IL-11 UPDATED: Mark Carroll Endorsed by Batavia Township Republicans

Mark Carroll

UPDATE 4/27/22, 11:23AM CDT: Commenter “Correcting” credited with applying discernment concerning the Batavia Township Republican Organization (BTRO) composition having only 5 precinct committeepersons currently listed by the Kane County Clerk.

Batavia Township consists of 21 precincts, and 99% of Batavia Township within the 11th Congressional District.

For 2022, 6 precinct committeeperson candidates seeking election to Batavia Township.

=====END OF UPDATE=====

From press release of Mark Carroll for Congress campaign 4/25/22:

Mark Carroll for Congress Receives Local Endorsement

Community Republican organization throws support behind Carroll as momentum builds

The Mark Carroll for Congress Campaign announced the endorsement of the Batavia Township Republican Organization. The organization represents southern Batavia and the northern portion of North Aurora in Kane County.

“We’ve had extensive conversations with Mark on how he plans to restore America and restore the values that we hold dear and feel that he would be the best candidate to run against the long-time incumbent.

“Mark shares our values on fixing the economy, reducing crime, solving education concerns, securing the border, and protecting life from the beginning. This is why we have decided to endorse Mark Carroll for Congress.”

Tricia Barbier, Batavia Township Republican Organization chairwoman


“I am honored and humbled to have received the endorsement of the Batavia Township GOP.

“I have spent the last few months going to community events and meeting with the constituents of IL11 and I feel very strongly that our campaign is moving in the right direction.

“We are focused on grassroots efforts and will continue to work with local organizations like the Batavia Township GOP.”

Mark Carroll



IL-11 UPDATED: Mark Carroll Endorsed by Batavia Township Republicans — 2 Comments

  1. To put this into context, Batavia Township Republicans is 4 elected precinct committeepersons plus 1 appointed precinct committeeperson.

    There are households with more people people than the Batavia Township Republicans.

    Depending on quorum rules, Carroll could have gotten as few as 2 or 3 votes (and at most got 5) and then he can claim Batavia Township Republicans endorsed him as if it’s a big deal.

    People need to apply discernment to these very small scale local party organizations (like township level) making endorsements because in a lot of cases it’s a super small group of people making the decision.

    Places in Cook County just have a Township Committeeperson and then I see candidates bragging about how such and such township Republicans endorsed them when it may have been one person making the decision.

    In general, I brush it off as meaningless unless it’s an endorsement from at least a *county level* party organization and all the PC were invited to vote (not just the executive committee which can be a handful of people).

    So, if Carroll gets endorsed by the Kane County Republicans, that would be a big deal.

    Batavia Township Republicans?

    Not so much.

  2. I guess the RINOs are unhappy about this guy.

    He’s trashed Irvin, Pritzker and the Schiff-Schumer zionist neocons, so he must be scotched before his truths spread to the proles.

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