Lake County Republican Central Committee Executive Committee Issues 2022 Endorsements

NOTE FROM McHenry County Blog: Recalling how the Lake County Republicans operated with their endorsements for the 2020 primary, due diligence applied to ensure the endorsements of the Lake County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) reflects the direct votes of all of the precinct committeepersons of the LCRCC, or a smaller group.

Based from social media pictures of the endorsement session last month, McHenry County Blog reports the LCRCC endorsements are from the executive committee (EC) of LCRCC and did not involve the rank-and-file precinct committeepersons.

Please apply discernment with the fact the EC of LCRCC is composed of 18 people who cast votes for the LCRCC endorsements and minimum of 11 votes of the EC qualifies for 60% minimum threshold for the endorsement.

BREAKING NEWS! Lake County Republican Party Releases Primary Endorsements

For Immediate Release

May 1, 2022

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS ­— The Lake County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) met on Saturday, April 30, 2022, to determine endorsements for candidates running in the June 28, 2022 primary election.

“I’d like to thank the candidates and grass root supporters that spent this past Saturday interviewing the numerous quality candidates who appeared in Lake County to persuade us of their qualifications to represent our party as candidates to defeat the Democrat nominees on November 8, 2022.

“Your dedication and tireless work, and that of the candidates here today, are very encouraging to me as your Chairman. As a recapitulation of yesterday’s votes, the endorsement results in the ten contested races were as follows:”

LCRCC Chairman Mark Shaw


1. Governor/Lt. Governor: Jesse Sullivan/Kathleen Murphy (68%);

2. Attorney General: David Shestokas (60%);

3. Secretary of State: Dan Brady (84.6%);

4. U.S. Senator: Kathy Salvi (92.3%);

5. U.S. House (CD-5): Maggie McGonigal (100%);

6. U.S. House (CD-11): Mark Carroll (60%);

7. Sheriff: Mark Vice (92%);

8. County Board Member (CBD-1): Linda Pedersen (100%);

9. County Board Member (CBD-2): Adam Schlick (100%); and

10. Supreme Court: Dan Shanes (100%).

In addition, the Lake County GOP unanimously endorsed an additional 37 Republican candidates running in 37 uncontested GOP primary races.


Lake County Republican Central Committee Executive Committee Issues 2022 Endorsements — 9 Comments

  1. John is saying 18 people sit on the executive committee but my count (which might be slightly off) showed that 154 Republican precinct committeepersons were elected in Lake County in the 2020 primary. That would not include any PC who were subsequently appointed either. The point is that the entire Republican Central Committee probably has well over 150 people, yet here 18 people are claiming to speak as the “Republican Central Committee.”

    I’d suggest tracking down individual PC and see if you can figure out what their organization’s bylaws say. Let’s determine if the executive committee even has the proper authority to endorse candidates on behalf of the whole party. Sometimes there is a section regarding endorsements, and many chapters require that the entire committee (which would include all PC) to vote on the matter of endorsements, especially in a primary. You’d also want to check on weighted vote vs one person one vote.

    Unless all members were allowed to vote, it seems like Lake County Republican Party’s executive committee has a problem with honesty and transparency. In McHenry County, the Republican Central Committee is not the same as the executive committee. In fact, most political organizations I’ve encountered understand the crucial difference between an organization and an organization’s executive committee. An executive committee usually can not make endorsements on behalf of the whole organization. Is it different in Lake County? Are they stupid? Corrupt?

  2. So the establishment didn’t interview Piton. Another demonstrated level of corruption. No wonder tax breaks are afforded to potential senate candidates. Rinos and liberals looking for their grift to be rewarded

  3. Sullivan?



    Are these people in Lake County RINOs

  4. Salvi is actually from Lake County so I’m not surprised there was a favorite daughter effect going on and that she would win, but the process itself sounds sketchy and illegitimate and you can tell it’s funky by the other results.

    The biggest red flag is that Jesse Sullivan would get 68%.

    That doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Realistically, I’d expect an endorsement for governor to fail if 60% is required but with a small group voting it can be pulled off easier.

    Sullivan’s running mate Kathleen Murphy tweeted yesterday morning (presumably about something that happened in the few days prior to that)

    “Jesse Sullivan and I had a great day talking with supporters at a private home in Lake County, followed by a meet and greet in Glenview with Attorney General Candidate and champion of parental rights, Thomas DeVore!”

    I wonder if that meeting “with supporters at a private home in Lake County” had any influence on the “endorsement” from “LCRCC”

    (I put it in quotes because I question its legitimacy).

    That’s just me speculating, but it looks odd.

    On the property tax issue, Salvi dodged it at the online forum, did not directly address Piton’s accusation.

    It’s something she should address though.

    The great thing about a primary is that you vet candidates.

    You learn what their weaknesses are.

    It’s one thing to dodge Bobby Piton on a virtual forum, but if his claim has merit then she’s not going to be able to dodge it when the entire media complex and Democratic Party is after her.

    If her taxes are in line with what other people with a similarly valued property have, it would be easy for her to prove.
    (I have not done research on Piton’s claim to confirm or deny so don’t have an opinion on it at the moment.)

    JT, I don’t know what their process was or who they interviewed or if they even did interviews, but just a few days before this meeting there was another meeting in Lake County that looked like it had tons of attendees and guest speakers.

    Perhaps scheduling a coinciding endorsement vote with the *full* committee (all PC) at that packed house event would have made more sense then the executive committee meeting privately over the weekend.

    All candidates should have been invited to speak as well.

    LCRCC pulled this weird stuff back in 2019/2020 with Oberweis too. I just don’t trust them.

    And pureblood 1858, yeah, Lake County has been chaired by Mark Shaw who is a wimp and a phony.

    In 2018 Shaw said he was going to take on Tim Schneider for Chairman of the IL GOP but then Schneider appointed him “co-chairman” and Shaw dropped his fight.

    The deal was talked about in this article.

  5. Well at least they got these right.

    US Senate Kathy Salvi, well known Conservative family who is involved in pro-life politics

    Sheriff: Mark Vice, Constitutional Sheriff candidate

    Supreme Court: Dan Shanes, Constitutional Republican, didn’t change his party to win an election like Noverini did. Not surprised he got 100%

    (I know nothing of their county board candidates)Kathy Salvi

  6. Shanes is a Freemason.

    Any Catholic/Christian/rationally-thinking person knows this is problematic!

    Noverini is solid and never spoke poorly of Mark Curran.

    That speaks volumes in his character where Shanes attacks with FM money.

    Mark Shaw and Lake Co CP leaders should be ashamed!

    Dan Proft was right about Shaw!

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