IL-11 UPDATEDx9: Q122 Fundraising Reshaping Republican Primary Race

UPDATE 4/15/22 12:59PM CDT: Mark Carroll’s campaign report since entering campaign in mid-February:

  • Q122 Receipts: $18,365
  • Q122 Disbursed: $15,188
  • CASH-ON-HAND: $3,178

UPDATE 4/15/22 12:53PM CDT: Cassandra Tanner Miller campaign under water:

  • Q122 Receipts: $2,525
  • Q122 Disbursed: $600
  • CASH-ON-HAND: $1,926
  • Q122 Debts Owed: 48,302.18

CTM’s campaign is over.

UPDATE 4/15/22 12:20PM CDT: Catalina Lauf’s first quarter fundraising worse then I thought it would be:

  • Q122 Receipts: $156,144
  • Q122 Disbursed: $264,879
  • CASH-ON-HAND: $148,241

Lauf’s quarterly burn rate: 169%

UPDATE 4/14/22 4:40PM CDT: Jerry Evans releases first quarter fundraising totals, raising $113,185.20 and with $83,806.96 cash on hand.

UPDATE 4/13/22 3:46PM CDT: Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) in a press release said his IL-11 campaign raised over $620K in the first quarter of 2022, and had $4.59 million cash-on-hand.

Andrea Heeg’s (R, unincorporated Geneva) campaign treasurer notified the FEC Heeg’s campaign committee had not raised more than $5K at end of last month, and would not be filing a quarterly report.

UPDATE 4/9/22 10:22AM CDT: Through Friday, none of the IL-11 Republican candidates had submitted their 1st quarter filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) one week in advance of the April 15 deadline.

Additionally, none of the 6 Republican candidates, or incumbent Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville), had announced their numbers prior to submitting their FEC quarterlies.

Usually when a candidate has a spectacular fundraising quarter, it’s usually followed up with a press release revealing their total numbers, even before the actual FEC report is submitted.

This coming week, April 11-13, three of the 6 Republican candidates will be interviewed live on Instagram by the We Are Freedom Illinois grassroots group.

The schedule, per the accompanying meme is:

  • Monday, April 11, 7:30PM CDT, North Aurora Village Trustee Mark Carroll
  • Tuesday, April 12, 8:30PM CDT, Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock)
  • Wednesday, April 13, 7:30PM CDT, Jerry Evans (R, Warrenville)

Here is the group’s Instagram posting announcing the events:

“If you live in the IL 11th Congressional district this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know three of your republican candidates. Please submit questions for a specific candidate or all three in the comments, email them or ask them live.”

Per the Instagram post, the email address to submit questions is:

McHenry County Blog will be watching all of the IL-11 interviews with interest, and how the candidates do on their respective night will be factored-in to the next set of rankings of candidates in IL-11 next weekend.

From the desk of John Lopez:

UPDATE 4/6/22 10:48PM CDT: Today’s game changer of the endorsement of Jerry Evans (R, Warrenville) by former state Representative Jeanne Ives (R, Wheaton) will shake up the IL-11 Republican rankings. I plan to issue new rankings shortly after April 15, once all FEC Q122 reports have been filed.

Bill Foster


The 6-candidate field competing for the Republican nomination for the 11th Congressional District includes four candidates with a realistic shot at competing for and winning the primary on June 28.

As of the beginning of April, there are less than 90 days for all the candidates to take their messages to the 11th District voters. No candidate has locked up and can go on cruise control as was witnessed by McHenry County voters in the 7-candidate Republican primary field in 2020 in the old IL-14, when then-state Senator Jim Oberweis’ decades of name ID and deep pockets delivered a win in the crowded field with a plurality of just under 26% of the primary vote.

Oberweis has taken a pass on running for anything in 2022, so primary voters will have to choose from among 6 candidates to compete with Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) in the race both the national Democrats and the national Republicans have said is a “targeted” (Republican) or “vulnerable” (Democrats) district.

