UPDATEDx4: Candidates Culls Completed for Petition Objection in Springfield, Governor Field Set

Supreme Court, District 2 primaries now head-to-head as legal actions expected; no more IL-09 contested Republican primary, six candidates for governor/lieutenant governor remain

To some, this may be their favorite time of the election cycle — petition objections.

Now it is time to see how tough a candidate really is, as well as their supporters where neither the candidate or their supporters can hide behind their keyboards in social media.

It’s time to see candidates fight for their political lives and win to stay on the ballot. If the candidate loses the objection fight, they are culled from the ballot.

Through late afternoon (April 21, 2022), the following statewide and local candidates of interest had at least one petition objection field against them at the State Board of Elections.

U.S. Senator

  • Maryann Mahlen (R, Orland Park) — filed Wed, 3/9/22, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22

Governor / Lieutenant Governor

  • Beverly Miles (D, Chicago) / Karla Shaw (D, Chicago) — filed 3/14, 11:26AM CDT, OBJECTION DISMISSED
  • Emily Johnson (R, Wheaton) / Brett Mahlen (R, Orland Park) — filed Wed, 3/9/22, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22
  • Keisha Smith (R, Country Club Hills) / not processed, yet — filed Mon, 3/14/22 4-5PM CDT, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22
  • Max Solomon (R, Hazel Crest) / Latasha Fields (R, Chicago) — filed 3/14, 4-5PM CDT, OBJECTION DISMISSED
  • Jesse Sullivan (R, Petersburg) / Kathleen Murphy (R, Warrenville) — filed 3/14, 4-5PM CDT, OBJECTION DISMISSED

Secretary of State

  • Sidney Moore (D, Homewood) — filed Mon, 3/14/22 8:41AM CDT, OBJECTION DISMISSED
  • Michelle Turney (R, Chicago) — filed Wed, 3/9/22, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22


  • Michael Kinney (R, Carol Stream) — filed Wed, 3/9/22, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22


  • Patrice McDermand (R, Lake Bluff) — filed Wed, 3/9/22, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22

5th Congressional District (including southwestern Lake County with Fox River Grove and Barrington Hills)

  • Rami Blan (D, Chicago) — filed Mon, 3/14, 10:32AM CDT, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/14/22
  • Kimball Ladien (R, Chicago) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 2:07PM CDT, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22

8th Congressional District (Dundee Township, portion of Huntley in Kane County)

  • Junaid Ahmed (D, South Barrington), OBJECTION DISMISSED

9th Congressional District (Algonquin Township in McHenry County)

  • Andrew Heldut (D, Chicago) — filed 3/14, 4-5PM CDT, CANDIDACY WITHDRAWN
  • John Elleson (R, Arlington Heights), REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22

9th Congressional District Democratic State Central Committeeman (Algonquin Township in McHenry County)

  • Ryan McIntyre (Chicago), OBJECTION DISMISSED

10th Congressional District (Richmond, Burton, Hebron and portions of McHenry and Greenwood townships in McHenry County)

  • Brad Schneider (D, Highland Park), OBJECTION DISMISSED

11th Congressional District (most of McHenry County including Grafton, Dorr, Seneca, Nunda, Coral, Riley, Marengo and portions of Greenwood, Hartland and McHenry townships)

  • Juan “Johnny” Ramos (R, Naperville) — filed Mon, 3/14 at 1:56PM CDT, CANDIDACY WITHDRAWN 4/1/22

Illinois Supreme Court — 2nd District

  • Rene’ Cruz (D, Aurora), OBJECTION DISMISSED
  • Nancy Rotering (D, Highland Park), REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22
  • Mark C. Curran, Jr. (R, Libertyville), REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22
  • Susan Hutchinson (R, Crystal Lake) — filed 3/14, 3:11PM CDT, REMOVED FROM BALLOT 4/21/22

2nd Appellate District

  • Erin Cartwright Weinstein (D, Gurnee), OBJECTION DISMISSED

Comments on the petition objections are welcome. Please, keep comments on the topic of the petition objections.


