ROAR for AJ Off to Springfield Thursday tp Display 1,122 Shoes Representing Children Killed in DCFS Care

The end of the session will see visits to legislators stimulated by ROAR for AJ.

State Senator Craig wilcos reports

Child Abuse Prevention Group to Hold State Capitol Rally on Third Anniversary of AJ Freund’s Death

Next week State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry) will welcome McHenry County’s “Roar for AJ” group to the State Capitol for a rally to bring awareness to the issue of Child Abuse.

The rally will take place on Thursday, April 7 in the Capitol rotunda from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 

“It was three years ago this month that we learned of the horrors of AJ Freund’s life and ultimate death at the hands of his parents,” said Sen. Wilcox.

“Neighbors, community members and others formed the “Roar for AJ” advocacy group, and continue to bring awareness to problems within the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, which had multiple contacts with AJ Freund’s household during his short life. It’s a pleasure to welcome them to the State Capitol.” 

According to event organizer Tracy Kotzman, the group will display an empty pair of children’s shoes for each Illinois child who has died despite involvement by DCFS.

AJ Freund

The display is open to public and is meant to honor AJ Freund and all children who died as a result of abuse in their home. 

“This should be a powerful display,” added Sen. Wilcox.

“I’m sure all visitors to the Capitol on April 7 will be moved by this group’s thought-provoking memorial.” 

For additional information about the Roar for AJ Child Abuse Awareness Rally, please contact Jessica at

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Kotzman writes,

“Let’s come together and help bring about change for our most vulnerable precious children.

“1,122 children died with prior DCFS contact.

“Join us as we stand together in our Governments house to be a voice for the voiceless to ask for DCFS reform, all while remembering and honoring the children who have lost their lives due to neglect and abuse.

“We are in need of volunteers who are willing and able to help set up and tear down the shoe display.”


ROAR for AJ Off to Springfield Thursday tp Display 1,122 Shoes Representing Children Killed in DCFS Care — 4 Comments

  1. DEMOCRATS are responsible for more children’s deaths and abuse than any other group, something the MSM doesn’t
    want you to know or think about – you know, like Hunters laptop.

  2. How about using his memory to expose the child abuse perpetrated by the IL Dept of Health and Pritzker under the guise of safety on all college campuses and in the public schools.

    Remember masks save lives and so do jabs with 9 pages of side effects.

    RIP AJ.

    The people appropriating your memory are the same people that vote D in this state and then get upset when the people they put in power don’t perform as expected.

    Suburban Karens are quite the spectacle to behold.

  3. Interesting read Koziol. The Karen’s wouldn’t read the whole thing. They would have to stare at the mind control device they carry around in their purse and use to text their yenta friends all day.

    It’s sad. These liberals willingly support killing kids before they are born and if they make it out of the womb they now want the government run schools and CPS to teach them that they are not really a boy or a girl and can identify as a unicorn if they want.

    We are living in a bizzaro world courtesy of BlackRock and Vanguard and the woke elites. I think Schwab and his WEF is going to lose in the end. They are saying their plan out loud now if people bothered to listen to anything other than the box on the wall.

    Nevermind, reality and truth is now a conspiracy theory. Monkeys just repeating words the teleprompter reading monkeys tell them through the box on the wall what they should think. LOL. Now I’ll go back to my guilt for being a white privileged, racist bigot and continue to believe Putin is committing genocide and is a war criminal and that the Biden family is not an organized crime family. Oh, I forgot one, Hunter’s laptop is Russian misinformation.

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