66th House District: Suzanne Ness Doubles Down for Abortion-on-Demand

Suzanne Ness

What can be taken as a sick attempt at April Fool’s Day humor, state Representative tweets her support for “reproductive rights” that do not exist, even under Roe v. Wade, let alone to justify Abortion-on-Demand

Friday morning at 9AM CDT, state Representative Suzanne Ness (D, Crystal Lake) represented residents in the 66th Representative District to be for abortion-on-demand.

Here is the tweet from this morning:

From the desk of John Lopez: Mainstream 66th Representative District voters, whether the current 66th District, or the new one drawn by Democrats last year, do NOT believe in abortion-on-demand. That is the far, far leftist view of the minority of people across the country.

Voters witnessed at the end of February how the U.S. Senate, under Democratic control, rejected through filibuster the Federal abortion-on-demand-up-to-the-moment-of-birth legislation that was meant to codify Roe v. Wade through the lie that the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right for women to terminate their pregnancy.

From California Target Book Twitter BOT

I grew up in the Dallas area where Roe v Wade started, and the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 ruled in favor of the Right to Privacy to make decisions, NOT on the right to kill the most innocent in our country. There is no such thing as “reproductive rights” concerning an abortion, that’s a distortion by the far left, including their allies in the mainstream media.

By the grace of God, the U.S. Supreme Court could finally overturn the legislating-from-the-bench of Roe v. Wade just in time for the June primary election. Once that happens, the responsibility will be returned to the states on the subject of abortion, which is where it belonged in the first place.

We’ll see what happens in June.

Back to Ness, McHenry County Blog has reached out to both of her Republican challengers, Dundee Township Supervisor Arin Thrower (R, West Dundee) and Connie Cain (R, Gilberts), to ask them for their responses to Ness’ disgusting misrepresentation of 66th District residents.

Should Cain or Thrower respond, this article will be updated accordingly.

All comments to this article need to be on the topic of the article, Suzanne Ness and her pro-abortion-on-demand tweet. ANY attempts to change-the-subject will be deleted, and this is no April Fool’s joke. Don’t test me on this.


66th House District: Suzanne Ness Doubles Down for Abortion-on-Demand — 7 Comments

  1. Nowhere in the U.S. are “Reproductive Rights” under assault. A female after being impregnated by a male can then REPRODUCE a human being baby infant without interference from the government nor anyone else.

    The lady Ness is probably referring to the act of killing or aborting the infant in a female’s womb.

    Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Ketangi made a reference to the expertise of biologists around the world. A very huge, large majority of biologists state that life begins in the female’s womb shortly after fertilization by a male. By extension then, an abortion performed on a female is an act of murder.

  2. April Fool’s Day is canceled because nothing could be a bigger joke than the joke that’s running our country right now!!!

  3. Ness is just as bad as her crooked mom. These people want your child groomed by LGBTQXYZ perverts.

    Resist them!

  4. This is absolutely despicable behavior on State Representative Suzanne Ness’s part.

    What sadly the Democrats have a hard time comprehending is once that woman has a baby growing inside of her, that’s a life. Instead of CAVALIERLY rooting for such a horrific procedure to be performed, these women need proper counseling with prenatal care and resources for themselves to utilize then just terminating the life of a fetus.

    Yes indeed there’s extenuating circumstances such as the woman being RITUALISTICALLY abused or raped, but even then in those cases, the woman should be properly counseled, and then make the painful decision whether to keep the baby, put it up for adoption, or sadly to eventually end the pregnancy.

    State Representative Suzanne Ness needs to be more mindful of the erroneous statements that she makes on delicate topics like this one.

    Shame on her.

  5. Democrats lie every time.

    Republicans seldom tell the truth.

    Uniparty of Marxists and Cuckservatives.

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