UPDATEDx4: Candidates Culls Completed for Petition Objection in Springfield, Governor Field Set — 18 Comments

  1. You would think that Susan Hutchinson (appellate judge) and Brad Schneider (incumbent congressman) would know enough not to file challengeable petitions.

  2. Because, both of them have no real supporters. They are both creatures of habit….. the habits of ‘getting by’, deception, self-absorbtion, puffery and bug-eyed lunacy.

  3. Interesting from a person running for Senate:


    Lake Forest, Illinois: Two objectors have filed a challenge to the nomination papers filed by Congressman Brad Schneider, who is seeking reelection for the office of United States Representative in Congress for the 10th Congressional District. The objection alleges that Brad Schneider does not reside at the Highland Park address listed on his petitions and on his statement of candidacy, and that Schneider falsely swore that he resides at an address where he does not reside and submitted false paperwork.

    Schneider’s Republican opponent is Joseph Severino, who said he was aware of the objections. Severino stated, “The law requires candidates to attest to certain things, including their residential address. Schneider swore under oath in his statement of candidacy that he was living at an address in Highland Park as of March 4, 2022. However, as of Friday, the house was vacant and Highland Park has not even issued an occupancy permit for the property listed on the petitions and statement of candidacy. Either the information is false or he’s living in a vacant house that has no occupancy permit. It is surprising that my opponent would falsely claim that he is living in Highland Park instead of at his home in Deerfield. If he cannot even follow the basic laws to get on the ballot as a qualified candidate, how can the public expect him to act honorably?”

    Severino said he has also been investigating this issue and has determined that Schneider has also been claiming a homestead tax exemption for the unoccupied Highland Park property, which means that Schneider falsely represented to Lake County that the vacant home has been his “primary residence” for years, although Schneider is not living there, and that Schneider has also registered to vote from the vacant property also. He said that his team has video footage of the unoccupied home, and that now Schneider may be realizing that he has been caught and is suddenly trying to move books into the Highland Park property today (3/21/2022). Severino stated, “The public is disgusted with dishonest politicians who game the system for their personal gain. There must be accountability here. The public deserves answers, and the people of Deerfield are entitled to an explanation as to why Schneider wants to disassociate himself from his home in Deerfield. Why has he filed a claim for homestead tax relief for a property that has not been his home? Why is he lying about where he lives? We need to restore dignity and honor to Washington, not continue with more of the same.”

    Great to see God Loving Americans putting We the People First Again!!

    Thank you Joe Severino for exposing the Truth and help take out the Trash from Congress ….

    I am looking forward to addressing you The Honorable House of Representative Joseph Severino.

  4. LOL…just more conspiracy theories. Cue the Moe Larry Curly Shemp contingent. I’m surprised Lopez didn’t catch this one.

  5. Schneider’s objection stems not from lack of signatures but from allegedly using an address that he isn’t at.

    It has been written about elsewhere.

    Check out Edgar County Watchdogs or Illinois Review.

    One of them covered it.

    No idea what Hutchinson’s problem was or Rotering’s or Cruz’s (they’re all running for Supreme Court in the 2nd district), but let’s remember not everyone who gets objected to is removed from the ballot.

    The objections in the gubernatorial election were expected…

    Except for one set of candidates which John didn’t include, maybe because he wrote it before the list was final, but that would be Jesse Sullivan / Kathleen Murphy.

    Miles / Shaw, Smith / no running mate, Solomon / Fields, and Johnson / Mahlen were all predictable though.

    The lack of objections in the U.S. Senate race and in the 11th district was surprising to me.

    Only one Republican candidate in each was challenged: Ramos in the 11th and (the other) Mahlen in the Senate race. Even if they are removed that could still leave 6 people running in the 11th and 7 for Senate.

