The New Law Concerning Perequisite to Run for Sheriff

Here’s what the law says:

(55 ILCS 5/3-6001.5)
Sec. 3-6001.5. Sheriff qualifications. A person is not eligible to be elected or appointed to the office of sheriff, unless that person meets all of the following requirements:
(1) Is a United States citizen.
(2) Has been a resident of the county for at least
    one year.
(3) Is not a convicted felon.
(4) Has a certificate attesting to his or her
    successful completion of the Minimum Standards Basic Law Enforcement Officers Training Course as prescribed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board or a substantially similar training program of another state or the federal government. This paragraph does not apply to a sheriff currently serving on the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 101st General Assembly.
(Source: P.A. 101-652, eff. 1-1-22.

The bottom requirement was passed buried in the massive Democratic Party criminal “reform” bill last year.

Let me address from a policy viewpoint first.

Had it come in a separate bill, I would have voted against it–especially with its grandfathering in of incumbent Sheriffs.

Talk about an “incumbent protection law!”

But, naturally, the lobbyist for the Sheriff’s Association knows who pays his/her salary.

I do not believe in restricting who can run for office.

Limiting the talent pool is not the way to obtain the best government.

This has been done repeatedly, of course.

Take the Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The requirements kept the current occupant of the office to be considered when it was vacant in the early part of this century, because she had decided to stay home and raise her young children. As a reault, she didn’t have the three years of recent administrive experience.

The same Catch-22 eliminated the Hartland Township woman working for the Sanagamon County Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The there was the bill to require school business managers to have a master’s degree in educaiton passed in 1975.

It was a Northwestern Illinois State Rep.’s first bill and, unless one;s first bill is terrible, it passed after the sponsor is harrassed on the floor.

Dick Mucahay asked me why I didn’t vote for his bill.

I told him the country was in a recession and all sorts of business types who would make excellent buniness managers were unemployed, probalby pretty much what I had said on the House floor.

In the case of the Office of Sheriff, the post is an administrative and policy one.

Some would argue it should not even be elective.

Note, we do not elect police chiefs.

Management abililties are required of the Sheriff.

There are a lot of employees in counties like ours.

And there are certainly different types of criminal activity that various candidates could prefer, much like State’s Attorneys.

That having been said, the law is now on the books and it is unreasonable to expect candidates not to use every advantage they can find.

Robb Tadelman’s supporters seek to have oppenent Tony Colatorti thrown off the ballot because, they argue, he does not have the required Full-Time Law Enforcement certification.

Colatorti does have a 1999 Part-Time certification:

Tony Colatorti’s training certification from the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

But Tadelman counters with the following February 20, 2020, rejection of Colatorti’s request for a waiver:

Robb Tadelman circles the part of the form he considers most relevant.

This document will undoubtedly be submitted in evidence to the McHenry County Electoral Board considing of the County Clerk, State’s Attorney and Circuit Clerk.


The New Law Concerning Perequisite to Run for Sheriff — 19 Comments

  1. If Kenneally is endorsing you you know he’s got a lot of things he needs to hide and supporting someone who’ll do just that.

    Patty’s in it to benefit himself and whoever will kiss his ass gets his “endorsement.

  2. It might be best to see how this hearing goes. The law favors Colatorti.

  3. Prairie Grove, like Holiday Hills & McCullom Lake are essentially neighborhoods.

    Just sayin in a Chicago kinda way, Capiche?

  4. Tadelman pussyfoots about his involvement with the piss poor Deputy Pyle pedophile investigation.

    Why is that?

    Tadelman’s the one disqualified to be Sheriff!

    McHenry County, “Round Two?”
    Marlene Lantz
    Let’s Meet “Dirty Dan’s” Supporters, Shall We? The Twice Indicted Former Coroner Marlene Lantz!
    Greg Pyle
    Staunch “Dirty Dan” Supporter. Convicted Pedophile Deputy Greg Pyle. Pyle had been labled as former Sheriff Keith Nygren’s “Bag Man!” “Dirty Dan” Sure Has Some “Dirty Laundry!” Click Images to Enlarge.
    Pyle Mug Shot

    Cal, get anew IT minder for this blog. It’s full of spyware.

