IL-11: Catalina Lauf Relaunches Campaign Website for 2022

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From 4/5/22

On Tuesday, April 5, 12 weeks before the June 28 Republican primary, congressional candidate Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) launched her 2022 campaign website.

It can be viewed here.

McHenry County Blog, in its mission to allow all candidates to send their campaign literature and press releases, wants to hear what you, our readers, think of Lauf’s revamped website, a screenshot shown above from Lauf’s bio page.

What do you see? What is missing? What could/should be added to make it better.

From the desk of John Lopez: As published this morning in POLITICO‘s Illinois Playbook:

From POLITICO 4/5/22

The discernment applied in my quote above can/should be applied to Lauf’s campaign website, too, in spite of not being in a debate. Please do so in comments, as if Lauf was listening to you, and when appropriate, ask Lauf or her campaign directly about her web site’s content, if you have questions.

How would you rate Lauf’s revamped website? Please share and explain in comments your rating.

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IL-11: Catalina Lauf Relaunches Campaign Website for 2022 — 14 Comments

  1. From her website:

    “Worked in the Private Sector”

    “Advisor at Begin Health, a gut-microbiome startup”

    Define “Worked”

    Them that can’t do “advise”

    Were any of these not owned by family members?

    Foster will wipe the floor with her should she get the nomination.

  2. These sisters are brilliant.

    They were on Forbes.

    Just wait until they have a billion dollar company and guess who will have the last laugh Lopez!!

  3. It’s obvious when people overcompensate for their own shortcomings.

    John talks a lot about “discernment” but has anyone done a background check on him?

    Is that really even his name?

    Who knows anything about you John?

    Attack Lauf all you want.

    This girl is nothing but a decent human being who comes from a good family and is hard working.

    No one can tell me she doesn’t work hard when she almost won a primary last year and has raised the funds she has.

    You are manipulating her story to fit your own agenda and it is completely obvious.

    You should be ashamed of yourself on how much time you spend on Lauf and attacking her.

    Don’t you have a wife? Family to tend to?

  4. Where’s the link to the social media stars webcam under the donation links? The next AOC in the making wanting to make 190k per year for being a go along get along RINO. I’m sure the RINO establishment led by Kevin McCarthy will love her. Ask Madison Cawthorn.

    Her website at least loads consistently. Cal can you have her come over and give you a hand? It might require a donation.

  5. She is energetic.
    She is conservative.
    She is bright.
    She is HOT.
    Great candidate.

  6. Lopez, please explain why being quoted from a proven liberal owned DC garbage website gives your opinions and articles on any political topic any weight. If only the professional folks in DC are the real audience according to the current VC owner and the DC swamp is 98% corrupt liberals and RINO’s, trying to use your referenced quote makes you more suspect in my mind even though you had accolades for a Senate candidate in you 7/15/21 article.

    “Culturally, what we do is becoming more and more foreign to people,” Mr. Allbritton said. Many readers, he added, “either go to hard left or hard right — it’s almost becoming a religious argument.” …

    “The beautiful thing is, our real audience — it’s professional folks in D.C.,” he said.

    Here’s my source who worked for Politico. Do you ever think you are being used for an end Lopez or is it your superior insight into IL elections and candidates that Politico is using to quote you to discredit a candidate? She’s not in my district and I wouldn’t vote for her if she was. Just asking about your ties to Politico.

  7. It’s still very light on issues, as it was when she ran in 2020 and as it’s been the whole time she’s been running for the 2022 cycle.

    “John Lopez likes to see candidates unscripted”
    ^I’ve always wanted to see Lauf do more unscripted things too but her campaign has been closely monitored/controlled. To me that has always been indication that her handlers see those situations as more of a liability/risk than a potential reward which is an indication that she is no good at going “off the cuff.”

    Also, I don’t notice a big difference in the website. It’s similar to how I remember it.

  8. Can’t help wondering now if she’ll be sharing a bus with Cawthorn again…..

    So far, this doesn’t advance the ball forward, but not a fumble. Meh.

  9. I also wonder if Lauf supports another John McCain wannabe who loves 17th Congressional District Candidate Joy Esther King.
    Bobby US Senate 2022

    The Bush lackey Pirate is at it again. Joy Esther King running for the House in IL is one of this guy’s groupies… check the FEC filings and see for yourself.

  10. I liked the song written about her abuela working in the coffee fields. It was catchy.

    >Where is my Robusta?
    >Where are the rains above?
    >Where is my Arabica?

    Now that’s a song that even Shake and Cal both recognize. It’s a classic.

  11. Nope, it’s well known Lauf doesn’t like Esther Joy King because she believes she is a RINO.

    Bet Lauf even considered running against her.

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