Colatorti Huntley Fundraiser Saturday Night

From McHenry County Republican Sheriff hopeful Tony Colatortiu:

He writes,

As you finalize your weekend plans, be sure you’re planning on joining us tomorrow night at Parkside Pub & Grill in Huntley for our campaign’s concert night with performances by Back Country Roads and Moving N Groving DJs!

Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. Save on the ticket price by getting your’s online ahead of the concert.

While my opponent is busy playing sleazy Chicago-style politics, I’m focused on our community and families. McHenry County deserves better and why I’m excited to be at Parkside tomorrow night for a great night of concerts with friends, family, supporters!

Help me make sure Chicago politics and crime stops at the McHenry County line by getting your tickets to join me tomorrow night in Huntley here.

See you tomorrow, 


Colatorti Huntley Fundraiser Saturday Night — 12 Comments

  1. He will need the money for the legal challenge to his petitions.

  2. Cal, please spell Colatorti’s name correctly.

    And get a new IT consultant!

  3. Tadelman’s BLM worship is over the top.

    Tadelman was also Nygren’s bag boy.

    That’s disqualifying.

    Sleazoid Tadelman’s camoaign strategy : scream antisemitism every time his antiwhite attitudes are presented.

  4. It’s a good thing people don’t have to write in his name.

  5. Will everyone arriving by car or truck have a designated driver?

    Tired of hearing the constant drone of Chicago style politics.

    Get a new slogan

  6. Will Patty O’Kenneally be the entertainment dancing on tables while those in attendance toss dimes, nickels and pennies at him?

  7. Wow who knew Doc Kellar was a Colatorti supporter.

    Doc owns the Clinic sponsoring this.

    He’s a good guy, Veteran, 101st Screaming Eagle.

    Not sure that makes Colatorti a good guy–still deciding, but Tadelmann Tales mounting up with questions of Nygren ties, Pedo-Pyle ties, etc.

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