    I was expecting that Susan Althman-hyphen-whatever-her-name-is in the 11th and Matthew Dubiel, Anthony Williams, and maybe Jimmy Lee Tillman in the Senate to be challenged but that didn’t happen.

    Finally, I was surprised by the 14th district where 4/6 Republicans were challenged (Gryder, Koolidge, Lombardi, and Starrett) yet Milton was not one of them.

    Only Milton and Marter were not objected to.

    In fact, even Lauren Underwood was challenged in the 14th even though she turned in like 4 or 5 thousand signatures (only needed 4 hundred).

    Not sure what the issue is with her either.

    This whole day was pretty strange.

  6. Doesn’t Underwood really live in Lincoln Park with a strange creature called “Xi”? That’s what was on the radio.

  7. Cal, that would be more lies from one of the bloglodytes who simply makes things up. Name calling is a form of argument.

    Say something, pretend it is true, and like some twisted Disney plot, it becomes true.

  8. The person objecting to Underwood is the same person objecting to Michael Koolidge.

    Remember that Koolidge has been leading the Republican field in terms of fundraising according to the FEC.

    Both Underwood and Koolidge are candidates in the 14th district but for different political parties.

    Underwood is running unopposed in the Democratic primary and the Republican primary had 6 candidates turn in paperwork.

    The person filing the objections is Tonia Larue of Yorkville which is in Kendall County.

    Larue is an appointed precinct committeeperson from Bristol 13 as of 3/4/2021.

    Maybe she’s a Gryder or a Marter supporter.

    I don’t know that for sure — it’s just a guess since Gryder and Marter are both from Kendall County.

    I’d say more likely Marter since Larue was appointed and Marter is the Kendall County Republican Party Chairman so he is the one who would have had the authority to appoint her as a precinct committeeperson, right?

    Just to be clear, I am not saying Marter directly or indirectly told Larue to file the objections but it looks like she may have done it to his benefit.

    It’s just a guess.

  9. Correcting, hard to tell what is going on in IL-14. 5 of 7 candidates had their petitions objected to. Those five are:

    Scott Gryder
    Michael Koolidge
    Jack Lombardi
    Susan Starrett
    Lauren Underwood

    Gryder supposedly the “establishment” pick in IL-14, though unknown if he’s Ken Griffin’s pick.

    Lombardi has shown himself to be a buffoon throughout his candidacy going back to IL-16 and evidence exists he had trouble gathering signatures. Still, like all with objections, Lombardi deserves his due process, and this will distract him for at least a month, and he’ll have to fight to stay on ballot.

    Time to find out how tough Lombardi really is.

    The two Republican candidates escaping any petition objection in IL-14 were Jim Marter and Jaime Milton.

  10. Objections to Gryder and Lombardi were filed by the same guy (Guss) and recently dismissed.

  11. 4/21 – It’s a clean sweep, knocking out all the Q candidates at the top of the ticket:

    Johnson, Turney, Mahler and Kinney


  12. Hutchinson removed.

    That’s a shocker.

    What was the basis?

  13. Hey Cal. Why does a poster get blocked multiple times per week.

    Is it a QSPIRACY. Unbelievable

  14. Rotering, Curran, and Hutchinson being removed is a big deal.

    If that sticks, the Dem primary will be Rene Cruz vs Elizabeth Rochford and the Rep primary will be John Noverini vs Daniel Shanes.

    What’s the difference between dismissed and overruled?

    It seems if an objection is dismissed they get to stay on and if the objection is sustained they get kicked off the ballot but it also looks like they get to stay on with an overruled objection (which makes sense).

    What is the difference though?

    Why the need for the distinction between dismissed and overruled?

    Is it just a procedural issue but ultimately doesn’t matter?

    I see that Max Solomon’s objection was overruled and Jesse Sullivan’s was dismissed.

    They’re both listed as active Republican gubernatorial candidates.

    The objection to Keisha Smith was sustained and she is listed as removed.

    The objection to Beverly Miles was overruled so she’s listed as active (she’s taking on Pritzker in the Democratic primary).

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