Should/Will County Officials Recuse Themselves from Electoral Board Service in the Colatorti Petition Challenge?

The challenge to the eligibililty of Tony Colatorti’s candidacy will intitially. be determined by the McHenry County Electoral Board.

That entity consists of the

  • State’s Attorney
  • Circiut Clerk
  • County Clerk

Two of those have officially endorsed one of the candidates:

  • State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally has endorsed Colatorti and
  • Circuit Court Clerk Kathy Keefe has endorsed his opponent Robb Tadelman

The third, McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio, has attended numerous fundraising events for Colatorti, but made noformal endorsement.

Joe and Karen Tirio pose with Tony and Brittany Colatorti at October 30, 2021, fundraiser at Woodstock Harley.

Sources report that photos of Trio at such events have been being scrubbed from various web sites.

Tony Colatorti, Joe Tirio and unidentified man.

Should any of the statutory members of the Electoral Board recuse themselves, they would be replaced by a Court appointment.

Attorneys Steve Haugh and David Stone were appointed to serve on the McHenry Township Electoral Board in 2017, for instance.

Stone was also a replacement member on a 2012 Nunda Township Electoral Board.

Any decision, of course, could be appealed to Circuit Court.

And, considering that incumbent Sheriff’ were exempted from the new law, my non-lawyer thought is that, should he lose, Colatorti could use the lack of equal protection under the law as a reason to vitiate the legislation.

A late September, 2021 photo of Glenn Swanson, Orville Brettman, Tony Colatorti, Mike Buehler and Joe Tirio.


Should/Will County Officials Recuse Themselves from Electoral Board Service in the Colatorti Petition Challenge? — 38 Comments

  1. Cal:

    “And, considering that incumbent Sheriff’ were exempted from the new law, my non-lawyer thought is that, should he lose, Colatorti could use the lack of equal proteciton under the law as a reson to viciate the legislation.”

    First, that’s “protection”, “reason”, and “vitiate”.

    Second, no he can’t. New laws can be passed whenever and they are effective when they are effective. They can’t apply retroactively but can apply prospectively. That is why incumbents were exempted. Doing that doesn’t create an “Equal Protection” argument.

    I would think that anyone who wants to be the chief law enforcement officer for the county would take the time to read the law and make sure he qualifies before he undertakes all of the effort involved.

    Same for would be committeemen who just needed to check the maps on the clerk’s website and locate their homes to know which new precinct they were in.

    Stupid is a stupid does.

    Also its a stupid idea for elected officials who may have to sit on an electoral board to make endorsements of candidates and/or show up their funders.

    Just sayin’

  2. Thanbks, Citizen Editor.

    My spelling talents peaked in 8th grade.

  3. Why not just seat Tadelman on the Board and strike the three members, that would ensure the “right” result for the libtards running this County.

    The fix is in anyway in the rigged elections staged here. Only approved candidates can win anyway.

    Prim has already abused his power by fronting Tadelman for his coronation.

    Who does Colatorti think he is?!! An American citizen who has a right to run for office?

    There’s little justice in McHenry County, but there is “Just Us”

  4. Tirio is fine as a recorder.

    An office that has always ran itself, but as a county Clerk he has no clue.

    Much like his predecessor.

    Kathie Schultz was the last one in the office that knew what she was doing.

    I almost have to blame her for not grooming someone to take her place as her predecessors did.

    Vern Train Rosemary, Rosemary and Vern trained her…

  5. **They can’t apply retroactively but can apply prospectively. That is why incumbents were exempted.**

    Eh… you can’t pass a law that retroactively says a current Sheriff cannot be Sheriff.

    But not sure that the retroactive/exemption for incumbents argument is valid, being that it would be a new election for the term.

    No incumbent has the right to re-election.

  6. The whole purpose of the Prim-Tadelman-Franks objection is to tie Colatorti up so he can’t campaign and scare off potential contributors.

    Disgusting. But those rats have much to fear. Karma is a bitch.

  7. And Tirio should resign from his County Clerk gig.

    Reason: Not very competent, just like the last two Clerks.

  8. OTOH, Colatorti might have a shot by arguing he’s denied equal protection by virtue of the recently passed law that exempts Crook County Sheriff Tom Dart from the requirement as he is seeking reelection.

    Dart is such a goof though, that any required training would still be lost on him.

  9. I will be certain to vote for Colatorti against the fixers.

    Glen Swanson is really good!

  10. I learn more every day how the corruption operates in this state. I like Eyetalian food and not Tattlers. Who do you think the hall monitor was in grade school? Why do we need the law in the first place? If he gets elected put him through the full-time training. What’s the delta on those f/t p/t training requirements anyways that the corrupt Springfield rats pushed through?

  11. Is Tattelman willing to accept the multimillion dollar lawsuit against him after his loss?

  12. Currently, the part time training is the same number of hours and has to cover the same material as the full time training.

    IDK if that was the case when Mr Colatorti received his training.

  13. Billy – want to see education all down the line.

    Tadelman has his listed from high school on to today.

    Been to events for Mr. T at Cucina.

    Watched the bravado speech that tells you nothing while his wife has to rub his back.

