Tony Colatorti’s Candidacy for Sheriff Challenged

A petition schallenging the legitimacy of Tony Colatorti’s candidacy for McHenry County Sheriff has been filed by two McHenry men–Williiam Brogan and Joel Brumlik.

It is below:

Apparently anticipating the challenge, Colatorti issue this statement February 24th:

“Despite the rumors my opponent has been spreading, I meet all the necessary qualifications for this office. Tadelman has been spreading these rumors because he wants to distract voters from the fact that he’s spent most of his time in law enforcement in administrative positions sitting behind a desk, while I’ve spent my 22 years in law enforcement out on the streets keeping McHenry County families safe.

This is yet another example of Robb Tadelman bringing Chicago politics to McHenry County, and it certainly speaks to whether he is qualified to lead our county.

When I’m sheriff, I will make it clear that Chicago crime and politics stop at the county line.”

Below is Colatorti’s certificate:i

Tony Colatorti’s 1999 certificate from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

= = = = =

The Robb Tadelman campaign issued the following press release:

Colatorti challenged for not being legally qualified to be elected to Sheriff and for filing false paperwork

Woodstock, Illinois: Two objectors, both former law enforcement officers, have filed a challenge to the nomination papers filed by Antonio ‘Tony’ Colatorti for the office of McHenry County Sheriff.

As a part of the comprehensive police reform legislation passed last year, candidates for sheriff must possess a certificate indicating that they have completed the Minimum Standard Basic Law Enforcement Training Course.

The objection alleges that Colatorti has not completed the minimum basic class required and does not possess an active certificate required by law to be elected to the office of sheriff.

The objection also states that Colatorti falsely swore that he was qualified to hold the office when he was not.

“I am aware of the objections that have been filed against my opponent’s petition to run for Sheriff and I support that objection.

“The law requires sheriffs to have experience and training as full-time law enforcement officers.

“Unlike my opponent, who has not had any experience in full-time law enforcement and is currently out of the profession I am a certified full-time law enforcement officer and currently acting in that capacity.

“It is surprising that my opponent would seek this office without the appropriate qualifications or credentials, and that he would falsify paperwork to say that he has the qualifications when, in fact, he does not.

Law enforcement officers swear to uphold the law. If he cannot even follow the basic laws to get on the ballot as a qualified candidate, how can the public have any confidence in him to uphold the very same laws that protect them and this great community?” said Robb Tadelman.

In addition to the support of local elected officials, Tadelman has received the backing of three Sheriffs from surrounding counties. Boone County Sheriff Dave Ernest, DeKalb County Sheriff Andrew Sullivan, McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim, and Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana have all endorsed Robb Tadelman for Sheriff and have based their support on an assessment of Tadelman’s qualifications and their own interaction with him in his capacity as Undersheriff.

Tadelman resides in Lake in the Hills with his wife and two children.

He is an 18-year veteran of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and a full-time law enforcement officer who has risen through the ranks to become Undersheriff, the ranking deputy to the Sheriff.


Tony Colatorti’s Candidacy for Sheriff Challenged — 40 Comments

  1. Since Ancel, Glink are the objectors’ attorneys, it’s become painfully obvious that Tadelman & Co. is on the side of corruption, non transparency, CRT, bloated govt., the ‘good’ old boys, nepotism, patronage, influence peddling, etc.

  2. Lopez, stop censoring my posts to fit your looney tunes GOP cuckservative agenda.

  3. The acts of a desperate campaign which sees the writing on the wall wherever they go in McHenry County.

  4. Nygren was never certified.

    He received a waiver.

    Other MCSO commanders have way more years and experience than Tadelman.

    What about the PedoPyle connections ?

  5. Are they saying that Tony Colatorti is a former part time cop?

    I thought he was a part time cop not a former part time cop.

    That was the way his people made it sound.

    Which is it?

  6. The was some general reportage of this snafu in the Trib last week, I think. Tony’s probably not the only one to stumble over this.

    It is a newly-passed state legal requirement. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart lacks this certification too, although incumbents prior to passage are not required to.

    A town I lived in had their hastily-appointed Chief bounced for lacking the certification that state law required.

    Regardless of whatever Ancel Glink may or may not have advised them in that instance.


  7. Hi Bill 👋🏼 Off into the sunset for you? Why should we listen to you? You’re abandoning the county and people you swore to protect….

    Did you coordinate efforts with your buddy Bill Brogan who sits on the board with you? Your buddy Bill filed the objection against lColatorti.

    Is Safer Citizens PAC a front to fund Tadelman? It’s well known they’re endorsing him. What I envision is you getting together with your good ole buddies telling them how your guy won’t win on his own merit, and you need their help to squeeze him in.

    Is this right or wrong? Please let me know.

