UPDATEDx2: Final and Corrected List of Springfield Filings for 2022 Primary Election with Ballot Order

Johnny Ramos

11th Congressional District Republican Johnny Ramos withdraws due to lack of signatures

9th Congressional District Democrat challenger also withdraws

Ballot lottery for simultaneous filers to be listed first on the ballot and last on the ballot will be conducted by the State Board of Elections at a date/time to be announced.

In my honest opinion, the person whose name is chosen 2nd in a more-than-2-candidate race should be placed on the final spot on the ballot, but I can only dream of that change in state law.

Please feel free to comment on all filings, which can be tracked at the State Board of Elections website at this link.

U.S. Senator

  • Democratic
    • Tammy Duckworth (Hoffman Estates)
  • Republican
    • Casey Chlebek (Lake Forest)
    • Peggy Hubbard (Belleville)
    • Maryann Mahlen (Orland Park)
    • Bobby Piton (Geneva)
    • Jimmy Lee Tillman, II (Chicago)
    • Anthony Williams (Dolton)
    • Kathy Salvi (Mundelein)
    • Matthew “Matt” Dubiel (Naperville)

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

  • Democratic
    • JB Pritzker (Chicago) / Julianna Stratton (Chicago)
    • Beverly Miles (Chicago) / Karla Shaw (Chicago) — filed 3/14, 11:26AM CDT
  • Republican
    • Darren Bailey (Xenia) / Stephanie Trussell (Lisle)
    • Paul Schimpf (Waterloo) / Carolyn Schofield (Crystal Lake)
    • Richard Irvin (Aurora) / Avery Bourne (Morrisonville)
    • Gary Rabine (Bull Valley) / Aaron Del Mar (Palatine)
    • Emily Johnson (Wheaton) / Brett Mahlen (Orland Park) — filed Wed, 3/9/22
    • Jesse Sullivan (Petersburg) / Kathleen Murphy (Warrenville) — filed Mon, 3/14/22 4-5PM CDT
    • Keisha Smith (Country Club Hills) / not processed, yet — filed Mon, 3/14/22 4-5PM CDT
    • Max Solomon (Hazel Crest) / Latasha Fields (Chicago) — filed 3/14, 4-5PM CDT

Secretary of State

  • Democratic
    • Alexi Giannoulias (Chicago)
    • David Moore (Chicago)
    • Anna Valencia (Chicago)
    • Sidney Moore (Homewood) — filed Mon, 3/14/22 8:41AM CDT
  • Republican
    • Dan Brady (Bloomington)
    • John Milhiser (Springfield)
    • Michelle Turney (Chicago) — filed Wed, 3/9/22

Attorney General

  • Democratic
    • Kwame Raoul (Chicago)
  • Republican
    • Steve Kim (Deerfield)
    • David Shestokas (Orland Park)
    • Thomas DeVore (Sorento) — filed 3/14, 2:49PM CDT


  • Democratic
    • Susana Mendoza (Chicago)
  • Republican
    • Shannon Teresi (Crystal Lake)
    • Michael Kinney (Carol Stream) — filed Wed, 3/9/22


  • Democratic
    • Michael Frerichs (Champaign)
  • Republican
    • Tom Demmer (Dixon)
    • Patrice McDermand (Lake Bluff) — filed Wed, 3/9/22

McHenry County Blog will post other races throughout the week as updates become available and/or complete for the first day of filing, and subsequent candidate filings through March 14.

5th Congressional District (including southwestern Lake County with Fox River Grove and Barrington Hills)

  • Democratic
    • Mike Quigley (Chicago)
    • Rami Blan (Chicago) — filed Mon, 3/14, 10:32AM CDT
  • Republican
    • Tommy Hanson (Chicago)
    • Malgorzata McGonigal (North Barrington) — filed Fri, 3/11 at 3:05PM CST
    • Kimball Ladien (Chicago) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 2:07PM CDT

8th Congressional District (Dundee Township, portion of Huntley in Kane County)

  • Democratic
    • Junaid Ahmed (South Barrington)
    • Raja Krishnamoorthi (Schaumburg)
  • Republican
    • Chad Koppie (Gilberts)
    • Peter Kopsaftis (South Barrington)
    • Phillip Wood (Carol Stream)
    • Karen Kolodziej (Itasca) — filed Thursday, 3/10
    • Chris Dargis (Palatine, outside of district) — filed Monday, 3/14, 4-5PM CDT

9th Congressional District (Algonquin Township in McHenry County)

  • Democratic
    • Jan Schakowsky (Evanston)
    • Andrew Heldut (Chicago) — filed 3/14, 4-5PM CDT withdrawn, 3/29/22
  • Republican
    • John Elleson (Arlington Heights) objection pending
    • Maxwell “Max” Rice (Northbrook) — filed 3/14, 10:50AM CDT

10th Congressional District (Richmond, Burton, Hebron and portions of McHenry and Greenwood townships in McHenry County)

  • Democratic
    • Brad Schneider (Highland Park)
  • Republican
    • Joseph Severino (Lake Forest)

11th Congressional District (most of McHenry County including Grafton, Dorr, Seneca, Nunda, Coral, Riley, Marengo and portions of Greenwood, Hartland and McHenry townships)

  • Democratic
    • Bill Foster (Naperville)
  • Republican
    • Jerry Evans (Warrenville)
    • Andrea Heeg (Geneva)
    • Catalina Lauf (Woodstock) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 1:30PM CDT
    • Juan “Johnny” Ramos (Naperville) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 1:56PM CDT withdrawn, 4/1/22
    • Susan Hathaway-Altman (Geneva-St. Charles) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 2:47PM CDT
    • Cassandra Tanner Miller (Elgin) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 4-5PM CDT
    • Mark Carroll (North Aurora) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 4-5PM CDT

16th Congressional District (Chemung, Dunham, Alden and part of Hartland townships)