To-date, none of the national committees or super PACs have purchased TV advertising time in the “Likely Democrat” rated 11th District. Media buys for the fall can change at any time, but thus far, the national focus backed up with outside campaign spending in Illinois is in the 17th District.

Approved Congressional Map 10/29/21

Immediate dates to watch for in the 11th District primary include the following:

  • By April 15, candidates must file 1st Quarter Federal Election Commission (FEC) Campaign Disclosure reports for campaign receipts and disbursements from January 1, through March 31, 2022. After the first quarter report, the next campaign report will be published by mid-June, the Pre-primary report
  • By May 16, candidate must file their Financial Disclosure statements with the U.S. House clerk in compliance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, with only limited ability to file an extension given the date of the primary
  • May 19, first day vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots will hit-the-street for voting by mail. The 8 local election authorities began accepting applications for VBM ballots last week

With balloting beginning on May 19, the candidates should have had at least two mailers and 1 to 2 TV commercials published by then (Oberweis’ coverage in IL-14 by the start of early voting in 2020 helped him secure a large enough lead which he did not lose).

From my own observations including feedback shared by multiple friends of McHenry County Blog, here is the rankings of the 6 Republican candidates competing for IL-11’s Republican nomination.

These rankings will likely change as additional information is published, or the candidates reach out to voters through grassroots campaigning, mailers and TV commercial advertising.

From Catalina Lauf Instagram 03/21/22

#1: Catalina Lauf of Woodstock, the nominal frontrunner

Lauf being atop the Republican field in IL-11 is no surprise, given her 3rd place finish in the IL-14 primary breaking 20% of the primary vote and within 6 percentage points of primary winner Oberweis in 2020.

With Lauf’s entry into the IL-16 primary in late February of 2021, she got a lot of attention given Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s (R, Channahon) hostility to President Trump in early January which continues to this day.

Due to redistricting, Kinzinger is gone, and Lauf, in early December, changed her target to Democrat Foster.

While Lauf begins the campaign with a degree of name ID, her name ID is limited within the new IL-11, according to an early poll I learned results from late last year I am not at liberty to share in any detail.

One thing is certain, Lauf’s presence as a candidate did not deter 6-8 candidates from at least considering running in the IL-11, though 5 competitors did file and stay on the ballot.

While starting her political career post-college in 2018 when she worked as a field director for then-Governor Bruce Rauner’s reelection campaign bid at the beginning of that year, Lauf has a record in politics which includes positives and negatives. Some of the negative highlights include:

  • Lack of life experiences (military service, marriage, parenthood, business career in her own name, lack of real property ownership in her name) which one would expect of a woman in her late 20s but not necessarily a representative in Congress
  • Excessively high burn rate while raising over $1 million in cash in 2021, Lauf burned through over 76 cents of every dollar raised, leaving her with just under $256K at end of 2021, bulk of disbursements paid to out-of-state consultants
  • Lack of a record of tangible support for political candidates/causes within Illinois
    • Her Defense of Freedom PAC through 2021, had given no financial contributions to an Illinois candidate or Illinois political cause
    • Took her over 4 months after her loss to Jim Oberweis in 2020 to publicly endorse him for the general election, and her PAC gave no money to Oberweis’ election
    • No direct involvement in the Illinois Republican Party, or any county organization during her post-college adult life
  • Very challenged telling the truth and displaying integrity including
    • Financial Disclosure statement submitted last August raised many questions, as revealed by McHenry County Blog here and here
    • Her next Financial Disclosure statement due in mid-May should address many of the questions her first report raised last year
    • Has yet to produce a reference from her work in Citizens for Rauner, the U.S. Commerce Department or any employer she’s worked for (family employers excluded) who can publicly say she is a worker one would hire for a job, let alone a seat in the United States Congress

But Lauf has her positives, too, including high profile endorsements from Congressman Burgess Owens (R, UT-04), U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) and while running for IL-16, the endorsement of Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11). She has 8 months of experience working in the U.S. Commerce Department through the first half of 2019.