  8. Mellow Monk, please return to her messed up lair.

    It should be very plain Mr. Tadelman and his racketeers is AFRAID of facing Mr. Colatorti in an an actual election.

    If Tadelman was way ahead, then what would he care?

    But he isn’t way ahead.

    He’s way behind.

  9. Ancel, Glink knows what they are doing in this area.

    Should be very interesting…..

  10. To all the Tadelman haters….

    The Law is the Law…..

    if Tony can’t figure that out, he has no business being Sheriff…

    obviously there are many laws this former part-timer knows nothing about…

    Game over

  11. Correcting – FORMER part time cop.

    Has an Illusion been created?

    I remember a former pol saying “Create an illusion and people will believe it. Note – IF anyone has been told that Tony is the ONLY Republican running, do not believe it.

    As far as sitting at a desk – Rob worked a long period of time on patrol days and nights.

    Nights he had to cover the calls for THE PART TIME POLICE DEPARTMENTS that Tony worked at.

    Hey Tony, how about a DEBATE.

    Not just a Forum with pre determined questions?? T


    Tadelman is up for it.
    How about you??

  12. Ask Tadelman if he participated on, supports or will initiate if elected these these type of ‘training’
    Junkets to Israel.

    “Immediately following the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, ADL identified dozens of extremists who took part in the insurrection and shared this information with federal authorities.

    Several of these extremists have been charged with federal crimes.”

  13. If the objection works, run a democrat or another party. Nobody else have the guts to run ?

  14. The law is the law. Instead of attacking the objectors and their motives why not look to the facts:

    Is Colitorti (or Tadelman, for that matter) legally qualified to hold the office?

    This objection is not nit-picking over page numbers or staples vs. paper clips (the typical bulls**t, “gotcha” objections), it speaks to the heart of the matter; the qualifications to hold the office.

    Would we be having this discussion of the objection alleged that either candidate was a resident of Idaho? A convicted felon on parole? 10 years old?

    This is really just that simple!

    Let the matter be heard and it be determined if Colatorti meets the requirements.

  15. While we’re at it, it might be worthwhile to compare the level of training and how it is provided for part-time vs. full-time certification.

    Obviously, there is a major difference since the law provides for the two classifications.

    Also, it is my understanding, and if I’m wrong somebody please correct me, that a certified part time officer cannot legally supervise a certified full-time officer.

    Did Colatorti supervise any full-time certified officers?

    Did any of the departments he worked for even have any certified full-time officers?

    These are important questions that need answers.

  16. Ha ha ha ha. What a show.

    Why are McHenry Co Sheriff elections such a cluster?

    Rob is doing what is clearly justified, by trying to determine if Tony is truly qualified based on state law.

    Tony response is to hurl insults back at Rob.

    True professionalism at its best.

  17. Happy Trails, I don’t think anyone hates Tadelman. They hate what the Sheriff’s Dept has become under Prim. Lowest morale in 10 yrs,
    not an officer’s Dept,
    rust bucket jalopies for squad cars,
    way over-staffed with admins ‘so the Dept runs itself and I don’t have to be there’ Prim can be off on vacation more than he’s there!
    And last but not least-Prim’s gonna tell the voters who to vote for.

    Isn’t that why we got rid of Nygren? Now Prim is acting like his predecessor. The good old boys club. No thanks!
    And newsflash-no one wants to vote for your boy, Tadelman because he’s a Nygren-Zinke holdover. All these RINOs supporting him are closet DemonRats and several of them are bullies. Those who won’t be bossed, bullied or bought are gladly supporting Colatorti, the Constitutional candidate.

    Taxpayers paid plenty with Tadelman’s missteps when the county was sued over his Constitutional violations.

    Vote Constitutional Colatorti!

  18. ANYONE who “challenges” a petition is a SCUMBAG loser.

    This sickens me when politicians do this.

    Shepley successfully did this; SNAKES who love lawyering up are the swamp scum who do this.

    Tadelman and his ilk are slime scum.

  19. Well if I was a Libertarian this would be the perfect time to run a candidate for sheriff

    I am surprised they haven’t

  20. Bill, it’s unknown if Libertarians can even slate a candidate.

    Kind of a weird situation going on there.

    They’re going to need to talk to the clerk’s office about that and possibly the SBE. I won’t bore you guys with the details unless you seem really interested.

    Anyway, qualified candidates are interested in running for sheriff, they can potentially go to prominent members of the Democratic Party or the Libertarian Party and ask about getting slated for the general election.

    They could be rejected, but it’s worth a try to ask and make their pitch if they want to run. (I can even direct you to the appropriate authorities if you’re wondering who they are.)

    I hope that happens.

    Last time around, the Democratic Party just didn’t want to run people in certain races.

    I doubt it was a lack of available candidates but more of a strategic decision.