  • Republican
    • Darin LaHood (Peoria)
    • Walt Peters (Rockford) — filed Fri, 3/11
    • JoAnne Guillemette (Rockford) — filed Fri, 3/11
    • Michael Rebresh (Minooka) — filed Mon, 3/14, 9:46AM CDT

26th District Senator

  • Democratic
    • Maria Peterson (North Barrington)
  • Republican
    • Dan McConchie (Hawthorn Woods)

32nd District Senator

  • Republican
    • Craig Wilcox (McHenry)

33rd District Senator

  • Republican
    • Don DeWitte (St. Charles)

35th District Senator

  • Republican
    • Dave Syverson (Cherry Valley)
    • Eli Nicolosi (Rockford) – filed Mon, 3/14 at 10:36AM CDT

52nd District Representative

  • Democratic
    • Mary Morgan (Island Lake)
  • Republican
    • Martin McLaughlin (Barrington Hills)

63rd District Representative

  • Democratic
    • Brian Meyers (Crystal Lake)
  • Republican
    • Steven Reick (Woodstock)

64th District Representative

  • Republican
    • Tom Weber (Lake Villa)

66th District Representative

  • Democratic
    • Suzanne Ness (Crystal Lake)
  • Republican
    • Arin Thrower (West Dundee) – top of ballot
    • Connie Cain (Gilberts) – filed at 10:45AM, will be 2nd/last (barring another candidate filing) on primary ballot

69th District Representative

  • Democratic
    • Peter Janko (Marengo)
  • Republican
    • Joe Sosnowski (Rockford)

70th District Representative

  • Republican
    • Jeff Keicher (Sycamore)

Illinois Supreme Court — 2nd District

  • Democratic
    • Rene’ Cruz (Aurora)
    • Elizabeth “Liz” Rochford (Lake Forest)
    • Nancy Rodkin Rotering (Highland Park)
  • Republican
    • Mark C. Curran, Jr. (Libertyville)
    • John A. Noverini (Carpentersville)
    • Daniel B. Shanes (Mundelein)
    • Susan Hutchinson (Crystal Lake) — filed 3/14, 3:11PM CDT

2nd Appellate District

  • Democratic
    • Michael Cortina (Crystal Lake)
    • Chris Kennedy (Libertyville)
    • Erin Cartwright Weinstein (Gurnee) – filed 10:44AM, ineligible for top-of-ballot lottery
  • Republican
    • Susan Clancy Boles (Geneva)

Democratic State Central Committeepersons

The Democratic state central committeepersons are elected by Democratic primary voters to four year-terms. Two are elected from each congressional district, one committeeman and one committeewoman.

Republican state central committeepersons are elected, one for each congressional district, at the Republican county conventions by the elected precinct/township committeepersons elected on June 28. Chicago ward committeepersons also participate, but their next election is in 2024.

5th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • John Cullerton (Chicago
    • Robert Martwick (Chicago)
    • Ram Villivalam (Chicago)
  • Committeewoman
    • Margaret Croke (Chicago)
    • Ann Williams (Chicago)
    • Nancy Shepherdson (Barrington)
    • Maryana Spyropoulos (Chicago)
    • Arielle Rodriguez Maffei (Chicago) — filed 3/14, 3:08 PM CDT

8th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • Michael Cudzik (Schaumburg)
    • Terrell Barnes (Roselle) — filed Tue, 3/8
  • Committeewoman
    • Cristina Castro (Elgin)

9th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • Michael Cabonargi (Wilmette)
    • Ryan McIntyre (Chicago) — filed Mon, 3/7, 12:41PM
  • Committeewoman
    • Carol Ronen (Chicago)

10th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • Thomas Maillard (Waukegan)
    • Hal Sloan (Grayslake)
  • Committeewoman
    • Melinda Bush (Grayslake)
    • Lauren Beth Gash (Highland Park)

11th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • Peter Janko (Marengo)
    • Renato Mariotti (Naperville)
  • Committeewoman
    • Kristina Zahorik (Oakwood Hills)
    • Rachel Davis (Aurora) — filed 3/14, 1:13PM CDT

16th Congressional District

  • Committeeman
    • John Daniel (Minooka) — filed Tue, 3/8
    • Rick Wilkin (Ohio) — filed Wed, 3/9
  • Committeewoman
    • Elizabeth Lindquist (Roscoe)


UPDATEDx2: Final and Corrected List of Springfield Filings for 2022 Primary Election with Ballot Order — 90 Comments

  1. Keep steering people into false hopes. The elections are rigged. Get real.

  2. Sick of Orcs, I’m fair with everyone including Catalina Lauf.

    Why don’t you ask the correct question, will Lauf be fair, and more importantly honest with voters, including me?

  3. Ron Watkins posted this yesterday LeopardMan. I never thought of early voting in that way yet it makes 100% sense based on how Trump was able to show we have been cheated ever since these machines have come into play. I wonder who the 100+ county clerks will anoint using the techniques we now know are being used every 2 years. Vote on the day of the election only.
    Critical point – no more early voting. It should be absolutely repealed with very few exceptions, perhaps for those who can’t vote on Election Day due to work obligations (pilots, oilmen, doctors, etc).

    But in practice, YOU should not vote early, either. Looking at the Gracia race, with her leading by 1200 votes going into Election Day (I would guess an accidental slip up to show those totals), then getting squashed while losing votes as the count progressed, it seems that early voting is the tool used to peek at what the score is, to determine the degree of manipulation needed on Election Day to get the chosen candidates in.

    Ron’s work includes:
    I identified flaws in Dominion’s systems.
    I helped Sidney Powell with the Kraken lawsuit.
    I identified the corruption at the MCBOS and Maricopa County recorder’s office.
    I exposed the many state governors who were working with the Chinese.
    I was on Mike Lindell’s red team that worked to verify the PCAPs at the Cyber Symposium.
    I audited a Dominion machine from Colorado that showed many deleted files and databases.

