IL-11: Catalina Lauf Publicity Stunt in Aurora Proves Again Lauf Challenged Telling the Truth and Lack of Integrity

Catalina Lauf

Lauf shows lack of honesty and maturity with video bombing at Congressman Bill Foster’s Aurora district office claiming it was “closed” when facts reveal it was open, and all one had to do was knock, or ring the doorbell which Lauf video shows was present for her to use

Monday (April 4) at mid-day, congressional candidate Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) released a video on her Instagram page of her, outside Congressman Bill Foster’s (D, Naperville) downtown Aurora district office “showing” Foster’s office was locked at a time, presumably during business hours, should be unlocked for any and all to see.

Lauf posted the video on her Twitter early Monday afternoon, which is below:

For good measure and proving Lauf’s campaign was seeking publicity while not proving a point, she tagged the following media contacts in the Twitter thread:

  • Chicago’s Morning Answer on AM560
  • Fox News
  • Chicago Sun-Times political columnist Lynn Sweet
  • Former Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass
  • WBEZ investigative reporter Dan Mihalopoulos
  • Crain’s Chicago Business political writer Greg Hinz
  • POLITICO Illinois Playbook writer Shia Kapos
  • NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern

From the desk of John Lopez: Lauf is fortunate none of these media types, or their associates picked up on this obvious publicity stunt, because they would have learned the truth as I learned it. They would have called Congressman Foster’s office and asked if they were open.

Yesterday, when I saw Lauf’s Twitter video, I did just that, called the district office at their number displayed on the video, and learned they were open for business. I asked about the locked door and was told if anyone came to the district office during business hours, all they had to do was ring the doorbell, or knock on the door, and it would have been answered and any constituent needing constituent services would have been admitted.

That’s assuming when Lauf shot her video, she was outside Foster’s office during business hours, right?

Applying discernment to the video, please note, Congressman Foster’s district office is in downtown Aurora. Lauf does not reveal at any time during the video exactly when Lauf made her trip to downtown Aurora and shot the video. Was it on a weekend, especially on Sunday? We don’t know and the purposeful omission is noted.

Come to think of it, Lauf did not say she was in Aurora. Lauf was not forthcoming of where the Foster office was located where she shot the video. Fortunately, her video revealed the number “204” as the office suite, which proved the district office in question was the one in downtown Aurora, and not an office in Washington, D.C. or anywhere else in the current 11th Congressional District.

Also, if, as the video infers based on its posting on social media, Lauf made her trip to Aurora sometime Monday morning, one must remember, Lauf’s residence at her parents’ home in southwest Woodstock is quite a driving distance to downtown Aurora.

Like most people, we all drive around Chicagoland on our respective business and Lauf is no different.

But it gets back to the fact Lauf was not forthcoming exactly when and where the video was shot. She omitted it and did an edit when she started walking down a stairwell while talking into her phone. In between her “takes”, did Lauf ring the doorbell or knock on the district office door and learn while the door was locked, the office was open?

I talked with a former congressional office staffer after my call with Foster’s office, and I’m told while a congressional district office is open for business during business hours it is quite common for the door to be locked, particularly if located in an unsafe area of a city. The former staffer, who happened to be a woman, told me it was due to safety reasons.

Now, if Lauf wants to make a pledge that if elected to Congress, her district offices, no matter where they are located, will be unlocked and open for business during business hours, that’s fine.

But the fact Foster’s office is open for business, even if having to buzz/knock for entry and Lauf said completely the opposite is yet another instance in my honest opinion of Lauf being challenged with telling the truth, as was discussed in my rankings article published Monday.


IL-11: Catalina Lauf Publicity Stunt in Aurora Proves Again Lauf Challenged Telling the Truth and Lack of Integrity — 7 Comments

  1. There is a person on this blog that says we should vote for Lauf because she is pretty.

  2. She’s just using the playbook of Donald Trump, leading liar of the Republican Party!!!

  3. Cal, Demoncrats never work.

    They were probably having a meeting on how to do more LGBTQxghdtijdm indoctrination of our children.

  4. Article is rather petty. The choice is clear conservative Republican or Foster, again.

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