    In the Libertarians’ case however, they’re just working with a shallow bench.

    It’s not that they chose not to run people.

    There just aren’t any people lol.

    For example, Democrats had about 51 precinct committeeperson candidates while Libertarians had just 5 (Republicans had 73 candidates running in 70 precincts).

    Libertarians will struggle with candidates like sheriff and state’s attorney where you don’t just need to be 18 or 21 years old but require professional credentials, since they are essentially a small club of folks who get together and eat fried fish.

    Now, there are a bit of people who vote Libertarian, but they have no contact with the party members.

    So, people who are qualified and don’t care for Colatorti or Tadelman should probably get in contact with the Democratic Party and/or the Libertarian Party about possibly being slated.

    Otherwise whoever wins the Republican primary will just be the next sheriff which is sort of lame.

    If Democrats don’t want to run someone in that race for strategic reasons and if the Libertarians are not allowed to slate a candidate due to an election calendar oddity, then whoever gets out of the primary will be the next sheriff.

    And if Colatorti is yeeted from the ballot, you can all say hello to the new sheriff, Robb Tadelman.

    (Of course, just so you aren’t mislead, realistically the Republican primary winner is almost certainly going to win a general election even if he has an opponent or two.)

    If you go to the Democrats and they tell you NO, you should let us know the basis of their strategy of not having a candidate or if they just didn’t like you.

    I’m pretty sure I know what the strategy would be, but VOTERS DESERVE TO KNOW.

    The only reason the Libertarians would reject you would be because they can’t slate someone (if that’s the case) or they’re appalled by you personally.

    They only have one countywide candidate and would presumably want more whereas the Dems have a candidate for treasurer and clerk and may want to leave the sheriff’s race blank.

    One last thing, you probably have a better chance of being accepted as a Libertarian candidate than as a Democratic candidate, but you have a better chance of winning as a Democrat than as a Libertarian.

    Hope this was helpful.

  21. How fast will Kenneally start double talking saying that he meant Robb Tadelman was his choice and his endorsement of Colatori was an error?

  22. I have no idea how the law has changed since Colatorti received his certification in 1999, but (50 ILCS 705/8.2) currently reads:

    (c) The part-time police training course referred to in this Section shall be of similar content and the same number of hours as the courses for full-time officers and shall be provided by Mobile Team In-Service Training Units under the Intergovernmental Law Enforcement Officer’s In-Service Training Act or by another approved program or facility in a manner prescribed by the Board.

    I would say that definitely qualifies as being “substantially similar.”

  23. Will the fool Hanlon be representing the objectors?

    Or Tadelman himself, if and when he’s charged?

  24. Several years ago the Sherrif’s department did a sting operation at my business to arrest a man who had made a $8000 engine purchase with the stolen identity of a McHenry man.

    Robb, Charles Hoffman and others within the Sherrif’s dept put on our shop shirts and arrested the man when he picked up the purchase.

    Robb was in the midst of this operation and didn’t appear to be “behind a desk”.

    I’m not endorsing either candidate at this time, just stating facts.

    Jeff Schwartz
    McHenry County Board

  25. While I believe Tony would make a good Sheriff.

    I have never seen a Sheriff personally make an arrest?

    If someone knows of that happening, please cite it?

    I believe when the Sheriff died in office years ago, by statute, the Coroner became the Sheriff and back then, Marlene Lanz never had LEO experience and I don’t think she even owned a gun, yet she WAS the Sheriff for some time.

    I also personally believe that a Part-Time LEO is a position that should NEVER be granted in this or any other state.

    The academy and subsequent certification test should be mandatory before you can be a LEO.

    No more rent-a-cops.

    That’s why these small towns are so messed up, they hire part-timers.

    IMHO, If you can’t afford to have full time academy trained officers, you shouldn’t be an incorporated community.

    Yes, I am talking about Bull Valley, Island Lake, Prairie Grove and in some cases, Lakewood and other communities along 176.

  26. Never hire the scum lawfirm of Ancel Glink.

    Obviously, they support the swamp.

  27. Mar Lantz was a devoted lesbian and forgot to hide a newborn’s skeletal remains.

    She was actually charged with a crime about that.

    But the whole thing was swept under the rug including the ritualistic satanic event behind the baby’s death!

    We won’t go there said SA Kenneally!

  28. Happy Trails To You; what swamp was Tadelman fished out of?

  29. CLM reminds me of those cute little monkeys in the zoo. You know, the ones who fling their own feces all over the place.

    Main difference with CLM is that his feces only sticks to him as he rarely, if ever, provides any basis for his vitriol.

  30. People in glass houses should not cast stones.

    Scandalous text messages to woman while you’re married aren’t good for RINO candidates.

    Just saying

  31. “All of our officers are full time sworn officers (10),” writes Lakewood Chief Mike Roth.

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