    All of this information was given to politicians, but they did nothing with it.

  4. That is a different Chris Kennedy than the one who ran for governor in 2018.

  5. Agree with JT. No early voting except for those whose jobs are critical on election day. Pilots, doctors, truckers, nurses, etc. Early voting ok for those who have scheduled surgery interval on election day.

    To early vote should require excellent documentation by the requester for reason for early vote such as pilot, air traffic controller, policeman, doctor, critical business trip etc and documentation verified at a county building, city hall in advance of election day.

    Maybe election day should be on a day when many, most people do not work such as a Sunday.

    Also, all voting must be done in person with a voter registration card and a photo ID. Approved “early voters” perhaps are only voters who get to vote by mail.

  6. I vomit at the mere site of Jan Schakowsky’s name for the 9th District.

    Gerrymandering at its worst having us end up with that career Lefty Looney tunes, married to the convicted Felon who planned the riot at the Trump UIC rally—and had no less than 80 visits to the Obama White House.

    Absolute corruption and political violence with this woman in Congress.

    No way she wont win–its all fixed and her husband will “handle” any potential real opposition to her.


  7. Could you imagine Lauf voting in any military operations to go to war or not go to war!?

    She has no business being in DC!

  8. Fools, maybe you are right.

    Have fun paying $9 a gallon to support Globohomo and the Davos pedophiles against Putin.

    Bred and JT are right!

  9. There may not be a mid-term election.

    I believe the situation is so far gone in the US that it has become likely that a false-flag – of course, blamed on white supremacists or Russian agents – will be used to declare martial law, or some semantically creative equivalent, and indefinitely suspend elections in order to keep the current regime in power.

    In light of what is happening in the former “Ukraine”, the leaders of the US regime are increasingly indistinguishable from desperadoes: plans gone astray, cornered and bloodied, the resulting decisions ever more reckless, and the unintended consequences becoming ever more severe.

    And because of these unintended consequences which will be exacerbated by existing domestic divisions, a false-flag may not even be necessary. There is thus a good probability that the resulting social unrest – also, of course, blamed on white supremacists or Russian agents- will be all the catalyst that is needed to suspend elections.

    2022 has only begun. It will be a pivotal year where even the most abject deniers will no longer be able to ignore reality and will be forced to choose sides. And it may reach some terrible, bloody climax right here at home.

  10. Lopez writes:

    Why don’t you ask the correct question, will Lauf be fair, and more importantly honest with voters, including me?

    Amazing! One must ask Emperor Lopez the ‘correct’ question or else.

    Sounds like Zelensky, McCain or Biden!

  11. “Emperor Lopez”?

    Hmmm, if I were an emperor, some who disagree with me would have been thrown to the Orcs by now.

    Fortunately, I’ve been told I am a loving, humble, gentle, merciful and above all, honest as I advocate for the Truth.

  12. At least he spelled “martial” correctly.

    Goofs were saying the same thing on this very blog at the end of Obama’s second term. He walked down Pennsylvania Ave to the inauguration and did what they all do.

    Shook Trump’s hand and wished him and the country well.

    The president who tried to usurp an election was the last one.

    And he’s still at it.

    His own attorney general “I am not a toady” Barr laughed in his face over it.

    The Vice President said then and now he was wrong.

    Rudy and kraken lady couldn’t even meet the relatively low standard of not-completely-loony advocacy in order to avoid problems with judges and attorney disciplinary authorities.

    I know.

    Deep state clown alternate reality cuckservative pizza pedophile 5G gay trans Jews in diapers are to blame.

    It can’t possibly be the emptiness of a political movement that doesn’t even have a platform.

  13. Koziol, “There may not be a mid-term election.” Did you read this too? There is something afoot that we are very aware of. The deep state and CIA are out to ruin this country.


    Lopez, Piton should be filing tomorrow according to my communications with his campaign. If this is lucky enough to get posted, watch Bobby Piton on Mel Q


  14. JT, We the People provided my campaign over 6,990 signatures, signed and notarized!

    Your partnership in this race for a U.S. Senate Seat is crucial to the fight for election integrity, battling government overreach and protecting freedom in Illinois and in the nation. I want to encourage you to get even more involved.

    Rest assured, my loyalty is to We the People of Illinois, not the corrupt political parties, the lobbyists or the donor-class, snake oil salesmen.

    We the People can disrupt the corruption here in Illinois and lead the way for the rest of the nation to follow. Are you in?

    If you still have petitions to turn in, please get them in before March 10th. If you can help financially, here’s the link:


    THANK YOU for all your support during this important phase of OUR campaign! We’re in this together, for Illinois and our freedom.

    Much Love and Appreciation!
    Bobby Piton

    Maybe once Cal/Lopez releases the Mel Q interview above they can post it as a blog post for McHenry County patriots can see this man’s perspective.

  15. LOL, Cal/Lopez, Maybe you can explain to Tirio how voting works in McHenry. You only need to get 30m in. I can’t wait for the primary debates. Bring on Kathleen Salvi. She will have a full grasp of what is going on and explain it to us.

    For those who don’t read above posts, watch my 5:33 pm post above. If you don’t vote for Piton you get what you asked for. I will likely vote for Georgi unless Tirio pulls his cranium out of his sphincter.

  16. The big news today in Springfield is that an unknown slate filed. They came outta nowhere!

    By the way, the Mahlen and Co slate has a website.

    I found this too. Have not done a deep dive on all of the candidates’ backgrounds but this came up near the top.
    Looks like Brett and Maryanne have done some ministering (whatever you call it) for convicts in prison.

    Of note
    -Lt Governor candidate Brett Mahlen looks like husband of US Senate candidate Maryanne Mahlen.

    -The slate includes a governor and lt governor candidate, a US Senate candidate, a comptroller candidate, a treasurer candidate, & an SoS candidate, but no AG candidate.