To date, Lauf has not been endorsed by an Illinois elected Republican leader or former leader. All of Lauf’s high profile endorsements are from out-of-state.

Lauf begins the last 90 days as a nominal frontrunner in IL-11, and time will tell if she can convince primary voters she’s the best choice to challenge Foster.

Cassandra Tanner Miller

#2: Cassandra Tanner Miller of Elgin

With the establishment Republican support Cassandra Tanner Miller, also known as “CTM” has gained at the outset and per Capitol Fax, CTM is seen as the establishment’s alternative to Lauf in IL-11.

How much that support will be quantified will be learned in the next two weeks in her FEC quarterlies, which are due on April 15.

CTM turned 35 late last month.

The tragic story of CTM’s son’s passing is well known, and her diligent work to pass “Colton’s Law” with unanimous support in the Illinois General Assembly in 2021 proved she can get major legislation passed, while not serving in an elected body.

Additionally, CTM began her Colton’s Legacy foundation, which will be documented with metrics on her Financial Disclosure statement by mid-May.

While CTM has apparent support from establishment Republicans, her campaign has been plagued by staffing issues, as confirmed by Capitol Fax last month, but evidence was seen throughout March, including cancelling two events, including a March 24 campaign kickoff/fundraiser.

Additionally, her campaign bio has a significant gap in time between her days in college then skipping to her 2017 marriage with the Colton’s father. It is unknown what CTM was doing in the 5-7 years prior to her marriage with Colton’s father, and she must be forthcoming to account for the gap in her resume’.

But at this point, CTM is ranked #2.

#3: Jerry Evans of Warrenville

Jerry Evans

Jerry Evans, 38, is making his 2nd run for Congress and facing McHenry County voters as he was one of the 7 candidates who competed for the Republican nomination in 2020 in the old IL-14, finishing 6th.

Evans has definitely grown and improved both as a candidate and as a family man in the two years since the 2020 primary.

Jerry and his wife welcomed their 2nd son in late 2021.

Evans will be listed first on the primary ballot.

Evans’ music school which bears his name in Wheaton was challenged during the pandemic, and Evans, as the business owner of a brick-and-mortar business employed at least a dozen people at his Illinois-based business and was challenged first-hand to keep his business open during all the mandates and emergency orders of the pandemic.

Evans, as a candidate for 2022, has displayed growth, including the open and public endorsement of former Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Thomas, making Evans the only candidate thus far in the IL-11 Republican primary field to be endorsed by a current/former elected official from Illinois.

Word from multiple sources, Evans had some prominent leaders making private fundraising calls for him since launching his 2022 candidacy in late January. His FEC first quarter filing will test the validity of the sources for this information.

Additionally, Evans has been making media appearances on Newsmax and Fox News, as recent as last Friday, which was something not seen in his 2020 race.

Evans, for the first time, will be filing a Financial Disclosure statement, which he did not file during his 2020 bid, which will reveal information about Evans’ earnings and assets not disclosed in his first congressional bid 2 years ago.

Evans starts ranked #3 but could rise in the rankings as his FEC and Financial Disclosure statements are filed.

Mark Carroll

#4: Mark Carroll of North Aurora

North Aurora Village Trustee Mark Carroll, who turns 48 this month, begins the final 90 days of the campaign ranked #4.

Carroll is not known by many in McHenry County, but he enters the race as the only elected official among all six candidates, having served as a North Aurora village trustee since May of 2014, and has won two elected terms since his initial appointment.

In addition to being a village trustee, Carroll served for 5 years on the North Aurora Plan Commission.

Carroll is an attorney with 20 years of experience, and all indications, Carroll is a back office transactional attorney, opposed to a trial lawyer.

