.52 Divisional Leader
Knudsen, Lara 21,925.08 Sped Para-Professional
Knudsen, Rachel 623.80 Summer Paraprofessional
Knulty, Pamela R 72,278.16 Special Education Teacher
Kobyleski, Karen 32,683.60 Secretary 10 month
Koch, Katie L 115,722.62 Mathematics Teacher
Koch, Steven D 170,937.28 Principal
Koenig, Emma 19,280.97 Coach
Koeppen, Kevin G 118,718.43 Vice Principal
Koeppen, Laurie M. 39,219.36 Science Teacher
Kohn, Whitney 125.00 Intern
Koll, Matthew D 128,377.15 Divisional Leader
Kolton, Michael J 146.76 Substitute Teacher
Komarnicki, Katherine H 83,679.56 Science Teacher
Koss, Caleb D 4,811.00 Coach
Kovack, Mark J 1,015.00 Contractor
Kozlowski, Evan R 18,714.79 Summer School Teacher
Kozlowski, Katie L 105,244.12 Mathematics Teacher
Kratzke, Meghan-Marie 114,277.50 Student Services/Counsel
Kreher, Susannah C 22,020.72 Sped Para-Professional
Krelle, Laura 56,012.62 Administrative Assistant
Kremer, Alexander A 82,542.23 World Language Teacher
Kreston, Debora J 55,210.44 Payroll
Krigas, Amanda 11,581.00 Extracurricular Sponsor
Kritikos, Alexa 20,088.02 Mathematics Teacher
Krohn, Carole J 6,363.61 Substitute Teacher
Krol, James V 124,079.45 Bus. Educ. Teacher
Krystal, Raymond S 104,746.96 Media Center Specialist
Kuberski, Diane J 17,014.70 Food Service Worker
Kuhl, Jacob W 2,718.50 Summer Camp
Kuhne, Marykatheryne 61,465.54 Music Teacher
Kundmann, Valerie J 2,686.00 Extracurricular Sponsor


Crystal Lake High School District 155 Salaries Ke-Ku — 3 Comments

  1. Kendall, Connie Sue 114,460.23 TOSA (Dean)

    Do really want somebody who is a braindead democrat brainwashing little kids?

  2. You gotta be kidding me. What the hell does she even do?

    Kidd, Michelle A 124,888.24 Divisional Leader

  3. What’s lacking in the exhibit is years of service and level of education.

    If you have 2 masters degrees and over 30 years of service is making over 100k excessive?

    Trust me, not all teachers are Libs trying to brainwash the kids.

    The new generation coming in now has pronouns in the salutation of their emails.

    Those are the ones you have to keep the kids away from.

    A sure sign of a brainwashed idiot.

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