    -The “We Are The People” website has some info on Senate candidate Maryanne Mahlen, the SoS candidate Michelle Turney, the treasurer candidate Patrice McDermand, and the governor candidate Emily Johnson. No info on the comptroller candidate Michael Kinney or the Lt governor candidate Brett Mahlen.

    -Emily Johnson would be the ONLY FEMALE gubernatorial candidate. I have been assuming for months that Cheryl Erickson will not file.

    -A candidate called Jeffrey English is listed as a congressional candidate in the 14th district. (Getting crowded)

    -Their petition, like all candidates’ petitions, will be under a microscope.


    I suggest keeping two articles pinned near the top of the blog through updates. One for contests that have to be filed with the SBE, one for local election stuff (countywide, county board district, PC filings). Then starting on Tuesday you can let those stories start sliding. After that you’ll want to keep an eye on objections!

  17. Too bad elections are rather meaningless in Illinois due to utter corruption with the fixed software and cheat by mail.

    Maybe when Tirio loses, he’ll wake up. Doubt it though.

  18. You omitted the following names.

    52nd state house district: Martin McLaughlin (R) and Mary Morgan (D)
    64th state house district: Tom Weber (R)
    69th state house district: Joe Sosnowski (R) and Peter Janko (D)
    70th state house district: Jeff Kiecher (R)

    26th state senate district: Dan McConchie (R) and Maria Peterson (D)

    All of these new districts look like they will be partially within McHenry County in the 2022 election.

  19. Correcting, yes, I’ve been filling in the Springfield filings as they go, but I should do better. Will also include Democrat state central committeeperson filings for the 4 congressional districts within McHenry County.

    Looks like I didn’t see your comment from last night with links post until this afternoon. I got the same website from this morning’s POLITICO Illinois Playbook.

    I also got a mention for TV political ads in Reader Digest of POLITICO. Please check it out. My most memorable was in the 2012 open U.S. Senate race, eventually won by Ted Cruz. The commercial definitely had an Illinois reference.

  20. Yeah Koziol. Read Tirio’s approach to telling us how he will ensure election integrity. I want to vote for the guy. He needs to grow a pair and do more to convince us cheating is not occurring. The IL Board of Elections should be the bare minimum requirement to prove to us that our votes are not being negated. Forensic audits not recommended audits from the Springfield swamp will be the only thing to convince most people I talk to. Tirio that means voter rolls pre and post election and cheating machines including analysis of the log files. Do it outside of Board of Election purview. Otherwise you are just a go along to get along useless idiot.

  21. Yep Russbag. full blown Dem. Your vote your choice.

    Koziol, “There may not be a mid-term election.” Did you read this too? There is something afoot that we are very aware of. The deep state and CIA are out to ruin this country.


    Lopez, Piton should be filing tomorrow according to my communications with his campaign. If this is lucky enough to get posted, watch Bobby Piton on Mel Q


  22. The state of IL dictates which races you audit and Joe goes along to get along while in the dark of night the DC crooks slowly whittle away at your 2A protections in a 2k+ page plus moneygrab. County clerks are the new crooks in the voting cycle. It’s getting more laughable by the minute. Remember if we audit a random sample of 5% of a vote that the Springfield crooks tell us which race to audit we should believe we had a free and fair election. SMH what fools will believe at this point.


  23. And remember there are no CIA funded biolabs in Ukraine and the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation. 16B goes to Ukraine for humanitarian support and there is no 10% for the “big guy”. What you are living through is an administration that is owned by China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and on and on and on brought to you by county clerks across America who have no balls. Remember some people on this board think there is only .001% cheating. Only 1 in every 10000 votes. Got it. Can’t prove it though since we don’t do forensic audits now can we.

  24. Justice Hutchinson has been a Republican her entire career.

    What do you have that says otherwise?

  25. Bobby Piton thanks those who support his campaign in video below. He signs the pledge of integrity and that he has not been part of a communist organization. I have to wonder did Duckworthashit the drunken helicopter pilot or everyone’s favorite on this site Salvi do the same. Remember, trial lawyer Salvi or finance guy Piton who will only serve 1 term and refuse a pension. Please wake up people. Salvi files Monday yet I haven’t seen boo from her and her corrupt politician husband other than what Lopez posts. Make sure you watch Mel K’s interview with Piton and if you don’t think cheating occurs well I guess you are part of the problem in IL.


  26. ^That’s because she HASN’T done anything, JT! Her candidacy was made public the last few days of February.

    It’s unknown whether Salvi ran a stealth campaign prior to the announcement or was recruited at the last minute. I suspect the latter and don’t believe she is waiting until the final day of filings for the last-person-on-the-ballot slot (possibly via lottery) as much as it is she is scrambling for signatures.

    Peggy Hubbard has alleged an internal memo circulated in the GOP to county chairpersons to get Salvi on the ballot. The establishment is clearly rooting for Salvi since they see Piton and Hubbard as wackos so Hubbard’s allegation could be true. On the other hand, Hubbard has been known to lie. Regardless, Hubbard is right that insiders are supporting Salvi.

    Since Duckworth will beat ANY Republican, I interpret the franticness of the GOP to pick Salvi not just as them being worried about Hubbard or Piton but also as a sign that they are not confident Richard Irvin can win the gubernatorial primary.

    The establishment’s worst case scenario is Irvin and Salvi losing the primary.

    To a lot of the “unrefined” primary voters, the worst case scenario is Irvin and Salvi winning the primary.

    On the topic of Salvi being preferred by the establishment because she is less controversial, what happens when the first person asks her about the legitimacy of the 2020 election?

    Does the establishment really think she won’t be asked about that?

    Seems to me she would have three options:

    Say the election was fine which will anger Trump supporters,

    waffle on it which will make her look cowardly, or

    take a position similar to Piton in which case she will be derided as a wingnut just like Piton is labelled.