Included in his resume’ is Washington D.C. experience working for the House Judiciary Committee during the time of Congressman Henry Hyde’s chairmanship in the mid to late 1990s.

Carroll’s work in DC makes him the only candidate apart from Lauf with work experience in Washington.

The married father of 3 sons, oldest being 18, had campaign staffing issues early in his campaign, which all indications show has been corrected.

Carroll’s messaging has taken a “Restore America” and “Experience Matters” themes, the latter a clear shot at all of his primary opponents, especially nominal frontrunner Lauf.

Carroll has begun aggressively scheduling events across the district, and has events in April scheduled in Naperville, North Aurora and Cary at this point in time.

He starts at #4, and he, like Evans, is poised to surge in the rankings if his campaign gains traction.

Andrea Heeg
Susan Hathaway-Altman

#5: Andrea Heeg of unincorporated Geneva

#6: Susan Hathaway-Altman of unincorporated Geneva

These are the two IL-11 Republican candidates I see little to no sign of competing for the nomination.

Both candidates are from the same neighborhood in central Kane County, the exclusive Mill Creek Subdivision in unincorporated Blackberry Township.

Heeg, who filed her candidacy with the FEC in January, has had over two months to launch a semblance of a campaign, outside of collecting petition signatures. She has to date, yet to launch her campaign’s website.

And Hathaway-Altman hasn’t even filed any paperwork with the FEC filed her paperwork with the FEC on Monday, April 4, after her surprise petition filing on March 14.

Unless I see something drastic from either of these two women, I have to relegate them to also-rans.

What do you think of the 11th Congressional District Republican primary field initial rankings? Are they valid? Please discuss in comments, and please keep all comments on the points raised in this article.


IL-11 UPDATEDx9: Q122 Fundraising Reshaping Republican Primary Race — 22 Comments

  1. Good article with lots of background information on the candidates and explanations on the power ranking.

    I agree with the order of the ranking for the most part except I would have put Evans at 2, Carroll at 3, and CTM at 4 instead of CTM at 2, Evans at 3, and Carroll at 4.

    The reason for that is I see much more signs of life in the campaigns of Evans and Carroll vs CTM who has been struggling to even get to scheduled events.

    First quarter fundraising which we hopefully get a peak at in about two weeks should give us a better picture of the race.
    Lauf was the only candidate in this field who has been in the race a long time and posted 2021 end of year numbers.

    She has a significant head start and even though her burn rate is high, the total for her cash on hand is pretty good (over 250 thousand).

    Remember that in 2020 there were several candidates (Oberweis, Gradel, Rezin, and Lauf) who did well on fundraising while Marter (who had name ID), Evans, and Catella did not, so when you say Oberweis ran but didn’t win by a lot you should consider that he ran against some candidates who had name ID and ones who were competitive on raising money.

    This time around, on the other hand, Lauf could (and I suspect will) have a large advantage in terms of money and name ID.

    Early voting begins in about 45 days so candidates need to make a splash soon before it’s too late.

    And while Oberweis’s total/plurality wasn’t that high, if you look at the difference between the top tier candidates of 2020 (like he and Rezin) vs the mid to lower tier ones, there was a significant difference in outcomes.

    Rezin who finished second got more than double the votes as Marter who finished fifth, and Oberweis got more than five times as many votes as Evans who finished sixth in the seven person race.

    Candidates have until late April to drop out.

    I think the field is too big to support CTM, Evans, and Carroll and ideally the support for those three should be consolidated into just one for voters who are hoping to deny Catalina Lauf the nomination.

    Heeg and Altman are bottom tier candidates and it’s always difficult to read people like that.

    Heeg is sincere but not serious; I knew that when she argued with people that she wouldn’t need lots of money to take on someone like Lauren Underwood.

    Altman is a mystery candidate, possibly even a plant.

    It’s probable that forces trying to deny Lauf the nomination would want other women in the race.

    I was surprised Altman did not get an objection.

