IL-11: Catalina Lauf Goes Greta Garbo’s Two-Faced Woman with Multiple 4×4 Signs

From the desk of John Lopez: This weekend, I saw two different 4×4 campaign signs for Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) posted on IL Route 47.

The first, somewhat traditional, in Plato Township in Kane County:

So, much like the candidate, a lot of signage that doesn’t say much.

The other Lauf 4×4 is in front of the Harley Davidson store in Woodstock was revealing in more ways than one with her father’s motorcycle in picture:

So what do readers of McHenry County Blog think of the two-faced woman approach and Lauf’s multiple 4×4 signs she has for the primary campaign?

BTW, the “Take me to Congress” sign was only at the Woodstock Harley-Davidson. The Triumph Harley-Davidson store in St. Charles did not have either Lauf 4×4 in front of it.

If Greta Garbo could pull off the two-faced woman back in 1941, one can guess Lauf could see success with the approach in 2022?

And I laughed out loud when Elon Musk made a cameo appearance at the end of Machete Kills.


IL-11: Catalina Lauf Goes Greta Garbo’s Two-Faced Woman with Multiple 4×4 Signs — 11 Comments

  1. Catalina rides alright. Not a Triumph or Harley. She strikes me as cut from the same cloth as Kamala. Ask Wille Brown about Kamala. LOL

  2. JT, in spite of my many differences with Lauf over past 9 months, even I won’t put her into the path Kamala Harris took over 25 years ago.

    Upbringing of both Catalina and her sister with two great parents would alone prevent that unholy development.

  3. I think there are going to be accidents on the road involving distracted drivers.

  4. Catalina Lauf is exceptional.

    This is absolutely the right PR strategy.

    The only people who would be against it are the unholy alliance of Feminazis and the old curmudgeon failed GOP leaders – most of whom are dead now anyway.

    Great job, Catalina!

    You have a wonderful family, you’re aggressively pursuing your dreams, and you have the RIGHT conservative message.

    The policy plans that WORK for America; not the repeated failures of the left.

    Only unhappy, grumpy, failed nay-sayers will criticize you.

    Don’t listen to losers who lead unhappy lives and who are jealous of people with your strength, character, beauty, and success.

  5. Why dors she feature the “pansy elephant” GOP rino logo in one if her signs?

    That’s something I’d expect to see on ‘Bri’ Sager, ex Lord Mayor and Fairy~in~Chief of Woodstock’s crud signs.

  6. satire
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Just trying to help you out Lopez with your opinions and observations of Lauf.

    Read what’s being thrown in my direction from the people here. LOL.

    That’s how I treat most of it.

    Hence the introduction of Cockwomble to the vernacular to the “in-crowd” on this site.

    My god you people need to lighten up on politics and expose what the real issues are behind IL failures.

    Hint: It isn’t the candidates.

    The majority of county clerks are mostly Republican so everything is on the up and up.

    Motor voter laws and no voter id were the best thing since sliced bread for this state.

    Ask Alexi Giannoulias.

    Oh, that’s right the SoS has nothing to do with elections.



  7. How many actual or lookalike movie actresses have served in Congress over the years?

  8. Alexi? What a joke. This guy is a dope. Just another democrat dope that fool voters in Illinois probably will fawn over. But, not only Illinois. Dumb voters around the nation elected the doofus moron Joe Biden.

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