Rep. Jeff Keicher Passes Bill to Require Local Government Committees to Study Increasing Efficiency

The Sycamore Republican remapped into McHenry County, Jeff Keicher, passed a bill (House Bill 3739) aimed at increasing local government efficiency.

The legislation would require local taxing bodies to form committees periodically to study and report on ways to make local government work better.

Consolidation would be an element to be considered.

The only government exempt would be municipalities and county government.


Rep. Jeff Keicher Passes Bill to Require Local Government Committees to Study Increasing Efficiency — 15 Comments

  1. Cal Skinner, Jeff Keicher’s largest group, that helped elect him was Northern Illinois University . . .!

    Maybe Rep Keicher can ask NIU to cut back?

  2. Does anyone know the number of the bill? Could be a good start.

  3. Aren’t committees, task forces, studies, meetings and lots of money the usual Democratic solutions to problems? 🤔☹️

  4. Thank you Martin.

    Of the three opponents of this taxpayer friendly bill was Taylor Anderson (Anderson Legislative Consulting) representing Township Officials of Illinois (TOI).

    TOI attacks all bills that might be a threat to townships and those who sponsor the bills.

  5. I hope your optimism turns out well-founded, Bob.

    I am concerned that it will be an opportunity to spend a pile of money on consultants and studies done by the connected.

  6. Holy crap. Martin and I agree on something that Bob Anderson is proposing. Is it a full moon?

  7. Cal, you put an extra word on the description of that bill. Drop the word efficiency for truth in advertising.

  8. How about a super overall committee that would study the effectiveness and efficiency of each and every committee past and present going back a number of years.

    That super committee would be given 5 years to do their exhaustive work and then deliver a report.

  9. NIU is a loser school in a dumpster fire city.

    DeKalb is an absolute third world dump and NIU is “loser state University”.

    Both exemplify the failed nature of Illinois very well.

    Eastern Illinois and Western Illinois are just as bad – and they are broke.

    Stay away from DeKalb….horrible dump.

  10. @CLM is apparently ignorant of the significant work that has taken place in DeKalb and NIU over the past 4 years and the explosive growth and local development.

    DeKalb at the same time has done extensive work to curb the crime and housing issues by stepping up engagement into the troubled neighborhoods.

    Not CLM’s fault, some people are just more prone to running from problems and it leave the rest of us to clean it up.

    @bred winner – that’s the goal of this committee at the local level – once every 10 years.

    If I could get Democrats to do the same at the state level we’d solve a lot of issues.

    @anotherwatcher Also, funny he is apparently unaware both prior elections an NIU professor ran against Keicher – his comments are a stretch.

  11. That would be particularly appropriate for property tax reform committees.

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