IL-11: Catalina Lauf Friday Afternoon Video Message Produces a Farce

Catalina Lauf

Lauf continues her two-faced woman routine with 40 minutes of hypocrisy showing why voters do not resonate to her message void of life experiences she has yet to live

IL-11 congressional candidate Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) got on her virtual soapbox Friday afternoon to bring her supporters up to speed to what she’s been doing lately.

The Instagram video can be viewed here.

From the desk of John Lopez: I thought April Fool’s Day was at the start of April, not the end.

I encourage everyone to watch Lauf’s video in its entirety. She reveals much about herself which reinforces the first of many life experiences the soon-to-be-29 year old (next Thursday) has yet to experiences by her actions – authenticity.

It was known to McHenry County Blog Lauf’s uncle’s passing, and I professionally left Lauf alone as I knew his passing was tough on her and her family.

Yet the sophistry Lauf crossed during her Instagram diatribe went far beyond her uncle’s passing.

Lauf came across as a humanist, and inauthentic, multiple times describing everyone having their own “truth”.

Not once did Lauf say the truth, that there is one truth – God’s truth as taught in His Word.

Going into May, the IL-11 Republican primary enters the home stretch.

Please share what you think of Lauf’s video.

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IL-11: Catalina Lauf Friday Afternoon Video Message Produces a Farce — 12 Comments

  1. Methinks thou doest work far too hard for things to criticize Lauf.

    I know she will do an outstanding job.

    I’m so looking forward to voting for Catalina.

  2. Nice try CLM.

    Maybe Lauf would find the courage to answer some of my questions, she’ll learn that none of what I write about her is personal.

    It’s strictly business.

  3. Inauthentic?

    This video is probably the worst example of her being inauthentic.

    She was, in a welcomed style change, being authentic and speaking from the heart.

    I wish she would be like how she was here more often in her media appearances which is to say long form style, off the cuff, fewer platitudes, talking about things outside of politics.

    She’s more interesting and relatable when she gets outside of the box.

    Her problem in general is seeming too guarded and inauthentic.

    This video, however, was the opposite of that.

    But I could see how John would view the video as coming across as relativistic in particular when she said people can marry who they want to marry which was unexpected.

  4. She is not experienced, and therefore she cannot present well or accomplish anything. She is pandering.

  5. My god. Give her a career in doing commercials. Listening to her try to make a point is like listening to the new Ministry of Truth leader sing Disney songs. If IL people vote for that fine human being to represent this state is doomed.

    Remember, Catalina rides motorcycles. LOL. Don’t offend Catalina’s family by saying otherwise.

  6. Wanted to hang myself after 4 minutes of this nonsensical drivel.

    SBK, she has no qualifications for the job.

    She’s hoping Republicans will vote for their version of AOC.

  7. The subject of “qualifications” is muddy unless one can define what they mean.

    There aren’t any Constitutional qualifications to be in the U.S. House other than being at least 25, being an inhabitant of the state when elected, and being a citizen.

    In that sense, she’s qualified.

    When people talk about qualifications they’re speaking about personal preferences, criteria they look for.

    What’s a “qualification” to one voter might be a disqualification to someone else e.g. military service, being a millionaire, or previously holding office.

    Catalina Lauf would likely be considered “unqualified” by many people in that if you’re asking “What has she done?” you would probably be unimpressed by the answer.

    She graduated from college and worked at Trump’s Department of Commerce for about 8 months.

    Those are the sorts of “traditional” qualifications she has.

    There’s not much else.

    In terms of life milestones, private sector success, or public involvement she’s going to rank at the bottom compared to other candidates — even below the bottom tier candidates Andrea Heeg and Susan Hathaway-Altman.

    I think the “pitch” of the campaign is that she’s Trump aligned, she has taken on longtime politicians (Rezin, Oberweis, Kinzinger), she’s feisty, she’s young, and she’s Latina, therefore, she is a “next generation” candidate that can win while also inspiring more minorities, women, and young people to vote Republican instead of Democrat.

    However, the elephant in the room is that her campaign is largely built on her being able to raise money and get votes because she is good looking.

    Mark Carroll is probably the most traditionally qualified candidate, but his campaign is severely lagging behind both Jerry Evans and Catalina Lauf in terms of raising money.

    Some people think being able to raise money is a qualification and in that sense Lauf is the most qualified since she has raised the most money and has the most cash on hand.

    Others might slightly disagree with that and say it’s about momentum/trajectory, and they might conclude Lauf is cooling off while Evans is on fire.

    A lot of people are supporting her simply “because she’s hot.”

    Others might view that as a disqualification.

    Some say she is too revealing with her attire and that she’s a cam girl more or less.

    Then you have others, ugly women mostly, who may also be repulsed by Lauf’s aesthetic but are coming from a place of insecurity and jealousy.

    Regardless of the thought process, it’s the same conclusion.

    They don’t like that she shows herself off. \

    They don’t like that she shows her tummy.

    They don’t like that she shows her cleavage.

    They don’t like that she speaks with suggestive inflections.

    They don’t like that she comes across as slightly flirtatious.

    They don’t like that she plays with her hair.

    Or if one looks at past election performance to predict the future, one could argue she did much better (winning McHenry County and finishing third overall) than her current main rival Jerry Evans (who finished 6th out of 7).

    Mark Carroll is the only candidate who has held public office, although village trustee and U.S. House of Representatives are quite different.

    Some people think the most qualified candidate is the one who has the best chance at defeating the incumbent, Bill Foster, but it isn’t clear to me who that candidate is.

    Opinions vary.

    On substance of policy, she’s not the most detailed or knowledgeable candidate and could be seen as less qualified than Evans or Carroll.

    So, this race like any other comes down to preferences.

    Depending on those preferences, one might conclude she is anywhere between fantastic and horrible.

    I would not say she is “qualified” how most people think of the term, yet even John Lopez who has been tough on her this election cycle (especially compared to when she ran in 2020) has consistently listed her as a top tier candidate and even ranked her #1.

    If readers don’t like her, it’s up to them to settle on an alternative and decide how much they want to aide that candidate.

    Tearing down a candidate you don’t like is easy but not always the most productive way to stop them.

    You still need to figure out who *will be* the nominee if not the person you like, otherwise the coalition of opposition just gets split.

    And if readers do like her, they should ask themselves what they’re doing for her.

    The June 28th primary is only 59 days away.

    By June 13th, 44 days from now, there will be several early voting locations open to the public.

    The first of early and mail-in voting begins on May 19th which is just 19 days from now.

    If you’re undecided by June 28th, you could always leave it blank or roll a dice since there are six candidates:


  8. We’ll that’s 4 minutes I’ll never get back. (That’s all I could take)

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