    Republicans are between a rock and a hard place, especially in a state like Illinois.

    I don’t know why the establishment thinks they will avoid that issue just by picking Salvi though.

    It WILL rear its ugly head whether they like it or not.

  27. Hey Correcting I read and absorbed your whole post. Piton is now a “wingnut”. I had one of those holding the air filter cover down on my Olds Cutlass when I was a kid.
    Peggy Hubbard is the Washington Elite’s worst nightmare. She’s a Navy Veteran, former police officer, Harley Davidson enthusiast, and a Republican who boldly speaks the truth. Her entrance into politics is indicative of her lifelong battle for truth, justice, and mission to bring a hopeful future to the forgotten communities in Illinois.
    I like Harley’s, Corvettes and Cops. She’s a black ex-cop.

    The only reason Duckworthashit will win as you say is because this corrupt state cheats in elections. I walk my dog daily and talk to my neighbors. Yes even the liberal ones that supported Jack Franks. They are all voting Bobby. I ask them would you prefer a finance guy or a trial lawyer running against the drunken helicopter pilot Duckworth. Your a smart guy so you already know the answer.

    You state “The establishment is clearly rooting for Salvi since they see Piton and Hubbard as wackos so Hubbard’s allegation could be true”. Are you finally acknowledging IL elections are corrupt? I have over 50 people in my neighborhood and friend circle who will not vote for Salvi. It’s amazing that truth tellers are now labeled as wackos. I guess that’s the world we live in now.

    Again, I must be in that group of “unrefined” voters you are referring to above. Oh well. Thoughts are still free in this country. I’m glad to hear yours and glad to share mine with you.

    And this statement gave me a chuckle from you: ” Seems to me she (Salvi) would have three options: Say the election was fine which will anger Trump supporters, waffle on it which will make her look cowardly, or take a position similar to Piton in which case she will be derided as a wingnut just like Piton is labelled. Republicans are between a rock and a hard place, especially in a state like Illinois.”

    It reinforces that politicians are full of shit. I worked in corporate America long enough to not surrender my integrity or position on which way the wind blows like the Salvi politician you are describing. If honesty doesn’t get you there let the fool that beats you in a cheated election prove what a fool they are. It’s bad for everybody and my gut tells me there is so much cheating and stupidity in this state we will never recover until we get back to 100% paper ballots and voter id.

    We can start with post election forensic audits but Mr Tirio already told us the standard he follows.

    If you guys vote for Salvi I have several votes for Piton to cancel you out. That’s what a free world does. Well until we get the Klaus Schwab CBDC and social credit scores rolling. I’ll be the homeless guy on the street corner at that point.

    Devolution is fun to watch unfold.




    According to the State Board of Elections, Bobby Piton has requested to see ALL of the Senate candidates’ petitions.

    If/when Salvi files, I assume he will look at hers too.

    What is he finding?

    Are there any red flags?

    Will he file objections?

    Objections will be filed between March 15 and 21.

    Are Piton’s opponents getting nervous?

    Do you know that Bobby Piton has eyes like a hawk?

    If there are issues with petitions, I expect him to challenge any and all of them including Salvi.

    Why else would he request copies?

    Piton turned in double the amount of signatures necessary.

    How is Salvi doing on signatures?

    Nobody is saying anything about that.

    JT knows what I’m talking about!

  29. Martin, how about Hutchinson’s shitty record?

    “Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.”

    – George Orwell

    The smell of tyranny is in the air. The level of propaganda, disinformation, and mistruth has reached astounding heights, as the ruling oligarchy/Deep State/globalist cabal are thrashing about violently because their frauds are being exposed on a daily basis. This shift to the tyranny of force has massive implications for everyone on the planet. When every quote from Orwell’s 1984 applies every day to everything swirling around us, you begin to realize we are in the midst of a dystopian nightmare which gets more ghoulish by the day.

    The last two years have been a fraud of epic proportions, conducted by a cadre of evil money titans, their financial, media, and medical apparatchiks, with the objective of tearing down our existing social and economic structure and “resetting” the world where they own everything and you own nothing, eat bugs, and provide the slave labor needed to keep society functioning. Of course, this will be after they dispose of tens of millions of useless eaters through their Covid/Vaxx scheme, global war, and mass starvation.

    The past two weeks have denoted a remarkable transformation in the pushing of the fraudulent fearmongering narrative about a relatively non-lethal flu, vaccine mandates, masking and shaming those with the common sense to rely on their immune systems, to trying to provoke a world war over a border dispute with absolutely no relevance or strategic value to our country, other than to further enrich the military industrial complex and the parasites and leeches in government, finance, media and war making industry who live for and love war.

  30. Koziol, you couldn’t sign it….you’re obviously a libtard democrat.

  31. clm, i was mailed a Salvi petition. I tore it up. They must have gotten my name from an old Al Salvi donor list.

    Al, lied about being a second amendment stalwart. I’m not going to be fooled by his wife.

    Elections do not matter anyway, so what’s the big deal?

    Piton calls it right. I’m tired of RINO pests.

  32. Leopard Man, great post! When will our overlords shut down that link, or this blog for that matter.

    Another thing, I’m getting tired of Lopez clowning. It’s time for him to start to get real.

  33. I watched Uncle Buck yesterday, Correcting. Your post reminds me of the kitchen table scene with McCauley Culken and John Candy where the kid is peppering him with question after question. And thanks now making Santa Claus is Coming to Town repeat in my head the rest of the day.

    Since Bobby has electronic versions of all of the statewide voter rolls and the means and resources and skill set to do a deep dive on submitted signatures it’s highly likely he will be able to quickly root out bad signatures to contest.

    Lopez said Salvi submits Monday. We will find out in short order on her.