    In a forum – has to read off of cards.



    Where is the debate, Tony?

    Why won’t you do a town hall with open mike???

    The sheriff on occasion has to got to DC.

    Meet with senators.

    Does he have to bring the wife to rub his back as he reads off of cards??

    Tirio may have been to ONE of Robb’s and that was for show.

    Now trying to lay low.

    That is it.

    Gone to many, many of Tony’s.

    Tony featured EXTENSIVELY at the Go Pac events.

    Go Pac gave Tony money.

    By the way that is NOT a GOP Pac as many have believed and I was one at one time.

    Name is easily misunderstood.

  14. Still waiting for any evidence of a Franks-Tadelman other than belong to the same synagogue.

  15. Tony has said many times that he has wanted to do this all of his life.

    Why then, not do what needed to be done to earn it, take the courses needed for education and training?

    Build on it like Robb and others have done.

    Working part time police departments is not adequate.

    Even Nygren did that.

    He had a degree, took all the training needed and was full time on the job.

    Is Tony actually working as a cop now???

    Will he answer that??

    Even literature for Tony has nothing of substance.

  16. Bklr- did you frame that ticket that Robb gave you many years ago and then you’ve followed his career ever since??

    It says a lot when your own employees aren’t behind you.

  17. Its well known who the Tireo’s are supporting so lets not act like they aren’t biased.

    This is headed to court no matter whats ruled here.

    Tony hasn’t met the qualifications to be sherriff and will be removed from the ballot accordingly.

    Nobody’s fault but his own.

  18. Recap from the comments so far
    • BecasueScience has judged Cal stupid, without any scientific evidence
    • Cal thanks BecasueScience and acknowledges his stupidity.
    • Dingo gets a double on the Trump baseball bingo, using child like name calling and referencing rigged elections but gets a triple on the McHeny county diamond, going to first on abuse of power, referencing rights and gets to third by enforcing division.
    • tom slick doesn’t like Tirio but thinks Kathie Schultz should have been a better groomer.
    • Correcting doesn’t correct.
    • Koziol thinks that Colatori has suspended his campaign and donors are pu*$ies. And Tirio should quit because he’s not competent just like the previous two clerks who represent a combined 50 (?) in office.
    • I’m getting board so the remainder of the recap will be shorter and snarkier.
    • give us a break is good with legal terms like goof.
    • Glen Swanson should call MsTrumpian.
    • bred winner doesn’t know how to use the internet or the phone.
    • Fierabras should be a headline reporter.
    • JT speaks cra cra.
    • Uranus (hehe) thanks for the legal advice… didn’t know I had a choice on accepting lawsuits.
    • Cal is waiting for synagogue membership rolls.
    • bklr… see bred winner
    • Paul Revere gets a double on Illinois Corruption diamond
    • Uranus (hehe) takes a whack at bklr.
    • Catalina Lauf will get the vote of most of the male commenters on the blog because hubba hubba.

  19. Remember Colatorti, in a Republican Primary, is supported by the Unions and there is nothing more dirty Chicago style politics than that.

    Remember, I heard, when all the union slugs that got up and left at the McHenry forum as soon as Colatorti was done speaking.

    Being disrespectful to Tadelman’s final statement.

  20. Fools (accurate handle for you) And many of the current Sheriffs workforce would have got up and walked out too as they don’t support Robb, but rather hung around to support Colatorti.

    Let’s make another thing clear, Tadelman went to the Union on his knees begging for their endorsement.

    He just didn’t receive it.

    And the Chicago-style politics is taking place within the Sheriffs Dept (with a little help from Establishment Republican leadership)

  21. As it stands, it looks like the odds are in Tadelman’s favor.

    He has someone who has endorsed him outwardly (Clerk of the Circuit Court) and a wildcard that could go either way in the Lake Co States Atty.

    Tirio is neutral as he hasn’t endorsed either and went to both candidate’s events.

    It’s Tirio’s job so unless it has something to do with his own position, he and Circuit clerk should not recuse themselves, but do the right thing after hearing both sides.

  22. Fierabras, are you sure you’re thinking of Tirio and not Buehler?

    I don’t recall seeing pics of the Tirios at any Tadelman fundraiser.

    Send pics to Cal.

  23. It looks like Buehler has his hand on Colatorti’s butt. That’s better than any standard endorsement!

  24. Correcting- Not sure if Tirio EVER went to any of Robb’s

    Just told he showed up at his first meet and greet.

    Which is not a fund raiser.

    Tiro on video etc at many of Tony’s .

  25. if you are in charge of counting the votes you shouldn’t be going to any type of political functions except your own.

    I don’t recall seen Cathy Schultz making the rounds.

  26. Tirio, Tadelman, and Colatori are all Republicans running for office.

    They all attend Republican function at the same time.

    That is why you see them pictured together.

  27. Buehler was at Tony’s event Saturday night with his wife. They had a great time!

  28. Tadelman’s family are a nest if democrats. There was a Bernie sign up at the Tadelman hacienda.

    Tadelman is a democrat, a rotten, lying democrat.

    He was the shofar-chauffer squiring Nygren and Franks around the County.

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