  5. Tadelman, what happened with the Pyle investigation?

    Was Pyle warned by somebody at the Sheriff’s Dept. To ditch his cell phone?

    But who was conducting the local investigation the feds resurrected????!!!!!!

    “Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested on August 14, and charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child. The defendant, Gregory M. Pyle, age 36, of Crest Hills, IL formerly of Crystal Lake, IL, was charged in a criminal complaint.

    According to court documents, an individual under investigation for child pornography identified the usernames of other individuals with whom he had traded child pornography over the internet. Pyle was allegedly identified as the person using two of those usernames. The complaint alleges that Pyle transmitted sexually explicit images via the internet under those usernames including depictions of a minor child. During a later interview, the minor stated that Pyle had sexually abused him on multiple occasions, including on a trip to Wisconsin. The complaint alleges that in December 2008 Pyle traveled to Wisconsin with the child, then 10 years of age, with the intent to engage in a sexual act with the child, and to produce child pornography that was then transmitted via the internet.”

    More at:

  6. Last week at the Republican meet and greet at Port Edwards, Tadelman approached us and was bragging that he was always supported by Al Jourdan!

    Not only is Jourdan long been dead, but he wasn’t what I’d be bragging about if I were him!

  7. What this shows is that Tony was aware of his credentialed deficit for more than 2 years now.

    Leopard Man, Pyle isn’t running this time.

  8. Having to litigate whether or not you have the necessary legal requirements for the job is going to cast serious shade on the campaign regardless of whether or not it affects his ability to be on the ballot.

  9. Becausescience:

    You think?

    That’s exactly why the filed the complaint.

    Bogus as a three dollar bill.

    Friday’s testimony and documents will show this bit of crap for what it is.

  10. You have to laugh at the goofs (on both sides) throwing out unfounded accusations about either candidate without offering a shred of substance.

    Whatever Pyle did, whatever B.S. you choose to spread about Lantz, or Jourdan, is immaterial to this election without a FACTUAL basis.

    Even then it probably means little or nothing in the overall scheme of things.

    It really is inconsequential, just like an accusation that Leopardman beats his wife while sexually abusing his next door neighbor’s son or that Sick of Orcs is a Human Trafficker.

    Dual citizenship question?

    By the very question you admit that Tadelman is a US Citizen.

    Any intelligent person can see that dual citizenship (if, in fact he possesses dual citizenship) is not disqualifying as he possesses US Citizenship.

    Even if true, it makes no difference.

    Again I am reminded of the cute little monkeys flinging their feces around hoping that it will stick somewhere.


  11. If you look at the date on the bottom, this request for a waiver occurs just before/about the time Tony left Prairie Grove.

    Supposedly, wanted Prairie Grove to go to a full-time department.

    Yet was not certified full-time?

  12. hey maybe you no like a tony colatorti you don’t get any more chicken cacciatore, eh?

    i’m just sayin … maybe you no like a tony colatorti and you lose yer mostaccioli?

    maybe you decide you don’t wanna vote for a tony colatorti and you drop your malt liquor 40 and it breaks.

    Worse tings have happened.

  13. I think it does make a difference if Tadelman is an Israeli citizen.

  14. Mellow Monk,

    That is indeed accurate.

    Mr. Colatorti did indeed leave Prairie Grove PD and the waiver is very specified that Tony doesn’t meet the minimum basic requirement standards to even entertain being Sheriff which is indeed a full time position.

  15. @Koziol. . . explain if you can.

    He’s a US citizen and if, as other allege, he’s also a an Israeli citizen, how does that affect his qualification for the office of sheriff?

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