  34. CLM – Koziol is a libtard democrat? Are you on dope?

    Good post on Orwell Koziol. I search and search for that phrase “useless eaters” in The Great Reset and other periodicals. I find it in interpretations of The Great Reset but not in the book itself. If we get to the CBDC implementation they are moving towards it’s just going to be another means to control and manipulate the masses. Many can’t wrap their head around the concept because they have been operant conditioned by their favorite teleprompter reading monkey to believe the reality they describe. It took Nov 3, 2020 to wake alot of people up. They now call what we read and look at misinformation. Projection at it’s finest.

    Now if we could just go back to no early voting, paper ballots and hand counting of results we might be making a step back towards sanity in this country. Otherwise it is a process by the few to anoint those that will do their bidding. Could you imagine what we would find with a full forensic audit of Soros’ favorite gal Kim Foxx or Beetlejuice or Lauren Underwood’s elections?

  35. CLM, time to wise up.

    Such international retaliation against Russia and individual Russians seems extremely disproportionate.

    As yet the fighting in Ukraine has inflicted minimal death or destruction, while the various other major wars of the last two decades, most of them American in origin, had killed millions and completely destroyed several countries, including Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

    But the global dominance of American media propaganda has orchestrated a very different popular response, producing this remarkable crescendo of hatred.

  36. Kozyoil, you shifted from calling Justice Hutchinson a democrat – which is a lie you cannot back when asked for evidence – and now it’s a “shitty record.”

    Since she’s been an appellate court Justice for 20 years, you must be basing this on an opinion(s) she wrote.

    Name one, there from the safe anonymity of your hole.

  37. Fauci, now you shift back to the first lie. She’s been a Republican her entire career, every time she’s run. She goes to Republican events. Why do you say she is not? Some act, or words, or a legal opinion? Do you have anything other than calling people names?

    Since you brought up John McCain, what did he do that made him a traitor? Again, you sound like a helpless, angry old man screaming into the void.

  38. And, if he gets money, he can mail to the people he expects to vote.

  39. Fauci, Martin thinks the 2020 Maricopa and Pima county elections in AZ weren’t cheated and the McCain fool was good for the country even though he was elected using the same machines and processes as Biden. That extremely wrinkled flag on his flag draped coffin tells us everything. Funny the same thing on GHWBush’s coffin. And let’s not forget McCain’s and Lindsey Graham on video loving the neo nazi’s in Ukraine.

    I love liberals. Useful uninformed you fill in the blank.

    And Cal they don’t need to bribe them anymore. They already have that figured out on the back end.

  40. Martin, Kevin Ake, the Cook County Board Republican candidate in District 15, is unrepentant over what he did 20 years ago with his felony hate crime conviction.

    He did his time, paid his debt to society, but he claims to be a Christian, but does not obey God’s Word.

    Ake has the right to run under any party label he chooses.

    The Cook County Republican township committeepersons over that District have all endorsed Ake’s primary opponent, in hopes of flipping that seat in November.

  41. Cook County?


    I don’t vote in those jurisdictions.

    I do vote in the state of Illinois, and this US Senate primary suddenly became interesting.

    Much of this blog’s focus has been on Salvi and Piton.

    Hubbard, who could end up appearing first on the list of candidates since she filed at 8 a.m. on March 7th will get looked at by discerning voters.

    Personally, I was not impressed with her in 2020 nor am I this time around.

    She seems to habitually lie and put her foot in her mouth.

    In the past, she has cried racism when she was criticized.

    Just because someone is black and they are being criticized does not mean they are being criticized because they are black.

    She plays what is known as the race card. Hubbard is someone who can dish it out but can’t take it.

    She is running for US Senate again and it’s going exactly how you would expect.

    She has, without evidence, accused Chlebek and Mahlen of being “ringers.” (She believes they are spoilers who were recruited by the establishment.)

    Sometimes I say similar things about certain individuals, but I try to bring in circumstantial evidence to make that case and make clear it’s what I “think/believe” or “my opinion.” Chlebek ran last time too.

    He got about 5 percent of the vote.

    Hubbard lost by what?


    No, I think Chlebek is a guy who means well even if he has no chance.

    Look at his website.

    If the establishment were looking for a spoiler, wouldn’t they go with someone who could take a lot of votes away from Hubbard? Why would they pick some old Polish dude?

    Additionally, and more troubling, Hubbard is promoting a Republican in the 17th congressional district who filed paperwork with the FEC back in April of 2021 but hasn’t reported ANY receipts or expenses.

    That’s who she supports…

    Meanwhile, a serious candidate in that district called Esther Joy King has over a million dollars cash on hand.

    What is Hubbard thinking?

    Is she just a contrarian?

    Does she enjoy drama?

    Or is she ignorant that there is a viable candidate running in that district who has a good chance at flipping it?

    These aren’t flattering explanations.

    I get the hatred of the “establishment.”

    I criticize it a bunch myself.

    But supporting a candidate who raised no money in 8 months?

    In a swing district you have a real chance of flipping?

    That seems reckless.

    Finally, Peggy Hubbard is a know-nothing. You can tell from any video where she speaks.

    Everybody wants someone who is “like us” running for office until that candidate actually has to speak on important issues.

    Then you realize maybe you should have picked someone who is above average.

    Being average means about half the people know more than you.

    She makes declarations like crime is bad and we gotta stop illegal immigration.


    How thoughtful and original.

    Remember this when you vote: There are almost 13 million people in this state but only 2 of them can be U.S. Senators.

    How about trying to pick someone who is above average?

  42. LOL Correcting. Did you catch this last paragraph in the link you provided?

    quote: Hubbard, a Navy veteran and former police officer, is one of five candidates vying for the Republican nomination to run against incumbent U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin in the November general election. She’s the only woman and African-American in the race.

    Someone might want to inform WCBU | By Tim Shelley of his errors.

    Just because you don’t vote in those jurisdictions wasn’t my point. We use the same machines and software. I can’t overlook that fact as you are well aware.