    If your ranking is correct then Altman could be more of a foil to CTM than to Lauf, since Altman and CTM both have those kinds of “girl power” two-person last names, but regardless having more women in the race is beneficial to the men.

    Perhaps if one of the men dropped out so that there was only one man but multiple female candidates that person could be competitive with Lauf, but as of now she deserves the frontrunner status.

    She ran before and did well — she finished third overall and won McHenry County.

    This time around she’ll have a cash advantage.

    The other reason Catalina Lauf will win which you won’t say because you are a good Christian family man but I will say it because someone has to say it is LOOK AT HER PICTURE.

    *jaw drops*
    *Hummina hummina hummina*
    *eyeballs pop out*
    *smashes anvil on head*

    Imagine going home to that.

  2. Correcting, and exactly why plenty won’t bother voting for her.

    She isn’t in this to pour over bills and sit in long boring meetings.

    She’s a wanna be insta-gram model who still lives at home.

    She hasn’t done anything.

    The million+ dollars she raised is down to $250K.

    You couldn’t AFFORD to go home to that because she’d spend your last dime.

    You think she’s gonna be good with taxpayers money?

  3. JERRY EVANS is going to get some good Conservative endorsements that mean something. He’s a husband, father, business owner and employer. Being first on the ballot is a good thing too.

    MARK CARROLL seems very well spoken, has actual experience in Washington working for the House Judiciary Committee during the time of Congressman Henry Hyde’s chairmanship in the mid to late 1990s, he knows how govt. works. Pro-Life, husband, father, self-made man. He’s completed terms in office not skipping out to run for higher office. That means something a lot about his commitment to the people.

    CASSANDRA MILLER has quite a story to tell and has worked on bills with legislation, she runs a successful non-profit. Lauf has time to take pics of herself all day. Cassandra Miller is a wife, mother, non-profit charity chairwoman. She did NOT cancel two events. She canceled one due to a dangerous snow storm and rescheduled another due to problems with the first venue.

    The other candidates will need to come out and differentiate themselves somehow.

    For those that comment about Cassandra Miller’s looks, keep in mind her face was literally bashed in when her ex-husband was trying to kill her.

    She’s had some reconstructive work.

    You would have needed some too. She needs to get a photographer too.

    That must not be high on her list of priorities.

    Good for her and maybe for us too.

  4. I on, a candidate who raises a million dollars and spends 3/4 of it and still has a quarter million is still in a better spot than a candidate who raises twenty thousand and only spends half of it.

    People overemphasize the burn rate.

    What does a candidate raise money for if not to spend it?

    And if she still has a COH advantage what is the problem?

    You can complain about her being pretty but that doesn’t change the fact that she is going to get the simp vote.

    I’m just calling it like it is and Lopez also ranked her number 1.

    Neither of us are saying she’s a great candidate but she is the frontrunner due to name ID and cash on hand.

    I just added physical appearance because people prefer a babe or a hunk.

    That’s basic human nature.

    Don’t you see how even Jerry Evans and Mark Carroll dress and keep their hair?

    That’s part of their appearance.

    It matters.

    Look, the country is in dire straights.

    Trump was a narcissist and a jerk but he was at the very least a funny guy.

    If America is declining regardless of what voters choose, why wouldn’t people vote for someone who at least gives them entertainment either comedic or of the lustful variety?

    Have you ever read the article that compared the 2016 election to Flight 93?

    The point of that article was that if America is hijacked and going to crash anyway, it should be crashed on the passengers’ terms.

    On a less grim note, a freshman member of the House of Reps isn’t going to be calling things anyway.

    I think all of these Republican candidates would vote the same way and would be mostly indistinguishable from one another if they were elected, with the exception of CTM who I suspect would be more moderate and Altman who is a mystery candidate that has no chance anyway.

    If you really value a candidate who can write legislation and understands the capitol, however, I think Mark Carroll would be the ideal choice.

