IL-11: Campaign Roundup

Catalina Lauf named to NRCC Young Guns “On the Radar” list, Cassandra Tanner Miller “Kickoff Fundraiser” set, Mark Carroll launches website

Late Friday morning, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced the addition of 21 additional Republican U.S. House candidates to their Young Guns program, “On the Radar” level.

The designation, which any Republican House candidate can apply for, is based solely on the amount of money raised by the candidate through their first reporting period in a district held by a Democrat.

Catalina Lauf

Catalina Lauf of Woodstock was named to the “On the Radar” list on Friday.

Lauf, who’s been running for Congress for over a year, transferred her campaign from the IL-16 to IL-11, which is held by Democrat Bill Foster of Naperville.

While Lauf surpassed the minimum $100K raised early last year during her campaign against Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon), her candidacy in the 11th District since early December was the reason the NRCC recognized her campaign after the 2021 year-end FEC filings at the end of January.

Lauf is the only Republican candidate who filed a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as Dean Seppelfrick of Aurora did not raise enough money to file a report, and the other five candidates announced their 2022 candidacies after the first of the year.

The 1st quarter 2022 FEC filings will be due on April 15, and the NRCC will add additional candidates who’ve raised the minimal $100K to be “On the Radar”.

Cassandra Tanner Miller Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser set for March 24 in Geneva

Cassandra Tanner Miller, also known as “CTM” (R, Elgin) is having her formal in-person campaign kickoff fundraising event on March 24 at 5:30PM CDT in Geneva. The advertisement is below:

Per the meme from CTM’s campaign Facebook page, tickets to attend cost $100 / person, with sponsorship levels available at $750, $1,500 and $2,900 (maxed-out donor level).

Clearly, just over a week until the end of the quarter, CTM’s campaign will be attempting to bring their fundraising level to be competitive with Lauf in the primary, in time for 1st quarter FEC filings by April 15.

Mark Carroll

Mark Carroll website link active, but currently only goes to WinRed for fundraising

North Aurora VIllage Trustee Mark Carroll’s campaign website address is active. The site currently is only set up to go directly to his WinRed online fundraising page.

The contents clearly under construction, but the web address is active and can be viewed here.


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  1. Correcting make sure you archive that one when Kinzinger tries running for governor. LOL.

  2. Without ballot security, these elections are a complete waste of time.

    The outcome is ordained and fixed.

    People like Tirio are stupid pawns to calm fown the increasingly angry proles.

    People are taking notice who’s oppressing them.

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