  43. Lopez is right about catty Catalina, but wrong about the human-rat hybrid Salvi.

  44. ^JT, that was an old article from her 2020 run. This time around she might not be the only woman, the only black, and maybe not even the only black woman.
    -Maryanne Mahlen (female)
    -Kathy Salvi (female though hasn’t filed yet)
    -Jimmy Lee Tillman (black male)
    -Lannette Hudson (black female though hasn’t filed)

    I don’t expect Hudson, Arview, or Dubiel to file. Salvi might.

    Hubbard and Piton should have enough sigs to not get kicked off the ballot. Chlebek was able to get on the ballot in 2020 for US Senate just like Hubbard. Those people should make it. Not sure who else will. The Mahlen slate came out of nowhere. Tillman has ran for office a bunch too — sometimes getting on the ballot and sometimes getting booted.

    On the governor’s side of the election we’re still waiting on Max Solomon/Latasha Fields and Jesse Sullivan/Kathleen Murphy.

    Secretary of State still waiting on William J Kelly (that guy is a flake so he probably won’t).

    Attorney General still waiting on DeVore.

    On the Democratic side, Beverly Miles just submitted papers to run against Pritzker. Her running mate is Karla Shaw. I knew she was a candidate but got the impression she was struggling with signatures.

  45. As of 20 minutes ago we have another filing for US Senate

    Anthony Williams
    That puts the GOP field up to six already (and Salvi hasn’t filed yet).

    All aboard the CLOWN CAR!

  46. Another Republican filed in the 5th.

    Ramos filed in the 11th.

    Salvi filed for US Senate.

  47. Correcting, and a mystery woman no one’s heard of filed in 11th Congressional District.

    Currently at five Republicans (Evans, Heeg, Lauf, Ramos and mystery woman).

    Wait until 4PM

  48. Salvi and Lauf are my FAVORITES to win and in the field.

    It’s great to have aggressive, powerful women running in the Republican Party in Illinois


    All the old, feckless, lazy, in-bed with the democRAT party loyalists are worried their power is gone.

    BTW, Jan Schakowski is by far the worse in a field of total losers who represent us.

  49. Martin – don’t comment on Kozyoil….He/she is obviously just a troll.

    Posts make no sense, are just angry establishment type comments, I just bypass Kozyoil.

  50. CLM, get your low testosterone levels dealt with before posting; particularly anything about Beijing Kathy Salvi, who simply adores Pete Buttygeig.

  51. All the negative, vile, loser criticism cannot stop my support for these great women.

    You negative Nancy’s must be Establishment Republicans…..losing your grip on power, you are insipid, thoughtless, and


    Salvi and Lauf are going to KICK ASS and win in November!

  52. CLM, I would rather be a Nancy than a Karen which the first sentence in your post is evidence enough to establish that fact about you.

    Let the cheating games for Duckworth’s seat begin. May the finance guy win and wipe the floor with Duckworth.

    CLM, please provide the bullet points that drive you to support a trial lawyer. You have the support of others on this blog, so I am looking for your particular perspective why Salvi is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Please sprinkle a little Joe Tirio love in your response because the machines we vote on are proven to not cheat if Joe audits only 5% of the vote and not 100% of the vote forensically including voter rolls pre and post election.

    We will see who gets anointed to play against the drunken helicopter pilot. Since many on this blog already know the algorithms for the primaries must have already been approved and clearly support the trial lawyer.

    Good ending to the TPC today. Too bad the Aussie who won didn’t point out how quickly the leadership over there is turning to communism to control the population. Why would he. All the elites at the trophy ceremony are bought and paid for corporatists just like the PGA tour commissioner. Remember all, you will own nothing and like it. That’s a Klaus Schwab quote. I wonder if Salvi has read The Great Reset and agrees with it.

    John/Cal/Correcting please keep us posted on the televised debate schedule for the Republican US Senate Primary contenders. Oh never mind, we need to rely on the MSM, NWH, Daily Herald, Sun Times, Chicago Tribune…. editorial boards for an endorsement. I forgot a WTTW Ch 11 unbiased primary debate. How could I be such an idiot.

    2022 is going to be like the movie The Running Man (sorry Running Person for those confused about their gender identity).

    Correcting, I agree, the clown car mini cooper is overloaded. I wonder why.

  53. Uh oh. 7 candidates in the 11th? Gotta boot some of those people out of office.
    8 or 9 for governor? That’s too many. Give it a trim.
    8 people for US Senate? That’s about 4 too many.
    Even the 1st district which is like 80 percent Democrat they had TWENTY Democrats and FIVE Republicans filing.
    The 17th district has a lot of Dems running. I think there were 7?

    Check the 5th again. There should be 2 or 3 Republicans running there.

    Just found out 4/6 GOP candidates running in the 14th don’t live there. Only Marter and Gryder. Starrett, Koolidge, Milton, and Lombardi live outside the district.

    I don’t think Republicans really want to win anything. They like being losers.

  54. I’m not as versed as you on politics Correcting but I think there is truth to your observations. I have been here less than a year. I’ll interpret it this way. The more people running the more mudslinging that happens. A failed business model and definitely a failed political model to get smart people elected. I’ll bet you a dollar the word conspiracy theorist is used on a debate stage to describe Bobby Piton even though he has the receipts.

    I look at it this way as an example. Who is funding the environmentalist movement through the NGO’s (non-governmental organizations)? Would you be surprised if it was the OPEC conglomerate that wants to keep us addicted to their oil? A critical thinking person could see how the profits made by oil producing countries could be used to fund the environmentalists in our country lobbying/bribing the DC swamp rats to stop oil production in our country. But hey, many on this blog can’t put 2 and 2 together

    Is that possible in our elections too? How could it be? Nah. Just more Qspiracies and unapproved thoughts. Some people have a difficult problem figuring out the truth. I’ll just keep trying. It’s like that blog post Cal put out there yesterday about the guy who lost his child. Awakening really does take time with some on this board. Not you either Correcting. You and Lopez and Cal are helping in a different way.

