State Board of Elections Refuses Access to Candidate Petition Challenges

The reason?

The Board does not want them to be tried in the court of publkic opinion prior to their being assigned to a Heariung Examiner.

That’s what I was told today.

Note that McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio had no problem releasing the challenge against Tony Colatorti’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for Sheriff.


State Board of Elections Refuses Access to Candidate Petition Challenges — 8 Comments

  1. Cal, read this and it should help you understand why you are being denied. The narrative needs to be controlled by them, not you. The weaponization of disinformation / misinformation is very active in politics. Joe Tirio even uses these words to discredit the truth about what goes on during the elections.

    The weaponization of the concept of disinformation to achieve political ends is a greater threat to whatever’s left of American democracy than any isolated pieces of actual disinformation could ever be. Democracy is built on the assumption that typical citizens can discern the truth, and that they have the capacities necessary to develop and implement situations to the problems they face. The elite disinformation campaign on disinformation implies not only that regular Americans should not play any meaningful role in governance, administration, or deliberation—it insinuates that they don’t have the cognitive ability to learn the truth and to know it when they see it. It doesn’t get more anti-democratic than that.

  2. What is really laughable is that the political Establishment of both parties “wonders” why people call it the SWAMP.

    They cannot understand why a guy like Donald Trump has such a loyal following and so much energy behind his candidacy.

    The political Establishment HATES to be questions.

    Shut up, stupid….and behave.

    Don’t ask questions about your authorities – just blindly follow our dictates.

    But Trump and his followers are the autocrats.

    What a joke.


  3. Maybe they’ll hire Joe Tirio to further hide things.

    Here’s a realistic take on Covid/Transgender Lunacy/Ukraine/Cheat by Mail/etc:

    All the paradoxical quandries of the various crises can be summed up in similar terms – the Globalists (Jews and their minions) have the Western nations by the throat and are now desperately trying to destroy everything in order to permanently impose their centralised technocratic control on whatever population manages to survive.

    A dystopian vision for the world not dissimilar from The Hunger Games or 1984 (only much worse).

    But China and Russia and Brazil (and other recalcitrants in the global south) aren’t playing the Globalists’ game.

    What this means for the poor trapped Western lemmings, with world powers like Russia and China standing united against the plans of the Globalists, is that the Globalists might actually fail to accomplish their Great Reset (and we should pray that this is the case) – but the potential for enormous conflict, suffering and death across the planet remains, whatever the final outcome.

    The jewish clan called the Pritzkers do their best to wreck Western Christian Civilization:

  4. “The ideological continuity between the pandemic farce and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis continues to emerge, beyond the evidence of the events and statements of the subjects involved, in the fact that the ultimate perpetrators of both are the same, all attributable to the globalist cabal of the World Economic Forum.” (“Exclusive: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò”, Gateway Pundit)

  5. Dr. Robert Malone (the guy slammed by the media for bringing up Mass Formation Psychosis) shared this today. For those confused what we are living through it might help you understand. Cindy knows and so do I and a few others on here. It’s a little bit of a read but ties in well with my first link.

    While elections are important and Mr. Tirio refuses to admit these machines are hackable, we need to step back to a higher elevation in order to understand what is really happening. Joe uses misinformation/disinformation narrative to suppress dissenters. Joe, you better get on board with what the rest of us have woken up to.

    It’s only going to get much worse when Truth Social goes live in less than a week.

    Uncovering the Corona Narrative
    Ernst Wolffs’ answer to the big questions that have plagued all of us.
    Robert W Malone MD, MS

  6. I thought Truth Social was already active and working? What happened?


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