    See the write-up by Nob Sent Me.

    It’s accurate and succinct.

  5. Too bad I have been banished to the IL-10. Now that Correcting’s Viagra kicked in and Cawthorn, Paul and Owens endorsed her I might have reconsidered. Oh well, Lord Jumbo with his anointed running mate Irvin will guarantee another term.

    Just kidding Correcting, don’t get your bibs in a twist.

  6. When will see these people in a debate on tv? HOw will they stand on their feet with questions tossed at them?

  7. You probably won’t see a debate with these people on TV.

    I don’t recall there being televised debates for congressional primaries last time.

    Maybe when it’s Foster vs the Republican you’ll see a televised debate (that’s not a given either) but don’t count on seeing one for a primary, bred winner.

    You may not even see a televised debate for the gubernatorial or senatorial primary either.

    You just have to stay alert and try to track down a forum.

    Then either go there in person or hope you can find footage of it online but that is not guaranteed.

    I know there is a forum in Tazewell County near Peoria on the 25th and one in Kankakee County on the 28th, and if I recall those are both gubernatorial forums.

    I haven’t heard anything about congressional forums yet.

    Richard Irvin’s campaign has already confirmed he will NOT be at the one in Tazewell County.

    There have been two or three forums for governor already.

    Neither Irvin or Sullivan showed up to those.

    In terms of questioning, Lauf and Evans have already ran for congress before and participated in multiple forums and interviews.

    Mark Carroll ran for village trustee and was a congressional staffer.

    They should do ok.

    Lauf had some bad moments at previous forums but Evans did alright.

    Both should be improved compared to last time.

    No idea how CTM or the lesser known candidates will do though.

    This blog will likely alert readers about upcoming forums/debates. Date, time, and location.

  8. Bill Foster has VERY serious health problems.

    Thankfully, he won’t be ‘woke’ much longer.

  9. I don’t know Lauf personally but if politics were porn she’d win.

  10. Lauf is the only one who can win this primary.

    Jerry Evans is weird and most people who see him are turned off by him.

    Sure he means well but he just ain’t what the constituents are looking for.

    I always thought his line of “my brother is black so people can’t call me a racist” was weird when they all debated a few years ago.

    Lauf is beautiful, articulate and very genuine and warm upon meeting.

    can actually beat Foster in the general.

    All of the rest of the candidates would get their butts handed to them.

  11. Vik tho…you watched Lauf alienate the Republican Party on Freedom Illinois live stream, right?

    She couldn’t name another competitor, said Portillo’s is her favorite thing about Illinois… her own supporters said no in the comments during the interview…for Big Mike it’s also a no.

  12. Vik knows all, sees all, understands all.

    He’s like the Great Oz Wizard!

    His (Evans) “brother is black?” What the hell des that mean?

    If Foster dies this summer, is the GOP a shoe-in?

    Foster looks like death warmed over……… I guess we want him to survive as late as possible to bollix up the democrat replacement.

    But they’re probably scrambling to find a replacement.

  13. Eh, Lauf plays up her mom being from Guatemala — I had forgotten about Evans’s sibling(s).

    Carroll and Evans are both more articulate than Lauf.

    Carroll’s numbers are really low.

    Carroll, CTM (in the red), Heeg (who didn’t even get 5k), and that candidate Susan (who is probably in similar shape as Heeg) should consider dropping out.

    Evans had pretty good numbers.

    He’s doing a little better than I thought he would be.

    It was surprising just how poorly Carroll did compared to Evans.

    This report makes clear that Lauf and Evans are the big dogs of the GOP field which is what I expected.

    To me, this race is defined by whether one supports Lauf or opposes her — and if you oppose her then who do you support?

    GOPers who oppose her should try hard to consolidate their anti-Lauf vote into one candidate, otherwise they risk splitting the vote and ending up with the candidate they like the least.

    It seems Evans is that guy, but people have to make up their own minds.