  55. In the 5th CD, Tommy Hanson filed a REPUBLICAN not a Democrat.
    There’s another candidate named Kimball Ladien (Ladien, Kimball) who filed as a Republican.
    Plus McGonical who you have listed.

  56. For those not following the Salvi thread, Bobby Piton posted this video that certain people are debunking because they are ex-appraisers and in the real estate industry yet can’t prove Bobby Piton wrong with provable facts and just give opinions. Kathleen is obviously the preferred candidate by the intelligence on the blog. Don’t disagree lest you be informed of anti-SLAPP laws created by lawyers to silence your opinion. You know the voters.

    Are The Salvi’s to Lake County the same as the Pritzker’s are to Cook County? Just without the missing toilets. It’s a question you should ask after watching this video.


    And remember, anyone who uses the phrase BobbyQ is trying to brand a qualified candidate as a QAnon conspiracy theorist. Those that do are BlueAnon conspiracy theorists so just remember that when you read posts from the intelligent people posting on the blog.

  57. And all the above is crap, so let’s refer to it as PooAnon.

  58. Correcting,

    Thank you. I applied the corrections to the 5th Congressional District in what will be the final update to this article.

  59. Your list is missing objections pending. You have it for the 9th but many others are missing.

    That’s just a small thing though. I came here to ask to give us an update on lottery results when you hear about them. It’s on Zoom which I don’t use. Unless someone posts about lottery results, the only way I’ll know is if anybody on so-called election twitter mentions it — but those losers are usually too busy drawing candidates with laser eyes and engaging in strange inside jokes… You probably know what I mean.

    SBE should stream it to YouTube or another site. What do I need to log in to Zoom for? I aint trying to give input I just wanna WATCH the dang thing!!! Come on man.

  60. “Justice Hutchinson has been a Republican her entire career.

    What do you have that says otherwise?”

    Above was written by the communist called “Martin”.

    How about asking Hutchinson if she voted for Trump in ’20! Also ask her about the Rxs!

    Mellow Monk, come out of the closet. Bring Kinzinger w/ you!

    Another GOP Congresdional homo:

    PS: I’m delighted the ugly harridan Albright died today, and Kathy Salvi …. the “faet’ got the wirst possible ballot position.

  61. Unvaxed when is Salvi going to announce she will only serve 1 term and not collect a pension. Cue Final Jeopardy theme song. We need more lawyers in DC like we need more bartenders in DC.

  62. nvm looks like this updated list is the ballot order following the lottery.

    I see Bailey is first followed by Schimpf then Irvin then Rabine and Sullivan got the last spot.

    In the Senate race Chlebek is first then Hubbard. Piton will be third or fourth depending on what happens with Mahlen.

    Evans got 1st and Carroll got last in the 11th district.

    14th order is Gryder, Milton, Koolidge, Marter, Starrett, Lombardi.

    Isn’t somebody objecting to Curran as well as Hutchinson in that supreme court race?

  63. Correcting,

    Looks like you’re now seeing the updated version of article, with the ballot lottery results applied.

    For top-of-ballot, the ping-pong balls drawn in this order were: 1,4,2,6,9,8,7,5,3

    Please note, unless there are more than 3 simultaneous filings on 3/7 at 8AM, the names will be listed alphabetically (by last name).

    That means for governor, ballot order of top-of-ballot is Bailey, Schimpf, Irvin, Rabine

    For 11th Congressional, order is Evans, Heeg, Lauf, Ramos, Hathaway-Altman, CTM, Carroll

    Only Evans and Heeg competed for top of ballot in 11th CD. CTM and Carroll competed for bottom of ballot.

    For bottom-of-ballot, ping-pong balls order: 3,4,1,2

  64. John,

    Which of these ballot politicians have been removed from the ballot (if any)?

    Who has dropped out or switched offices?

    Weren’t you going to post something about why the USA gerrymandered districts based on race (i.e. Black) and ethnicity/culture (i.e. Hispanic)?


  65. Eddie, no one has dropped out, or been removed from the ballot, yet. Tuesday, hearing officers for all the objections will be assigned by State Board of Elections. While some objections are no brainers, like the governor candidate who filed without a running mate will be tossed, most require fact-finding, like in the 10th Congressional District.

    The only one I know of locally who switched offices, in a local race of interest, is Dean Seppelfrick who filed for Kane County Board, but had been seen circulating petitions for Congress, 11th District.

  66. Tonia Larue withdrew her objection to Michael Koolidge.

    Her objection to Lauren Underwood is still pending.

    There’s a character called David Guss who is objecting to Susan Starrett, Jack Lombardi, and Scott Gryder.

    (This article isn’t tracking the 14th since the new 14th won’t be in or border McHenry County at all but I’ve been paying attention to it because most people in McHenry County are currently in it.)

    I was right that Marter sees Koolidge as his main threat in the primary. Listen to Marter’s new radio ad.


    Makes sense since Koolidge is leading the GOP field in fundraising.

  67. Please vote in person on May 19.

    At least vote early in person to avoid leaving an unvoted ballot available for the taking.

    In the 2020 GE, there were 14 key races alone that were all determined by VBM.

    In every one of those raves, one candidate won both the early voting and Election Day voting , yet during the two-week window that the state of IL allows for “counting and receiving” mail-in ballots, all those races flipped to the opposite candidate.

  68. Cal,

    Clearly one of the races Ms. Dixon refers to is IL-14 general election in 2020.

    Oberweis was leading on election night, and within a week, the race flipped in favor of Congresswoman Underwood due to the huge number of vote-by-mail ballots cast across the 14th District, including lead changes in Lake and DuPage counties.

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