    Lauf still leads the pack in fundraising and cash on hand but her first quarter for this year was a bad sign since she had started the year with about 256 k on hand and now has about 108 k less than what she started with.

    What do potential donors think of that?

    If Evans had a full quarter instead of about 2/3 of a quarter his receipts would have been similar to Lauf’s.

    While she’s starting with 148 k and Evans just 84 k, she spent like 265 k and Evans only 29 k.

    He is managing his money better.

    What is Lauf spending so much money on and what kind of shape is she going to be in to take on Foster if she takes another 100+ k dip in funds?

    She is going to need to make cutbacks to her spending or else figure out how to raise more money because that burn rate is bad, not sustainable.

    I was expecting her to have between 200 k and 300 k COH and have between 2.5-3.5 x as much money as her closest opponent but she has less than double (about 1.76 x) and her fundraising is not keeping up with her spending.

    Lauf refuses to call Evans by name and pretends she doesn’t know who he is. She does know who he is and she is worried.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is going forward and she’s going backwards.
    Lauf is worried because her surrogates are now on this blog attacking Evans.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is appearing in the media.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is getting big endorsements too.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is a better speaker than her.
    Lauf is worried because Evans has more composure.
    Lauf is worried because Evans knows more about issues.
    Lauf is worried because she knows many people in the GOP do NOT like her.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is first on the ballot.
    Lauf is worried because Evans, while also a millennial like her, owns his own business and house and has a hot wife and has children while Lauf loafs around at home unemployed and unmarried.
    Lauf is worried because her primary way of raising money isn’t convincing people she is a great candidate but by showing her cleavage.
    Lauf is worried because Evans is rising and moving in on her while she has stagnated and even declined.

    Lauf is panicking.

    She could have put the nail in the coffin of her haters with this quarter’s report, but it looks like her campaign went on a reckless spending spree. Naughty naughty!

    Now she is only up one in the bottom of the 9th with Evans up to bat and on fire.


    How does Lauf respond to pressure?

    Change pitcher (personnel change), split in glove (dirty tricks), pray for rain delay (bad news to distract from race and cool everything off), hope for a pop fly (big Evans screw up or getting endorsed by HUGE name like Trump), or just intelligently grind this thing out with good plays? Can she close this thing out or will she blow her lead?

    This is the heat and pressure that separates the gold from the slag, the heat and pressure that makes or breaks a person. Her resolve and character are being tested right now.

    How will she handle it?

    What will she do?

  14. Correcting, now we get to see how tough of a fighter Catalina Lauf really is.

    One of the things in her FEC that floored me was seeing her give Joe Kent in WA-03 $2K from her campaign. Why her campaign!?! She has a PAC with over $20K, why not give to Kent from there?

    One of many highly questionable decisions.

    Glad you’re also hitting upon the lack of modesty of Lauf’s wardrobe. At an event yesterday with many Republican women, they couldn’t say enough times Lauf needs to dress more modestly. One pointed out even some of her web site pics are immodest.

    And that pin-up girl pic she posted on Instagram last month another of many examples. The pic of her at Mar-a-Lago a year ago with Kim Klacik and Anna Paulina Luna also comes to mind, and the two who worked in strip clubs were dressed modestly, but not Lauf.

    Lauf needs to improve and fast.

  15. Correcting, it’s not so much Lauf’s moving backwards as that she’s idling at the curb, and Evans is putting out content and engagement.

    I hadn’t had to pay much attention to her until now, so from my perspective all I’ve seen is the vapid, soft-focus dewy social influencer media personality thing.

    I haven’t learned enough to even know that I don’t support her, you know?

  16. I wish Lopez would resign from the County Fashion PD.

    How about citing Mary Mahady for a fashion felony when her tight leotards, or whatever they were, split up her huge butt at a recent democrat event. Yeah,I heard all about it. Mary had to keep seated till most of the demozombies left.

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